25 Fun Fall Self-care Ideas for a Happier Fall

Fall self care ideas

Ah, it’s finally Fall here in the northern hemisphere and the perfect time for some Fall self-care ideas.

 So, if the end of summer got you feeling a bit down, I hope these fall self-care ideas will have you feeling great again.

For some of us summer-loving souls, the shorter days and somewhat gloomy weather in the fall season get us down.

But some intentional fall self-care will lift your spirits and have you enjoying the fall season as well.

Also, we must remember that the leisurely summer months are now gone and we are in this new season of busy workdays, school, and lots of activities, especially if you have little ones that can lead to feeling stressed and frazzled.

And that is also one more reason why prioritizing fall self-care is quite important.

So squeeze some time out of your busy schedule and indulge in some Fall self-care activities.

But while Fall can get some people down mourning the gloriously long and sunny summer days, fall is also a really beautiful season with its gorgeous foliage, and festivities and is traditionally a season to celebrate a bountiful harvest and a season of gratitude.

Plus you may be one of those people who enjoy the cooler weather and really come alive in the Fall.

This then is your season.

And so, let’s embrace the new season Autumn brings and enjoy its beauty and bounty to the fullest.

That said, what better way to enjoy Fall than with some fun and relaxing fall self-care ideas?

It’s true that planning self-care days can make all the difference in your mind and well-being as you prioritize your own needs.

And while self-care is important in all seasons we also need to change some routines and activities as the weather changes and the seasons change.

That also means in the Fall season we need to upgrade our self-care to combat seasonal blues and to really enjoy this season of Thanksgiving.

And that begs the question. What are some good self-care ideas to boost mental health and feel more joy in the fall season?

Let’s see, shall we?

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FALL SELF-CARE IDEAS FOR better mental health

Decorate Your House For The Fall.

Fall self care ideas

Fall is a great time to bring the gorgeous Autumn colors inside. How fun it is to select just the right decor for your home this Fall.

Pick up some Fall-themed wreaths at your craft store, and some real and fake pumpkins, and celebrate the harvest season.

Yes, it is okay if you are city folk and have never harvested anything in your life.

You can still feel the joy of the harvest season with the fall decor.

Decorating with Fall items will surely make you feel thankful for all you have.

It’s a good reminder even if you didn’t go out there and harvest anything.

The way your home looks and feels impacts your happiness and mental health.

And a  lively home will make you feel lively and happy as well.

Read In Front Of A Fire

Fall self-care ideas

Do you have a fireplace? It’s time to fire it up.

Choose one of your favorite books, and a  warm drink, and cozy up with a good read in front of the fire.

Who doesn’t love a nice fire?

It just warms you up inside and out. Enjoying a nice fire and a good book together really makes for a joyful fall and is one of my favorite cozy things to do in the Fall.

Do you need some good reading suggestions?  Check this list of 13 Books That Will Inspire You to Live Your Best Life


Bundle Up In Some Cozy Fall Wear

Fall self-care ideas

One thing I love about the Fall is the lovely sweaters I get to wear during the colder months in the Fall.

Get some new fall sweaters, and scarves or bring out some of your old favorites and get cozy.

Nothing says Fall like a cozy sweater and a scarf. So yeah shopping for cozy sweaters and a few Fall clothes is a legit part of autumn self-care ideas.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude is an essential part of self-care. Make gratitude journaling a part of your daily routine.

Write at least two to three things you are grateful for. In fact what about a 30-day gratitude challenge?

It is a simple way to practice gratitude every day and have these healthy habits stick.

And by having a 30-day gratitude challenge, you will start to see real changes in your life. Yes, it’s manifesting.

This would amp up your sense of gratitude and boost your mental health.

To feel more encouraged to journal for gratitude you may want to use prompts, or simply get a beautiful notebook you will feel more inclined to write in such as this gorgeous notebook.

If you struggle with journaling you can use journal prompts to guide your writing and you can find many guided gratitude journals to help you out. Try the “Good Days Start With Gratitude” gratitude journal.


Practice positive affirmations.

Yes, you can say affirmations any time of the year, but fall lends itself well for a look inward I find.

Start each day with positive affirmations to set the tone for your day this Fall.

Take A Walk

Fall self care ideas 3

A brisk walk in the crisp air is so invigorating and a wonderful way to enjoy this cooler Fall weather.

Bundle up in a warm soft sweater and scarf and head outside. Walk the dog if you have one, or simply walk yourself.

You will feel so much better.

A walk is a great exercise and a nice way to chase away the fall blues.

The beautiful  Autumn colors are so cheerful and will also boost your mood as well as your physical health.

And while the cold weather may make you want to stay couped up inside, physical activity in the crisp Fall air is great for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Taking a Fall morning walk to start your day can have a huge impact on your overall health and is a great way to practice physical self-care.

Go Shop At The Farmer’s Market.

It is harvest time after all. So go on to your local farmer’s market and go get some fresh goodies at the farmer’s market.

This brings on that old-world vibe and it is just so great for the soul. And the body. Getting all the fresh fruits and veggies plus freshly baked goodies will surely lift your mood.

Take a scenic drive

Fall is a fantastic time to go on a scenic drive. Here in Tennessee, a drive to the mountain fits the bill offering a fantastic view of Fall foliage.

Best fall self care ideas

Write out a Fall bucket list

What are the things you dream of doing in the Fall? It may be as grand as going to Italy, well anywhere abroad, or as simple as going on a hay ride.

Allow  Listing your favorite things can be so therapeutic and inspiring. So let yourself dream. You never know. You may manifest your fondest wishes.


Buy Some Fall Flowers.

The beautiful colorful mums are in season now. Buy some and enjoy their beauty.

Flowers just brighten a space and your mood. Include fall flowers in your fall decor. Buy more than one color to boost your fall theme in your decor.

Get your nails done in  Fall fun color

How fun is that! Getting your nails done is always fun. Embrace the season with Fall nail color and designs.

Watch A Movie Marathon.

What are you in the mood for? You could watch some scary Halloween movies.

Or just binge-watch some sappy Hallmark Christmas movies as well.

Fire up Netflix or any other channel, curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, and relax with a good old movie marathon.

But it doesn’t have to be movies only. You can binge-watch your favorite show. Gilmore Girls, anyone?

Have A Warm Beverage

Pumpkin spice latte anyone? Or warm apple cider. Or even a golden milk drink with cinnamon?

A warm soothing drink in your hands on a cold day warms the soul!

The cooler temperatures make a warm Fall-flavored drink so inviting.

You can choose from hot apple cider or a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or even a golden milk latte, and sit back and seep slowly.

Fall-themed drinks such as pumpkin lattes, hot cider, and vanilla-scented warm drinks just taste so much better this time of year.

Fall is a good time to warm yourself up with a tasty warm drink and enjoy the season.

If you are not up to making it yourself, drive over to your favorite coffee shop and buy your Autumn warm drink of choice.

Fall Self-Care Ideas for a happier fall season

Be In The Zen With A Coloring Book

When it is a bit chilly outside, get a warm fuzzy blanket,  and a fun zen coloring book, and calm your mind with an adult coloring book.  The good thing is there are so many to choose from these days. Here is a fun one to get your coloring joy on.


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Organize And Declutter

A clean and well-organized home is calming, and a great way to practice self-care. You feel so much better when you look around your house and things are well-ordered.

No time like now to start putting summer clothes away, and going through your closet to declutter items you no longer wear and donate them. Besides Fall is the beginning of the holiday season and a clean organized house will help you feel ready to start planning for the holidays.

Enjoy baking

There is no better time than fall to enjoy some baking. Autumn is just such a great season for baking.

You can bake a pumpkin pie, apple pie, and so many other delicious Fall desserts you and your family will love.

Take A Warm Scented Bath

Get yourself some fun fall-themed scented soaps to relish the season with a warm relaxing bath.

Or take a warm bubble bath. Infuse some Fall scented essential oils to relish the warm comforting Fall scents.

Take A Hike To See The Fall Foliage In Full Splendor

Spending time in nature among the splendor that is Fall is breathtaking and a great way to practice self-care.

Apart from enjoying the beautiful foliage with its amazing shades of yellow, orange, purple, and burnt pumpkin colors hiking is an invigorating exercise and a fun way to practice fall self-care.

And a nature walk is also so good for your mental health.

And if a hike sounds daunting, a simple walk to a nearby park will also do.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life so meaningful especially if you enjoy a hike in nature with a loved one.

So take the family out in nature and enjoy some quality time.


Make Some Delicious Comfort Food

What is your fall comfort food? For me, it is some hearty chili with some pumpkin in it.

Or any chili, a rich stew, is delicious too.

You can try this delicious pumpkin recipe this fall.

And then enjoying a heartwarming comfort food is such a good idea for your Fall self-care and is sure to make everyone feel all the wonderful Fall feels.

Go Apple Harvesting

Fall self care ideas 2

The autumn season is apple picking season.

Can you just imagine visiting an apple orchard busting with all kinds of apples?

That pure heaven and a perfect Fall self-care activity.

So go apple picking and when you come back you have enough bounty to make apple pies, apple cakes, and more. Enjoy all those comforting fall baking scents. Nothing is so joyful, and comforting.


Visit a pumpkin patch

Enjoying a visit to a pumpkin patch is such a fun Fall activity. Enjoy picking gorgeous pumpkins for your  Autumn decor.

You can find various colors of pumpkins and different sizes of pumpkins.

Some are so tiny and fun to put in a decorative basket and big ones that make a fun statement.

And yes many pumpkins are edible.

So pick a few for pies and cakes, and to cook in delicious healthy meals.

Go on a hay ride.

Never been on one of those but they sound like a load of Fall fun.

Enjoy a fun quiet hobby such as knitting, or crocheting. You can create a cozy blanket, a sweater, a hat, and many fun items.

Do a social media detox

Take some time to practice social media self-care.

You can choose to spend a whole day off social media and enjoy other fun ways to spend free time such as reading, baking, or engaging in other hobbies.

Here is a list of the 16 best hobbies for mental health that can help give you ideas.

Get enough sleep

​Falls colder weather provides the best conditions for better sleep.

So this is the best time to improve your sleep quality and quantity.

With the right fall night-time routine, you should get a good night’s sleep every night. Sleep is so important for your health. Read more about how to sleep better every night in this post.


Start a fall self-care routine.

Embrace fall with a healthy self-care routine to enjoy the Fall season more while boosting your overall health.

You can include a calming self-care night-time routine and good morning self-care habits and routine as part of your Fall self-care.

Final thoughts about the best Fall Self Care Ideas

Now go on and enjoy the fall season. Don’t let the autumn nippy weather and shorter days dim your joy.

Use these Fall self-care ideas to feel more joy this Fall and for many Autumns to come.  

And please, tell me in the comments what you love to do during the Fall season for your self-care.  Happy Fall!


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The best fun fall self care ideas

Self care ideas





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