30 day self love challenge to love yourself more

30 day self love challenge to love yourself more

30 day self love challenge

Do you struggle with self-love? Do you put yourself last all the time or tend to treat yourself poorly?

Perhaps you have a poor relationship with your body and suffer from low self-esteem.

If your answer is yes, then welcome to a transformative journey dedicated to nurturing the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself.

A 30 day self love challenge is just what you need to start your self love journey.

Think about it…

When was the last time you prioritized your own needs and self-love? For many of us whose lives are bursting with external demands, it’s easy to overlook the care and attention we owe ourselves.

But when we fail to practice self-love, we suffer mentally and physically and diminish who we are. 

It’s time you let your best self shine through, and a self-love challenge will help you do just that.

So this 30 day self love challenge is designed to guide you through an immersive experience, where each day brings an opportunity to cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion, appreciation, and personal growth and to improve your mental health.

However, the journey ahead isn’t just about superficial affirmations or fleeting moments of indulgence; it’s a holistic exploration of various facets of your being – mind, body, emotions, relationships, and beyond.

Through deliberate actions, reflections, and small yet impactful exercises, this 30-day self-love challenge aims to instill practices that nourish your soul and fortify the foundation of self-love.

In the next 30 days, you’ll embark on a journey that celebrates your worth, fosters gratitude for your journey, and cultivates a mindset that embraces your uniqueness.

Each day, we’ll focus on different aspects of self-love, exploring exercises and ideas that promote growth, understanding, and compassion toward yourself.

Are you ready to embark on this 30-day self-love challenge through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment?

Join me in dedicating the next 30 days to prioritizing your well-being, elevating your self-esteem, and fostering a relationship with yourself that radiates love and acceptance.

The little things we do every day and the little things we say to ourselves eventually make who we become.

But you can decide to become the best version of yourself through self-care and self-love.

And in this month of self-love, you will learn to love and appreciate yourself more.

Through this self-love challenge, you will learn compassionate self-talk and appreciate your strengths while embracing even those things about you that you feel need improvement. 

Let’s get started. 


How does a 30-day Self-love challenge work? 

For the next 30 days during the challenge, each day has a different prompt for you to write on. Do your best to answer the question as honestly and as best as you can.

Some questions may stretch you and perhaps even feel way out of your comfort zone, but the aim is personal growth and becoming your best self. You can do it.

But If you get stumped, it’s okay, you can come back to it another day. Be consistent. Try to dedicate a particular time when you are most relaxed to the challenge. 

Let’s begin this transformative 30 days of self-love journey one day at a time. 


30 day self-love challenge to love yourself more 

30 day self love challenge

Day 1: Start a self-love Journal

Write only positive things in your self-love journal. You can use self love journal prompts to enhance your self love.

Write self-love affirmations in your journal and say them out loud. 

Use self-love journal prompts such as these to show yourself the self-love you need. Journaling is a great way to reflect on our worth, and achievements, and an opportunity to also show ourselves grace. 

Using affirmations becomes a powerful practice for self-love when you embrace them as transformative statements reshaping your thoughts and beliefs.

 By repeating positive affirmations regularly, you reinforce your self-worth, challenge negative self-perceptions, and nurture self-compassion. 

They redirect your internal dialogue from self-criticism to self-encouragement, fostering a mindset of positivity and empowerment. 

These statements are gentle reminders of your strengths, potential, and deservingness, cultivating a nurturing and supportive relationship with yourself—an essential aspect of genuine self-love.

 So this is the second day of your self-love challenge and you are starting strong by reaffirming your worth and your self-love.

  journaling is a powerful tool for nurturing self-love because it creates a safe and reflective space for personal exploration and growth.


Here’s why.

 Self-Reflection and Awareness: Journaling encourages introspection, allowing you to delve deeper into your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. 

By regularly writing about your feelings, desires, and challenges, you become more aware of your inner world. 

This heightened self-awareness is crucial for understanding your needs and fostering self-compassion.

 Validation and Self-Acceptance: Writing about your experiences without judgment or censorship validates your feelings and experiences. 

It allows you to acknowledge both your triumphs and struggles, fostering self-acceptance. 

Through journaling, you learn to embrace your authentic self, including imperfections, which is fundamental to self-love.

 Clarity and Problem-Solving: Journaling helps untangle complex emotions and thoughts.

It provides clarity by organizing your thoughts on paper, making it easier to identify patterns, triggers, or recurring issues. 

This clarity empowers you to devise strategies for overcoming obstacles or finding solutions, promoting a sense of self-efficacy.

 Personal Growth and Healing: Journaling tracks your growth journey. Reading past entries highlights progress, achievements, and lessons learned, promoting a sense of pride and self-resilience.

 Additionally, it serves as a healing tool, allowing you to process emotions, heal from past wounds, and pave the way for emotional growth

Empowerment and Self-Expression: The act of writing is empowering.

 It gives voice to your thoughts and emotions, providing a safe outlet for self-expression. Journaling allows you to articulate your desires, set intentions, and affirm your worth, reinforcing a sense of empowerment and agency over your life.

 In essence, self-love journaling is a dedicated practice that fosters self-discovery, understanding, and appreciation. 

It serves as a nurturing space where you can explore, heal, and celebrate the multifaceted aspects of yourself, ultimately nurturing a profound sense of self-love and compassion.

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Day 2:  Practice Gratitude and Positivity

30 day self love challenge

 You can start a gratitude journal. Write a list of things you are grateful for. Include as many things as you can come up with in your gratitude list.

Everyone has things they should appreciate in their life and I am sure there are many good things in your life too.

Just take a few minutes to notice even the small things. 

Gratitude shifts focus from what’s lacking to what’s present, fostering contentment and appreciation

Incorporating gratitude journaling into your practice amplifies self-love. Writing about things you’re grateful for cultivates a positive mindset, shifting focus from what’s lacking to what’s present. 

This positive perspective fosters an appreciation for yourself and your life, nurturing a kinder relationship with yourself.


Day 3: Say Positive Affirmations

Write 3-5 positive affirmations and then read them aloud.

Say them infrom of the mirror. Write them on Post-it notes and stick them on your fridge and other places around the house. 

Affirmations are powerful positive statements that can change your mindset making you a more positive and happier version of yourself. 

Affirmations are gentle reminders of your strengths, potential, and deservingness, helping you to cultivate a more nurturing and supportive relationship with yourself—an essential aspect of genuine self-love. 

All these powerful benefits of saying affirmations are why affirmations are one of the best ways to practice self-love.

Negative thoughts have the poor to degrade our self-confidence, and our mood and color our outlook on life with a dark gloomy hue.

The worst thing about negative thoughts is that they become self-fulfilling prophecies attracting more negative things to your life.

But doing the opposite is just as powerful and that is where affirmations come in.

If you say I am strong, I am capable. I have joy in my life, you will be surprised that these things will start happening for you. 

Affirmations rewire the mind, promoting self-belief and confidence in your abilities.

 Using affirmations becomes a powerful practice for self-love when you embrace them as transformative statements reshaping your thoughts and beliefs.

 By repeating positive affirmations regularly, you reinforce your self-worth, challenge negative self-perceptions, and nurture self-compassion.

They redirect your internal dialogue from self-criticism to self-encouragement, fostering a mindset of positivity and empowerment.

Go beyond this challenge and say affirmations every day. 

You can Say or write self-love affirmations. Write them on Post-it notes and stick them on mirrors, on your fridge, and on doors to get reminders throughout the day.

Affirmations may sound woo woo but they are a great way to forge new neural pathways in the brain and can change the way you think.

So give yourself a daily challenge and say positive affirmations every day during this challenge. 


Day 4: Challenge Negative Thoughts

Challenging negative thoughts is so empowering. It empowers by showing you that thoughts don’t define reality and that fosters resilience. 

Take this day to notice your thoughts and counter any limiting belief that pops into your mind.  

Practice positive self-talk today to overcome any negative emotions that surface, by becoming aware of the things you say to yourself. 

Ask, is this kind? Would I say the same thing to a friend or someone I love? Start today but learn to catch this thought and the next time such a thought pops in, learn to challenge it. When we learn to change our negative thoughts we find peace of mind and build new neuro connections and more positive thinking. 

Here are more ways to manage negative self-talk and chatter that can help you quiet your fears. 


Day 5: Find a Therapist

If you dont have a therapist, this is the day to find one. If you already have one schedule a session.

 A self-love journey can be daunting and you may need a session or sessions with a mental health professional to see beyond the corners and show you your blind spots. You need a biased ally on your self-love journey. 


Day 6: Visualization Exercise

 Visualizing success reinforces belief in your potential, encouraging proactive steps towards goals. It is a powerful way to show you where you want to go and remind you.

So today is the day you dream. Allow your mind to see the future you want.

 Put it in writing and describe in detail what you want and how you want your life to be in the future.

Things like what have you achieved, who is there, where are you living, what is your career, describe your ideal day from the moment you wake up and how you spend your whole day.  

Believe that it is possible to achieve this life.  Or make a vision board with a poster with pictures of places you want to go, things you want to do, achievements, and aspirations. If you are digitally inclined, you can also make a digital vision board.

One of the best places to do this is on Pinterest where you can create a private boars with all the visions of your future goals and achievements. 


Day 7: Get rid of toxic social media accounts 

Unfollow social media accounts that bother you for whatever reason. Go ahead and unfollow these accounts. 

It may be people who constantly post things that you find annoying.

It may be people who post toxic political things or people who appear to show off whose lives seem perfect making you feel inferior.

 Unfollow these accounts. 


Day 8. Write a list of simple things that bring you joy

What brings you joy? What small things make you smile? Write a list of all the simple small things that make you smile. It may be songs you like, a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The sound of a baby laughing, cat videos, flowers, a good night’s sleep, a clean house, you get the gist. 


Day 9: Write all the things you love about yourself. 

What are your best qualities?  Compliment yourself today.

There are a lot of things to love about you. Are you funny, are you kind, a book lover, into science? Do you love that you are petite or tall?

Do you love that you are an introvert or an extrovert? Or that you are creative.

Dont forget to celebrate parts of your body as well. Make your list as long as you can think of things about you to celebrate. 

What makes you proud about yourself? Write it all down. It may be something you do well such as baking the best cake, great at organization, or maybe you are a great writer and an amazing mom, or maybe you are great at your job.

Go all the way and write down things that make you proud of yourself.

Make a bigger impact by saying it out loud in front of a mirror. 

Include in this list all the things you love about yourself and your life, your accomplishments, your body, and your family.


Day 10: Forgive yourself

Look back at mistakes you have made in life and that are still weighing you down today. It’s time you forgive yourself. In this life, we live and learn and that is the biggest thing.

You learned the lesson. So let go and forgive yourself for things you have down and are not proud of. Dont live in the past. Let past mistakes go.

Remember if you can’t change it, let it go. Just remember the lesson. 


Day 11: Start a Self-Care Ritual

30 day self love challemge

 Make self care part of your daily routine. Prioritizing self-care reinforces the idea that you deserve attention and nurturing. 

You can take a long indulgent bath today. Try a bubble bath infused with luxurious essential oils.

Light candles, play music and enjoy a glass of wine. Of course, if you are not a wine drinker you can think of other types of fun drinks instead. 

As part of your self-care ritual, start a morning and a nighttime self-care routine.

A morning self-care routine helps you start your day calmly and positively. And a nighttime routine improves your sleep.

A good night’s sleep makes you feel great the next day and affects everything else you do so it’s an important part of self-love.

For bedtime routine think of the most important things you want to include in your nighttime routine to help you unwind as well as prepare for the next day. 

You may include things like

  • taking a relaxing bath
  • doing skin care, bedtime yoga
  • journaling,
  • writing a tod list for the next day
  • guided meditation
  • praying
  • and reading a few chapters of a book

Here is a simple nighttime self-care routine for anxiety that helps to quiet those worries that can easily make sleep elusive. 

Give yourself time to unwind before bed and having enough sleep is an act of self-love. When you relax, you fall asleep faster. Good sleep is important for your mental and physical well-being. 

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Day 12:  Prioritize sleep hygiene

Sleep is crucial for your physical health as well as mental health.  You know how tired you feel when you haven’t slept well?

So today ensure you have good sleep by preparing early in the day. The things you do during the day affect your sleep at night.

So stay well clear of caffeine in the afternoon.

Eat foods that promote sleep, avoid screening 2 to 3 hours before bed, and plan to go to bed early. Choose to read a bit of a dull book to encourage you to fall asleep fast. 

Bonus point: Follow a bedtime nighttime routine throughout the rest of the challenge and after to improve your sleep every day. 


Day 13: Healthy comfort food

Nourishing your body is an amazing way to practice self-love and reinforces the concept of self-respect and health as an act of self-love.

So think of the food you love and prepare it today. 

Make it with as much love and care and sit back and enjoy a delicious healthy meal.

It is cold as I write this so I am thinking of a delicious hearty chili, cabbage soup, and lentil soup coming to mind and I love butternut squash soup too. 

If it’s cold for you too and need more ideas, see this list of best winter soups and stews to try. 

30 Self love challenge

Day 14: Physical Activity

 Including physical activities in your daily life improves your mental and physical self and is an act of self-love. Feeling physically strong boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Connecting with your body through movement promotes body appreciation and vitality. Go out for a walk and fresh air. 

Make it a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes. Get that heart pumping.

A brisk walk is exhilarating and will reward you with those feel-good endorphins. If possible make this a daily habit even after the challenge is over and over time it will become a healthy good habit. 

While a walk is a great exercise, feel free to do any exercise you like.

You can do yoga stretches or another type of exercise. Just moving is the big idea because our bodies are made to move and the rewards of exercise are many. 

If you make this a daily practice of course you will have improved energy and mental health, as well as getting in shape.

 You should love your body no matter what but achieving the body you dream of makes it so much easier. 


Day 15: Mindful Eating

Put that phone down. Concentrate on your food. Chew and taste the flavor and texture of your food. Enjoy the company of your family or significant other. Avoid distractions and pay attention to the dining experience.

Eating mindfully transcends the physical act of consuming food; it delves into our relationship with eating itself.

Mindful eating allows us to tune into our body’s cues, understanding hunger and satiety without the constraints of external influences or societal pressures.

It nurtures a compassionate dialogue with our bodies, fostering a deeper understanding of what nourishes us best, both physically and emotionally.

It fosters a healthy relationship with food, focusing on nourishment and enjoyment.



Day 16: Ask for help

Many of us find it difficult to ask for help. But you were never meant to handle all the difficult things in life alone. Reach out to family and friends. talk to someone you trust about life issues you are facing.

Sometimes is just as simple as letting your partner know they need to do more around the house or child care.

Sometimes you may need to speak to a professional such as a therapist to deal with issues that are weighing you down appropriately.

Asking for help is a big part of self-love.

The key when it comes to talking to friends is a balance between oversharing and offloading to an occasional therapeutic talk and seeking advice or help. 



Day 17: Write a self-love letter

self love challenge

Celebrate yourself today. Take pride in who you are. Your achievements and things you have done that you are proud of as well as things you have overcome. 

Today look back at how far you have come, look at all the hard things you have overcome.

When hard times come it is easy to feel like it is too much and we doubt we can handle whatever the issue is. But you have faced difficult times before and came out on top.

Celebrate your strengths and resilience and feel that confidence that whatever comes your way you can handle it.  You write a journal entry about how far you have come, your success, and things you have overcome. 



Day 18:Random Act of Kindness for Self

Today is all about spreading joy to others with random acts of kindness. Take the opportunity to help someone today.

It may be as simple as letting someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store.

It may be just a kind smile to a stranger. 

You may be amazed at how good that feels to see another person smile.

We are human and therefore crave connection. And the kindness you offer makes you feel good too. 


Day 19: Relaxation Day

Prioritizing relaxation reinforces the idea that downtime is essential and not selfish. Choose an activity to do to rest. A quiet relaxing hobby is okay. 

You can read a good book, watch your favorite movie, and just relax.  

Think of simple things that bring you joy and enjoy more of them. 

You can relax the whole day if possible or just part of the day or an hour if that’s all you have.  



Day 20: Social media detox.

We all spend too much time on our digital devices these days. Today challenge yourself by staying away from social media and digital devices. Instead, read a good book reach out to friends and family, and Connect with nature.

Stay more present, and engage in thoughtful conversations with those around you.

It is so freeing not to be tethered to your phone and instead be more engaged by the people you love, or other activities such as hobbies you may have neglected, or important things such as cleaning you may be neglecting. 

You may even like being off your phone and devices and make it a habit.

I believe truly that many of us are addicted to our devices. If you feel that panic whenever you can’t find your phone, you should ask yourself why

. Besides, being off devices is spiritually nourishing to the soul not to have all the distractions of digital devices. 


Day 21: Set healthy boundaries.

Setting boundaries protects mental and emotional well-being, and shows self-respect. So today say no. Say no to people who may be taking too much of your time, or taking advantage of your kindness.

 If you are a giver, it is easy to deplet your mental health and the result is feeling down and upset.

  So assess the things you want to say. 

 Are there people taking too much of your time and making you feel stretched thin? 

Are you spending too much money because you just keep giving? Is there a relationship that’s not working? 

 Draw a boundary against what is not serving you anymore. 

Set boundaries today and say no to those things that are no longer serving you or that are causing you any distress.

What taking too much of your time, energy, or money? Look at this closely today and set a boundary. Say no to those things that are ruining your peace of mind. Drawing boundaries is an act of self-love and self-preservation. 


Day 22: Values Reflection

Aligning actions with values cultivates authenticity and self-respect. This may be something you need to do several times. But start today. evaluate your life and actions. Is the way you live your life in line with your values?

What can you change? This may be an area you need to revisit several times.

Feeling in alignment and living authentically is a big component of self-love. 


Day 23: Self-Date

It reinforces the idea that your own company is valuable and enjoyable. So today take yourself out on a date. 

Learning to enjoy your own company is a big part of self-love. It makes you feel complete.

 And that matters. You dont need to depend on other people to complete you. 

Having a company is a bonus to your already awesome company.

 So go out and sit down at a cafe and have coffee. Go out to the movies or a fancy restaurant and enjoy your very own awesome company today. 

Spending time alone builds self-awareness and allows self-reflection.

Being able to enjoy your own company is important. Learn to be your own best friend first. 


Day 24: Reconnecting

30nday self love challenge

Reach out to a friend or a family member and have a good conversation today.

 Social connections provide support and remind you of positive relationships. Spending quality time with those you love helps to strengthen these relationships and is important for your emotional self-care. 



Day 25: Go out on a date with your partner. 

Today you prioritize your romantic relationship. We get so busy that sometimes our most important relationships are neglected. 

So take your spouse to a nice restaurant and a movie or whatever helps you two feel closer today.  You may also decide to have a date at home.

Prepare a wonderful dinner, and enjoy reconnecting with your spouse.

No phones. Look into their eyes and really have real conversations and have fun together. 



Day 26:Clean and declutter 

 Clearing space creates a harmonious environment, impacting mental clarity and focus which all promote self-love.   Surrounding yourself with positivity reinforces self-worth and uplifts mood and is an act of self-love.  

A messy space speaks of a lack of self-love.  So today declutter your living spaces. Keep in mind that you may not manage all of it, But start today. 

If you can only clear one space, that is okay. Ensure to come back to the rest and commit to it.

A messy space messes with your mental health.

 A clean well-ordered space calms the mind and shows self-love.  You may decide to continue with decluttering during the rest of this challenge.

Donate the things you no longer need and are still in good shape. 


Day 27: Buy yourself flowers or something you have always wanted to decorate your space with. 

Go on and buy yourself the most beautiful bouquet or a gorgeous plant. Maybe there is another decor item you have admired.

Go on and treat yourself to something nice to decorate your house with.  

Making your house beautiful is uplifting and a big part of a self-love practice because you deserve beauty in your life. 



Day 28: Set goals for your finances 

self love challenge

Today focus on your personal finance.

Start with a financial vision board. 

What do you want to achieve financially in a year? Do you have debt you want to pay? Do you have a big dream such as starting your own business, put that on your vision board. 

Managing your finances is a big part of self-love. 

So today set some financial goals. Your fiance’s goals may be for things you want to achieve financially.  You may have a big financial goal to pay off your debts. 

Being in debt is mentally draining and takes away your happiness and sense of freedom.  

The way you spend your money can have a big impact on your well-being. Being in debt messes with your mind and mental health.

Make your finance goals smart goals that are realistic and achievable but still tangible. Make them time-sensitive. 



Day 29: Write a budget

Today, you are still working on your finances, and it’s time to work off a budget. You have your financial goals. Now write a budget in alignment with your financial goals.

 If you already have a budget, it’s time to review it and see if you are staying within your budget.

Are still staying within your budget? If not look at the loopholes of spending and realign your spending. 



Day 30: Make a meal plan

First of all, feeding your body a nourishing meal is an act of self-love. However, we stretched things for time. But when you meal plan you can avoid reaching for things like fast foods and eat something nutritious,

Plus you can make a meal plan that is budget-friendly so you dont overspend.  How about a meal plan for the next 30 days? Head over to Pinterest to find some inspiration. Plan for leftovers as well to stretch your budget. 



Final words about the 30 day self love challenge

 We have now come to the end of the month and you have completed your 30 day self love challenge 

 Take time now to reflect on these 30 days of self-love, What did you enjoy the most? What days were hard to do, and why? What did you learn about yourself self-love?

I hope each action has helped you have a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself, nurturing a compassionate relationship with yourself. 

I hope that these 30 days of self-love have provided an opportunity and a challenge to change the relationship you have with yourself forever and for the better. 

A 30-day challenge is an amazing way to start new habits and improve your life.

You just need to take small steps every day to love yourself more and improve the quality of your life. 

Keep it up! Do something every day no matter how small to show yourself love. You are worth it. 

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