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I am Jane! I am an RN, health blogger, copywriter, and a former English teacher. Yes, all in one package of health and words obsession.

And I am here to help you through your wellness journey.

Have you had days when everything just felt flat and uninspired? Unenergized? Anxious or depressed, lethargic, moody, or sleepless? Me too! But I have decided no more of that.

I have been digging deep to find the secrets to living a healthy vibrant life. I believe it exists.

I believe that before the technology and the “me- filled- fast- life” that we are now living, humans living in the community and eating natural foods, instead of pre-packed and fast foods loaded with chemicals and bad fats with their noses buried in screens, our ancestors were physically and emotionally thriving.

Go way back and see that man…the Homosapien…he may not have been well dressed, heck he wasn’t dressed at all! He was naked! But do you see those muscles? He was physically and emotionally healthy.

Well, the physical part may not have been a hundred percent, as he was not very clean, so germs and wild beasts probably killed him. But not you and me.

There are no vicious wild animals in our backyards for the most part, and we know how to keep ourselves clean to avoid germs. Right?

You know, hand hygiene and such. I know all about that. There is a technique to it, believe me. What we need is to know how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in our daily lives to be healthy and happy.

I will walk with you on this journey and share my knowledge to help you achieve your optimal health, both physical and emotional. In this health-seeking journey,

I will equip you with knowledge about healthy foods and lifestyle tweaks that keep your body healthy and alleviate the struggles that mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can cause.

I hope to and want to help you blossom, feel energized, and live your best life and thrive!

You see, there is something about health and wellness that I just find fascinating. I can talk about it all day. It seems amazing that the human body can do so much, the behind the scenes science that we do not see, the workings of the brain, and how all these are connected.

Think for a moment that you actually have some nerve cells in your gut that talk to your brain. You can optimize that and much more.

And so what we eat matters, in fact, it may actually affect how we feel emotionally. I am not really a science geek. I just happened to go to nursing school and while there I kept learning things about the body and the brain that gave me pause.

I am an RN. I am also a teacher or I was. But once a teacher always a teacher. Right? I am a lover of books, music, art, and good food.

I love talking and writing. And tea, a lot.

I am a mother of three fledgling adults who keep me awake at night as I worry about their well being, and I am now an empty nester ready to begin the next chapter of my life.

I invite you to come along and let us thrive!

And oh come along and hang out with me on socials too.

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And if you want to drop me a line, write to me at Thrivingwithjanie@gmail.com

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