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Bedtime affirmations may sound woo woo, but they are actually a powerful tool to help your mind redirect negativity and calm worries at bedtime. If you find your mind racing on and on while you’re trying to go to sleep preventing you from falling asleep easily, you need to give sleep affirmations a try.

  Ruminating at bedtime with worries about how your day went or how tomorrow, next day, next week or next month will go can be quite a struggle for many of us and leads to problems falling asleep easily. 


Life is busy and there is always more to do and deal with daily than we would like and sometimes we feel like we are falling short. So we stress over so much. Unfortunately, bedtime just seems like when all the worries descend on our brains making us restless and anxious.

To stop all this stress and worry as we go to bed, it is important to start a mindful bedtime routine so we can feel calm and fall asleep easily and quickly.

And one thing that really helps me is having my go-to bedtime affirmations that quiet my worries and allow me to put the day to rest so I can rest too.

bedtime affirmations

But first, what are bedtime affirmations?

Bedtime affirmations can also be referred to as sleep affirmations.  And these are mantras or positive phrases that you say to yourself or recite.  The science behind repeating these mantras every day is that they eventually start to change the way you think.

You see our brains do believe the information we put in them over and over. So if you see only dark and dreary things you tend to believe that. But if you are positive the world becomes more positive and you actually start experiencing positive happy things in your life. 


So do bedtime affirmations work?

I do understand if you are a bit skeptical and wonder if bedtime affirmations or any affirmations really work. I used to wonder the same. But yes, affirmations work. You see we may think consciously all the time, but most of the work takes place at a subconscious level. This is where affirmations come in.

While we do say the sleep affirmations while we are awake reciting affirmations every day and making it a habit subconsciously starts to change our conscious thinking and beliefs and reprograms our minds. And in fact, redirecting our thoughts through affirmations and gratitude so that we have more positive thoughts improves sleep, the research found. 

Affirmations train our brains to focus on positive things, strengthen our confidence, get rid of negative thoughts, and as a result, seem almost magically to manifest the things we desire in our lives. 

Yes, it’s true: ” What you think, you become, what your feel, you attract, what you imagine, you create”- Buddha. 

Start saying affirmations at bedtime and in the morning as part of your morning and night routines, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Calm your mind before bed and help your brain focus on positivity with sleep affirmations. You will eventually start to see results manifest in your life as your brain will forge new positive neural pathways that will make you happier, and more positive.

It is true, that affirmations can change your life.

Here are powerful sleep affirmations for a restful night. 



bedtime affirmations

Bedtime affirmations for a good night’s sleep 

If you are tired of tossing and turning and laying in bed sleepless, start the habit of reciting these affirmations below every night. You don’t have to say all of them pick and choose the ones you want to focus on.

Just remember to believe what you are saying. It may sound corny at first but eventually, you will start to see results, In this case, you will get better sleep every night. 

Sleep affirmations

1. I am calm and relaxed in my bed.

2. I feel my worries fade as I enter deep rejuvenating sleep. 

3. My mind and body are relaxed now.

4. I now claim joy and peace from a good night’s sleep. 

5. My mind and body are allowed to be worthy of rest. 

6. I lay all my burdens down as I lay in my haven of peace. 

7. Sleep calms me and restores me. 

8. I have done all I could today. 

9. I release all fear, worry, and stress now. 

10. Sleep is good for me. 

11. I am thankful for today.

12. I am grateful for a warm bed and I let go of all my cares now.

13. I did all I could do today and that is enough.

14. I worked hard today so I can rest now.

15. Today’s mistakes do not define me. 

16. I know tomorrow will be a great  day

17. Tomorrow is a fresh start and I will be ready.

18. I allow myself to sleep now so I will have the energy I need tomorrow. 

19. The day business is done and it is time for me to rest.

20. I have no cares now that cannot wait until tomorrow.

21. I choose peace and calm.

22. I welcome a good night’s rest.

23. I am in control of the thoughts I choose and I choose positive thoughts.

24. I am letting go of worry and stress.

25. Whatever didn’t go as planned today, I am letting go now. 

26. I am at peace with the decisions I made today and the work I have done.

27. My bed welcomes me to release all cares.

28. This is my peaceful place and I am going to rest now.

29. I deserve good sleep.

30. I am blessed, and I am so grateful. 

31.  As I breathe in and out, I am letting go of all my worries, and welcoming peace. 

32. My brain and the universe are at peace now.

33. There is nothing more for me to do today. The day is done.

34 . I am letting go of what I cannot change.

35. What is meant to be will be.

36. I now center myself and welcome peace.

37. I am grateful for this moment.

38. My journey is just as it should be.

39. I am safe now. I am peaceful. I let sleep claim my mind. 

40. I have what it takes to deal with what tomorrow brings. I can rest now. 

41. I am at peace and allowing my body to relax to sleep now.

42.  I am a better person when I am well rested.

43. I am a better woman, and a better mom when I allow myself to rest. 

44. All my challenges help me to be a better person.

45. I have learned all the lessons I could today, so I let all else go now. 

46. I  deserve the self-care that good sleep provides. 

47. My body is amazing and knows I need sleep.

48. I now relax every inch of my body and I  let go into a deep sleep. 

59. The universe will take care of all my needs. I know this. 

50. I allow my body to restore and recharge now.

51. I go to sleep now and tomorrow I will wake up with new insight and inspiration.

52. I am enough. I let go of any comparison and embrace who I am. 

53. I am worthy of rest and healing from a good night’s sleep.

54. I welcome peaceful dreams and inner guidance.

55. I go to sleep knowing I easily manifest my heart’s desires. 

56. I rest now and let the universe guide me.

57. I am now letting go, and I am now open to endless possibilities. 

58. Now I am allowing a deep cleansing sleep to claim my mind and body. 

59. I now welcome a gentle night and happy dreams.

60. I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions, and now I choose sleep. 

61. With every breath, peace, and calmness wash over me.  

62. Sleep comes easily to me. I don’t need to do anything else.

63. I now embrace rest and welcome deep rejuvenating sleep. 



You now have several affirmations to help you fall asleep fast and leave the worries of the day behind as you go to sleep. Choose a few each night to say and make it part of your bedtime routine.

  Do you say bedtime affirmations or any affirmations in general? What do you believe about affirmations? Tell me in the comments below. 


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