Finding Joy:100 things that make me happy

100 Simple Things that Make Me Happy You too may find joyful

Things that make me happy

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Have you ever had a period where you feel like things are just falling apart in your life? It is easy then to lose sight of what truly matters.

When I am going through such a time as I have been in the last month, I change my focus to the things that make me happy instead and suddenly life is not so awful. 

So I thought, how about sharing a list of all the things that make me happy with you because you too may resonate with some of these simple joys of life. 

It is easy to overlook the power of the simple moments, the tiny delights that sprinkle joy into our days when life is being hard. 

From the gentle aroma of morning tea/coffee to the tranquil embrace of nature’s beauty, on a beautiful fall morning, or the gentle breeze on Summer evening, or the rest after a long day. 

These moments make life joyful even if for just a moment they are still worth celebrating.

So I hope to inspire you to embrace the beauty in simplicity and find contentment in the ordinary as you read through the simple list of the 100 things that make me happy.

You may also want to come up with a list of things that make you happy.

So, let’s dig in and look at this list of 100 simple joys—a testament to the essence of self-care and finding happiness in life’s little pleasures in life.

How to find things that make you happy 

Things that make me happy

Finding things that make you happy is an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

There are a few simple things that can help me find things that bring me joy. The key is to stay open and tuned in to the pleasure of simple things in life that make life so much more joyful and rich.

Here are a few things I do to harness more joy in my life:

Mindfulness and Reflection: I take time to reflect on moments when I feel genuinely happy. What was I doing? Who was I with? What surroundings or activities lifted my spirits?

Try New Things: I’m open to experimenting with new activities, hobbies, or experiences. Sometimes, happiness emerges unexpectedly from trying something out of my comfort zone.

Listen to Myself: I pay attention to my emotions and reactions to different experiences. My gut feeling often guides me toward activities or situations that bring joy.

Keep a Journal: I document my daily experiences, feelings, and moments of happiness. Reviewing these entries helps me identify recurring patterns or activities that consistently make me happy.

Surround Myself with Positivity: I spend time with people who uplift and support me. Positive relationships and connections significantly impact my happiness.

Practice Gratitude: I acknowledge and appreciate the things I’m grateful for. It shifts my focus to the positives in life, making it easier to identify what brings me joy.

Connect with Nature: Spending time outdoors, whether it’s a walk in the park or a hike in the mountains, brings me a sense of peace and happiness.

Prioritize Self-Care: I take care of my physical and mental well-being. When I feel good physically and emotionally, I’m more likely to notice and appreciate moments of happiness.

Be Present: I engage fully in the activities I’m doing. Mindfulness in the present moment helps me recognize joy in simple, everyday experiences.

Reflect on Childhood Activities: I think back to activities I enjoyed as a child. Revisiting some of these hobbies or interests can rekindle a sense of joy and nostalgia.

Explore Creativity: I engage in creative outlets like painting, writing, music, or crafting. Creating something is often a source of happiness for me.

Learn from Others: I ask friends or family about what makes them happy.

Their experiences might inspire me to try new things or see happiness from a different perspective.

The gift of life itself is always worth celebrating and truly shifting our focus makes all the difference in manifesting true happiness.

Noticing and finding joy in the moment is so important.

It may be a sunny day, a day off from work, laying on the couch watching TV, an outing with a spouse or good friend, good food, a lovely conversation or, happy memories.

All these and more are some ways to find things to be happy about.

Perhaps it’s a bit self-indulgent to write about things that make me happy, but I hope that you too find joy in some of these things and be reminded that there are so many wonderful things in life to be happy about.

I hope you too find these little things that make me happy as well and maybe even create your list of things that make you happy as well.

100 things that make me happy 

Things thatt make me happy

1. Seeing the joy on my children’s faces and hearing their laughter

2. Waking up to a beautiful sunrise

3. A hot cup of black tea with milk in the morning

4. The look and smell of freshly cut flowers on my desk

5. Morning stretches and yoga

6. Writing in my gratitude journal

7. A long soothing bath with essential oils

8. Listening to my favorite music

9. Going for a peaceful nature walk

10. Meditating under a shady tree

11. Trying out a new healthy recipe

12. Journaling my thoughts and feelings

13. Organizing my space for clarity

14. Watching a heartwarming movie

15. Enjoying a guilt-free nap

16. Spending quality time with loved ones

17. My self-care Sunday night routine

18. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day

19. Reading a captivating book

20. Pampering myself with a DIY spa day

21. Indulging in a decadent piece of dark chocolate

22. Writing and saying affirmations such as these positive affirmations

23. Planting and caring for my garden or indoor plants

24. Engaging in deep conversations with a friend

25. Watching the stars on a clear night

26. Practicing random acts of kindness

27. De-cluttering my house

28. Trying out new skincare routines

29. Hosting a cozy gathering with friends

30. Listening to the sound of rain while in bed

31. Going on a technology detox for a day

32. Taking an evening walk

33. Dancing like nobody’s watching

34. Creating a vision board for inspiration

35. Sitting outside on my porch on a Summer evening

36. Volunteering for a cause I’m passionate about

37. The look of a fresh bouquet

38. My children telling me of a new achievement

39. Breakfast in bed

40. Enjoying a homemade picnic in the park

41. The beauty of spring

42. Engaging in acts of self-love and self-compassion

43. Learning a new skill or hobby

44. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

45. Looking at old photos

46. Watching the ocean waves

47. Giving someone I love the perfect gift

48. Having a lazy day in comfy pajamas

49. Making a homemade face mask

50. Receiving a heartfelt compliment

51. Capturing beautiful moments with photography

52. The smell and taste of freshly baked banana bread

53. Enjoying an old soothing relaxing hobby( I love knitting and crocheting

54.  90s music 

55. Spring flowers 

56. The joyful laughter of a baby

57. Writing a letter to my future self

58. Doing a random act of kindness for a stranger

59. Having a slow morning

60. Cozy warm soft winter sweaters and scarfs

61. Creating a personalized self-care routine

62. A Netflix binge

63. Engaging in positive affirmations

64. Watching the spectacular Fall foliage

65. Spending time with a good friend

66. Poetry

67. Writing down my goals and aspirations

68. Listening to a motivational podcast

69. Looking at pictures of family and friends

70. The smell of freshly washed laundry

71. Going for a swim in the Summer

72. Practicing aromatherapy with essential oils

73. Trying out a new form of meditation

74. Sleeping in freshly washed bed sheets

75. Creating a cozy reading nook at home

76. Shopping for a new book

77.  A perfect smoothie on a Summer afternoon

78. The bursting flavor of cold watermelon in Summer

79. Exploring a local farmers’ market

80. Clear blue skies

81. A cozy fire in the fireplace while enjoying a good book

82. A good night’s sleep

83. A new notebook

84. A day at the beach

85. Getting cozy on the couch with a good book

86. Practicing gratitude journaling

87. Creating a scrapbook of happy memories

88. My afternoon cup of tea

89. Take a long relaxing bath with essential oils.

90. Making a list of accomplishments and celebrating them

91. Freshly popped popcorn

92. Funny Tiktok comedy videos

93. The look of a clean tidy home

94. A warm bowl of soup on a cold day

95. Watching the sunrise or sunset

96. Waking up without an alarm clock

97. Reflecting on the day’s blessings before sleep

98. Writing an impromptu blog post from my heart

99. Reconnecting with an old friend

100. Enjoying a favorite snack

And there you have it! A list of 100 things that make me happy.

And now over to you! What makes you happy? what would you include in your list of things that make you happy? Share in the comments a few of the things that make you happy. It may be the thing you need right now to bring a smile to your face or bring joy to someone else.

things that make me happy

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