New year reflection questions (37 thoughtful questions to ask yourself)

New year reflection questions 1

It’s the beginning of a whole new year. It is a time to reset and set new goals to improve your life. But before you rush off into resolution mode, let’s take time to answer these new year reflection questions to guide us toward a happier 2023 and a bright future. 

Let’s look back at the past year and reflect on it first. You see, we can gain a lot of insight by reviewing the events and our actions, what we did well and where we failed or could have done better over the last 12 months. 

And this insight is bound to serve us in the next 12 months and beyond.

It is simply good practice to ask end-of-year questions so your vision for the future is clear and will help you come up with the right goals for your life.

New year reflection questions or end-of-year questions help you to…

  • have the right perspective
  • consider lessons learned
  • have a clear vision for the future
  • show you how you have grown
  • show you areas growth is needed
  • increase your gratitude

So, you can see how powerful reflecting on your last year can be. And that said, let’s look at the best questions to ask at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year.

New year reflection questions

1 What stands out in your mind when you think about the last year?

2. What would you say is the best thing that happened to you last year

3. What are the top three important goals you accomplished in the last year?

4. Looking back at the last 12 months how have you grown?

5. What was the most challenging thing that you encountered in the last year? How did you cope?

6. In what way did you leave your comfort zone in the last year?

7. How often did you practice gratitude? And how has that improved your life?

8. What dreams did you have in the last year? Did you achieve them?

9. Did you develop routines for your life and how did they serve you?

10. Are there some events or things that surprised you in the last year?

11. What did not go well or go as planned?

12. What do you regret?

13. Which relationships were most supportive and fulfilling in the last year?

14. Did you have any disappointments?

16. What are the biggest mistakes you made in the last year? How would you handle them if you had another chance?

17. How did you practice self-care?

18. How well did you manage time in the last year?

19. In what areas of your life would you say you failed and how can you improve in this new year?

20. What skills did you learn and how are they serving you?

21. How would you like to grow in the new year?

22. Is there a decision you made that you are proud of?

23. What realizations did you come to?

24. Are there relationships you let go of and what led to that decision? Are you still firm on that decision?

25. What was the most fun event for you in the last year?

26. What did you learn about yourself? Was any of it surprising?

27. What good books did you read in the last year?

28. Did you make a difference in anyone’s life in the last year?

29. What lessons did you learn last year that you will take with you into 2023?

30.  What have you learned about yourself in the last year? 

31. What did you spend too much time on that you really shouldn’t have? 

32. How well did you manage your time? How do you plan to manage your time in the new year? 

33. What have been the biggest stressors for you and how do plan to manage these areas of your life? 

34. Are there things you procrastinated on and how can you stop procrastinating this year? 

35. In what ways do hope to change in the new year? 

36.  What will you say no to this year? 

37. What do you want more of this year? 

Final words about new year reflection questions to ask yourself. 

These new year reflection questions are great starting points for the new year because when you review your life in this way you are bound to see how well you did last year, and what areas you need to improve.

You dont need to wait until the end of the year to ask some of these questions.

You can reflect on your life at any time, but the end of the year and the beginning of a new year offer great opportunities for a life review.

So use these end-of-year reflection questions so you can make a positive change in your life this new year. 

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New year reflection questions


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