Healthy Winter Soups and Stews: Comfort Food For Cold Winter Days

Healthy  Comfy Winter Soups and Stews

Healthy soups and stews

I am a summer girl and I dread winter. The cold, chilly short days are just not my favorite, and if I were a bird, I would fly south every winter. But the seasons must change and there is nothing to do about it. Except adjust, and buy cozy fuzzy blankets and coats, and scarves. My friends laugh because I am covered from head to toe in the winter with all kinds of fuzzy things. I am a tropical girl and don’t do well in these temperate climes.

The only thing that helps is the promise of some wonderful warm bowl of delicious soup. Yes, pull up a chair. Or better yet get a fuzzy blanket in front of a beautiful fire and enjoy a warm bowl of soup or stew. Yum! Maybe watch a great movie while you are at it. Talk of comfort kicked up a notch. Let the cozy days in begin! Bring on the hearty and warm soups. Or stews.

So to that end here are some delicious ultimate comfort winter stews and soups to keep you all warm this winter.

Vegan pumpkin soup.

 Best winter soups and stews

This soup looks so good! I promise you won’t miss the bacon. Yes, fall is gone but pumpkins are still available so make yourself this soup this winter, and enjoy this creamy nourishing goodness.  This amazing soup is quick to make and ready in just about 30 minutes if you are short on time. It is a great pick me up too after jousting crowds in the mall for hours.

Get the recipe here. 


Keto-Friendly Mini Minestrone Soup

Best soups and stews

This Keto-friendly soup from Jenni of Keto Cooking Wins is the bomb! Love minestrone soup! This soup will hit that cold spot on a wintry night and make you feel warm inside and out. It is hearty, full of vegetables and if you have one them nice dutch ovens the soup will turn out great. Just follow the recipe here and start the cooking.

winter soups and stews

Check this amazing hearty stew out! This Hearty Sweet Potato Chick Pea Stew is simple but with a big personality. I commend LIv from healthy Live with this recipe. Make it and this will become a weekly favorite.  So healthy, delicious and filling. It is a cold wintry day treat. And it only takes 20 minutes to make.  Now that is easy.  A delicious soup with some cornbread or a hank of whole wheat toasted bread. Follow the recipe here and start cooking already.

Immunity-Boosting Garlic  Chicken Miso Soup 

Winter soups and stews

Love this immunity-boosting soup. And as Stacy, from The Soccer Mom Blog, puts it, ” This ain’t your grandmas Chicken Soup.” And it is not.  This soup is hearty and light goodness all at once. And can you say healthy? With the addition of seaweed, this is chicken soup to the tenth power or more. I am not really a math whiz, but I can tell a good soup though.

Oh, and the immunity part has me all wanting to know more. I know you don’t want to get sick,  see your kiddos sick. I am a mom and a nurse- a telephone triage nurse these days, and I get calls from all over the nation about sick kids. Now we have a preventative recipe. Give them this immunity-boosting soup.

Give them this garlic chicken soup. Yes, mama, they will love you for it. Just think, instead of stringing a clove of garlic neckless like the Italian moms of old,  you can nourish them with this soup. And there will be no sniffles. Just happy tummies, warm bodies, and happy hearts. Score!

Thi yummy soup recipe can be found right here. 

 Pressure Cooker Beef  Stew With Root Vegetables

Winter soups and stews.

Go back in time to a  cozy time, a homier slower comfy time with this quintessential beef stew. So good and hearty and warm that you will be asking, what cold?

Made with root vegetables such as parsnips and turnips it is wholesome and yet cooks so fast in a pressure cooker as opposed to the traditional beef stew. Serve this hearty goodness over buttery mashed potatoes, or cheesy grits and you will be home again. See this awesome recipe here 


Instant Pot Guineas Beef Stew. 

 Best wintesoups and stews.

Guinness beer is not in my opinion for the lightweight. This is a beer that commands respect. But it is great for cooking if your light stomach cannot handle the raw beer. Let the essence of it infuse in this hearty soup. Travel vicariously to the amazing and culturally rich Ireland. All you need is an  instant pot

No passport required. Make this stew on a cool winter night for dinner and gather family round for an old fashioned hearty heartwarming meal.

Can they drink guineas with it? May be red wine? I don’t know much about what wine or beer goes with what. Power to you if you do, and please let me know. But nevertheless, this will become one of your favorite winter recipes.

Let’s all thank Laurie of Fork and Spoon for sharing this recipe with us. And if you don’t make it now, be sure to make it on St Patrick’s day! it will be a hit. Here is the recipe. 

Curried Cauliflower Soup

Winter soups and stews

Oh boy! This soup is to die for. Excuse my cliches. The soup is creamy and full of healthy goodness.  This soup is from Nourish Plate, and yes, it is nourishing, because with such a name we could not expect less.

It is poetry in a bowl. Just look at the completed masterpiece. Part of me just wants to look at it and admire its beauty, and the other part just wants to start digging in right away.

Cozy up and sing “Let it snows…” as you enjoy this cauliflower soup. It is a beautiful soup and stars wholesome and healthy vegetables. It is vegan and gluten-free and ready in just 30 minutes. So no excuse. You can whip this goodness in a matter of minutes and get to watching Hallmark  Christma movies if that is your thing.  Get your curried  cauliflower soup here


Vegan Roasted Tomato SoupBest winter soups and stews

Who doesn’t like tomato soup? It is a staple, and if you have kids, make some grilled cheese sandwiches and you will have some happy kids. But this is not your regular around the mill tomato soup, mind!

This is way special, with roasted tomatoes, and so creamy, and as Suja from Pepper Bowl states, the soup checks all the health boxes so you can enjoy it knowing it is dairy-free, whole 30 and keto-approved. And she lays the steps of making the soup so well You will have no excuse. It is just a lovely soup.

Food should be enjoyed with the eyes as well as the mouth and this soup pleases both. Don’t let the winter end before you make this soup. You will never want to go near the canned stuff again, so delicious. Find the recipe here. 


Healthy Slow Cooker  Chicken Tortilla Soupbest winter soups and stews


This tasty soup is courtesy of Megan from The Cabin Diaries. She makes me want to move from it all way up in the mountains into a cabin and just keep it simple. Yes, I am the kind that just wants some yarn, some books, a garden, and this soup,  and a good roaring fire.  Indeed I am a romantic. I just want it simple. 

With this soup, no cold can touch you. You will be so cozy you will forget it is snowing as these Latin flavors take you away to warmer climes. I love this soup even more because you throw everything in a slow cooker, you go Christmas shopping and after braving the cold outside and the throngs in the Malls, you come home to this comfy delicious soup. Yum! Go here to see the recipe. 


Beetroot Soup

best winter soups and stews

I cannot thank Kate Hackworthy enough for sharing this delicious beautiful soup! It’s a vibrant beautiful soup, and so good for you. Beet is so healthy, full of amazing nutrients that are heart-healthy and even great for your mind.

See this post to see all beets can do you. So this soup is not only healthy but only requires 6 ingredients to make. I love that.  Its vegetarian yet its hearty and oh so comforting and great for these cold months. Try it and you will be a believer. Go over here for this beautiful recipe. 



Instant  Pot Zuppa Toscana Soup

Best winter soups and stews

Instant pot Zuppa soup is comfort in a bowl. It is filling with all the awesome goodness of potatoes,  onions, sausage garlic, and kale a bit of cream to round out the smoothness, it is so satisfying and will warm you all up. This is one great soup to make on a cold snowy or rainy day. If you can stay indoors and keep warm with this delicious soup. Check out the recipe over right here

Okay, now, I hope these soups and stews recipes will get you inspired to heat those pots up and cook some healing comfort food to keep you and your family warm and cozy as the winter storms rage on.

Keep your eyes trained on here, as  I will soon bring you more amazing soups and stews to make sure you have all the comforting soups and stews for this winter and many winters to come.

So chefs, fire those posts!

And please come along and socialize with me on Facebook, and Twitter for more tips on healthy inspired living.

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Healthy winter soups and stews


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