Things to do to Spring Clean your Life


how to spring clean your life

I am always thrilled when the snow melts and I see the signs of Spring.  I can finally come out of hibernation.

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At last, it is warm and the sun is out most days. I feel lighter and brighter. And I feel this new burst of energy which tells me it’s time for a little spring cleaning.

Or maybe top to bottom, spring clean your life type of cleaning is what I need.

So in this post let’s talk about how to spring clean your life, breathe new life into key areas of your life, and spring clean the mind, the body, the soul, and your physical spaces.

As we all know, spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and a great time to start new habits. I know we typically think of the new year as a time to start new habits with our New Year resolutions.

So if you already did that, it’s time to check back and see if you have fallen off the wagon. And if you have a spring clean is a great way to reset and start over as well.

So let’s dive in.

How To Spring Clean Your  Life

So you may wonder when you need to spring clean your life, where do you start? You can start by tackling any area of your life you need a renewal.

But I feel that starting with the physical cleaning is motivating and a clean space provides mental energy to handle the rest of the things on spring clean your life list.

Clean, declutter, and organize your home

how to spring clean your life

When our spaces are cluttered and messy, our minds feel cluttered and messy.  So it’s time to start a new cleaning routine.

But before you do that clean your house from top to bottom. This may take more than a day depending on how much cleaning you have to do.

Then to maintain a clean home, start a daily cleaning routine. Which things will you do every day? Which weekly, and monthly.

That way the house stays clean and organized.

Then declutter and organize all the spaces.

With the warmer weather, it’s time now to put away your winter clothes.  So you can start your organizing there.

Take a deep breath, tackle one room at a time, donate items you no longer need, and organize your living spaces.

The sense of accomplishment is priceless, and it breathes new energy into your physical space.

All that stuff in all the places in your home can cloud your mind and make it hard to relax. How can you relax if you have to jump over stuff in your living room? Or there is no space in your closet?

Empty those bins full of stuff. Empty that junk drawer and toss things out.

It’s true having clutter increases stress levels. Have you seen that not even one hoarder is ever happy?

I bet by now you may have heard of the world-renowned book and TV series The Life-Changing  Magic of Tidying Up.

There is real magic in letting go of things physical and otherwise that we no longer need.

Holding on to too much stuff holds us back. So donate those excess clothing and gadgets and toys.

Spring clean your skincare and beauty routine.

Declutter your makeup. Springtime calls for a new skincare routine and fresh new makeup.

Declutter your makeup brushes. Our skin holds thousands of bacteria and they end up on your makeup and brushes.

Clean the brushes or toss them and buy new ones.

Plan and Set Goals for the Season

Spring is a time of renewal, so set some exciting goals for the upcoming months. Whether it’s learning a new skill, starting a hobby, tackling a fitness challenge, or contemplating a career change, goal setting adds purpose and direction to your life.

So set goals the smart way and work on them every day.


Overcome procrastination 

how to spring clean your life


Starting new habits is essential for change. And if you tend to procrastinate, it’s holding you back and keeping you from being your best self.

Procrastination can have a hold on your life and mess many things up including your finances, relationships, and your personal growth.

First, dig deeper into why you procrastinate.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate; Sometimes the job ahead is difficult, or sometimes, they are just not feeling the thing that needs doing, or the task is unpleasant, scary, or involved.

But if something needs to be done, delaying does not make it go away.

So go on and face the task, you will feel much better when it’s done.

To avoid procrastination you can do several things.

The best way to avoid procrastination is to tackle your most difficult tasks first. This makes it easy to do the rest after that first initial achievement. Write up a to-do list of the most important tasks with daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and stick to them. A to-do list is a great way to ensure you keep on track.

You can use a great tool such as a motivating planner to organize your to-dos, such as this one to keep your to-dos where you can see them.

Another way to stop procrastinating is “to eat your frog”

That means every day, tackle the most difficult task first.

What task have you been avoiding? It is likely something big that can move you forward to achieving your goals, or something that needs to be done so you can clear brain space for better things.

When that major task is done you will feel accomplished and maybe even enthused to do more, achieve more.

So go ahead and face that frog, look it in the eye, or not, and… okay, do the hard thing first, and from there you will be unstoppable.

Start  an exercise routine or change an old routine

how to spring clean your life

If you have not been exercising, this is the perfect time to start. The weather is great, just warm enough but not hot for exercising outdoors or inside. On the other hand, if you have an exercise routine, you can put new life into your movements by starting a new workout routine. You can try something new.

  • You can take a walk outside every day for 15 to 30 minutes or go for a walk or run at  the nearby park.
  • Watch a YouTube channel and follow along with the exercise
  • Dance to your favorite tunes
  • Start a workout challenge
  • Incorporate weights into your exercise
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Do yoga, at home or join a yoga studio
  • Go to the gym

Exercise is a way to declutter your mind of stress, and ultimately your body, of the extra junk in various places.

You will feel so much better if you commit to an exercise routine or start a new one. It will change not only your body but also how you feel overall.

Spring clean your digital habits

cut screen time to improve your life

Of course, after you read this post.

It’s time to spring our digital habits and screen time.  To be happier this spring, minimize your time on screen.

Have cutout times such as no screens two hours before bed. You know that blue light confuses your brain and suppresses melatonin. Your sleep is important for your overall health and too much screen time disrupts your sleep.

Additionally, spring clean your social media. Follow only those people and social accounts that truly inspire you.  Unfollow people or mute social media accounts that stir negative emotions, annoy, irritate you, or you find questionable.

Restrict how much time you spend on social media. Have you ever found yourself scrolling TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook aimlessly? We spend a lot of time on social media and for the most part, it’s wasted time.

There are so many other productive things you can do instead of mindlessly scrolling Facebook or TikTok.

You can finally read that book, work on that project, learn that new skill, call your best friend or sister, or cook dinner.

So try to cut back on social media consumption for your mental health as well. Research shows that chronic social media scrolling is associated with negative emotions such as depression and low self-esteem.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, delete unused apps as well. No need for them to take up space on your devices. 

Our digital world can get overwhelming. Also,  declutter your inbox, and organize your phone apps. A clean digital space is a happy digital space.

Spring clean your mental health

how to spring clean your life

To protect your mental health let go of the things that are weighing you down.

While troubles are part of life, we can find positive ways to handle the difficult things life hands us.

You can start journaling as part of your daily routine to help reflect on things, gain a new perspective, and ease the mind.

Journaling is a powerful way to clean your mind. You can do a brain dump in a journal and let go. It’s like dumping out a purse full of stuff you dont need any more.

It is cleaning and therapeutic and a great way to let go of negative thoughts.

You can also do guided journaling to help you reflect on certain areas of your life. Whichever type of journaling you choose, journaling helps you clear out mental space so you feel mentally easy and at peace.


Learn new things

What have you been meaning to learn but haven’t gotten to yet? As part of the spring Clean Your Life agenda, learn the skills you need to improve your life. Enroll in an online course. Read some good personal development books. Learn a new hobby. Learning is good for the mind.

Start a new nighttime routine

What better time than spring to start a new bedtime routine? Daily routines are important for mental health as well as productivity.  So a calming bedtime routine will help you sleep better, and also to have better mornings.

A calming self-care nighttime routine positively affects your whole day.  Start a new healthy sleep schedule to ensure a good night’s rest every night.

Revamp your morning routine

How to spring clean your life

Have you been jumping out of bed, grabbing your coffee, and heading out the door in a huff?

Consider starting a new slower calmer energizing and positive morning routine.  Start a routine that suits you.

Include the things you can do in the morning and still get to work on time. It may mean waking up a little early.

In that case, consider the 5 am morning routine and twike it to suit you. By having an extra hour to practice morning self-care, you can start the day feeling more positive and energetic.

Consider including time for journaling or affirmations.

Perhaps a short morning exercise routine.

A shower and some reading while you enjoy your coffee.

Check these morning routines for ideas:

21 Simple Morning Routine Idea

11 best top morning habits of high performers

Nurture Relationships

Living in isolation affects your mental and emotional wellness.  So as part of your spring clean your life mantra, nurture your relationships with the people who matter in your life.

Reach out to friends and family you haven’t spoken to in a while. Plan a get-together, even if it’s just a coffee date.

Connecting with loved ones breathes positive energy into your relationships and creates lasting memories, rejuvenates your spirit, and creates lasting memories.

Seek out those friends whom it feels effortless to talk to and who make you laugh.

We are social beings and good relationships enrich our lives.

Set boundaries and detox relationships

A post about spring cleaning your life is not complete without a section on detoxing your relationships. And that goes hand in hand with setting boundaries.

So who are the people that make your life difficult? Detox negativity and negative people.

Distance yourself. If you can’t, seek counseling to find resources and ways of handling difficult relationships.

Also as part of spring cleaning your life, in this new season, set boundaries. Say no to those things that are making your life difficult.

Say no to giving more time or money or if it doesnt feel right.

Drink less coffee and alcohol, and stop smoking

drink less coffee

Caffeine has its benefits. That wonderful pick-me-up in the morning that keeps us from glaring at people all day long is a must-have.

But don’t chug cup upon cup all day long.

You not only end up crashing later, but your sleep suffers. For those who have to work the night shift like I do this can be difficult, but try other ways to keep your energy up.

Have instead a healthy breakfast that will keep your energy and lay off the caffeine pick-up approach and you will have much more energy.

Try tea for energy such as black or green tea as these teas come with Ltheanine so you get a kind of nice calming energy.

Or try some herbal tea instead. I like the red Rooibos tea, and Constant Comment decaf for later in the day- another favorite of mine.

It has nice hints of orange and spice and is very invigorating. There are very many teas to choose from. I love this energizing black tea from The Art of Tea as well. 

There are also many wonderful and non-caffeinated teas to give you a bit of zen especially later in the day.  This velvet tee is wonderful for just such a time and purpose.

And tea, even with caffeine does not have as much caffeine as coffee.

As we spring clean our lives, we must talk about habits such as too much alcohol consumption. Alcohol can wreak havoc in one’s life if overdone.

Besides, alcohol can leave you malnourished for instance with magnesium and thiamin deficiency on top of ruining your ability to be a go-getter goal-oriented kind of girl.

Kick The cigarette habit as well as you spring clean your life.

avoid smoking

Consider spring cleaning your lungs.

Give yourself the gift of healthy lungs this Spring.

Don’t kid yourself with electronic cigarettes.  And no one knows much about those electronic ones. Does anyone have supportive research on them? They still have nicotine.

I have seen it firsthand- the amazing transformation when one stops smoking.

A patient comes to the hospital and is admitted, and since they can’t smoke, you eventually see their skin start to clear and smooth out.

And they have this new healthy glow to their skin.

That’s because they now have better circulation to their skin, and all over their body. Okay, now, what are you more scared of, stroke or lung cancer, to name just a few?

Stopping smoking, and avoiding excess alcohol intake and caffeine should be on your list of spring cleaning duties for your life this spring.

Be your own best friend

​The spring is a great time for new beginnings or rebirths if you will.  So become your best self. Start with self-love. How can you love yourself more? Do you speak to yourself with love, like you would a friend?

Do you engage in negative self-talk? Learn to redirect negativity. Try journaling for self-love. Journaling for self-love is a great way to start loving yourself more.

You can also try self-love affirmations to boost your confidence and self-love. Write a few and say them every day or several times a day. Write them on sticky notes. Put them in various places in the house and say them often.

Try Mindful Moments

Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. Take a few minutes each day to breathe deeply, be present, and appreciate the beauty around you.

Mindful moments can transform your entire outlook on life and help you break free from negative energy.

Meditating, and journaling are great ways of being mindful.

Start to appreciate the simple things in life.

Find joy in the small things, like beautiful spring flowers, the sunrise and sunset, a cup of coffee in the morning, or the sound of birds chirping and the beautiful spring weather.  Slow down enough to appreciate the small things in life.


Reflect and Release

Take a deep breath and reflect on the past few months. Identify what’s been holding you back emotionally. Write it down on paper and then ceremoniously let it go. Trust me, it’s like hitting the reset button for your soul.

Practice gratitude

Take time to be thankful for what you have. It may be as simple as clean water to drink. Food on the table. Healthy children, your health.

There are many things to be grateful for.

You just start looking around your life and not taking anything for granted, and you will be amazed at how blessed you are.

Right now I am especially grateful that the sun is shining and I am here to enjoy it.  And I am so grateful that I have three beautiful healthy children.

Trying gratitude journaling. Or gratitude affirmations to help you change your scarcity mindset and help you adopt a new perspective.

This is an easy way to write a few things each day that you are grateful for. You can use gratitude journaling as part of your night or morning routines.

Being grateful brings joy and a sense of peace.

If we just stopped long enough to notice, we will truly appreciate the fullness of our lives.

Manage your money

Spend money wisely

There is a reason they say money is the root of all evil. Mismanagement here can lead to lots of problems, personal marriage, and in between. I am no financial advisor though. But seek one if things are spiraling out of financial control.

Stay away from credit cards unless you can pay in full every month.

Being in debt is anxiety-inducing so live within your means. If you already are in deep, have a plan. For example, start paying off small debts.

Get a second job. Spring cleaning your money will help you feel more in control of your life, and happier.

Go through your bank statements.  See where you spending money you shouldn’t be.

You may use a spending tracker to keep up with your spending and keep you accountable.

Then design a budget and stick to it.  Then when you get your spending in check, start saving the extra money for things you want.


Praying is good for you. This ties in with gratitude. Acknowledging a more powerful entity than you allows you to feel less powerless. I know that sounds contradictory.

But I believe that allowing God to take control of those big things that I feel are crushing eases my mind.

Some issues come up; illness, money problems etcetera, that are sometimes so big that we feel powerless, and defeated.

We can think and turn them over and over in our heads to no good.

But simply believing that God will take care of it in due time allows peace to come in and quiet our minds.

Allow for God to take control.

Spring clean your diet

Spring-clean your body with some wholesome, nutritious foods. Nutrition is a big part of physical health as well as mental well-being.

Try incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet.

Aim to eat whole foods starting this spring.  It’s amazing how a healthy diet can positively impact your mood and energy levels.

And the good thing is that the spring season brings with it a variety of spring produce so you can incorporate fresh veggies and fruit into your diet. 

Buy organic if possible to spring clean your diet. Start eating fresh and natural organic foods this spring.​

Use good food to spring into good health.

Find your purpose  and be authentic

It is not easy to be true to yourself but it’s so worth it. As spring is a time for new beginnings, look inward and evaluate your life. Are you connected to your purpose? Do you wake up excited to start your day?

What is it you would love to do with your life if you could? What’s stopping you? Journal about these topics. How can you overcome the roadblocks to living according to your purpose and your values? What are your values?

There is nothing as sad as realizing you are living other people’s idea of you. So take steps toward your purpose. They may be just tiny steps but begin today.

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Drink more water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. However, if you can’t stand water, you can drink tea or flavor your water. But watch for sugar and additives. And caffeine.

Your body needs water to run well. Water also gives us a boost to our metabolism.

Drinking soda is not advised due to the high sugar content, and the phosphorous in the soda can lead to your calcium being excreted leaving you deficient.

And dehydrated. Then you feel fatigued easily and unmotivated.


And there you have it! Simple effective ways to spring clean your life.

There are many other areas of life we can improve this spring, but if you work on areas mentioned on this list, you will have cleaned and improved many areas of your life.

So It’s time to refresh your life with a spring clean. Revitalize your life and become the best version of yourself this spring.

You can start over this Spring. You may even revisit those New Year’s resolutions to improve your life.
 You can start a new life or a new better healthier way of living your life.
 Take a deeper look at the areas you want to work on.
 Do you want to ditch junk food and eat healthy for the rest of your life?
 Exercise more? This spring work on spring cleaning your life.





how to spring clean your life



  1. I’m itching to go on maternity leave in 3 weeks time so I can give the house a good overhaul and get everything organised before baby arrives. Love a good declutter session!

    1. Hi Katie! How exciting! You are having a baby soon. That is awesome! And of course, the nesting time is the best declutter motivator. Make sure to show us the baby room when it is all done. All the best to you and your baby!

    1. Elizabeth< I hear you. Today I managed to clean an area of the house I had ignored and procrastinated on for so long. So yes, this is quite important, as when one stops procrastinating so much is achieved.

  2. This is a very good article! The procrastination section hit me a little hard, and showing gratitude is something I need to work on. I’m usually not satisfied with myself because I feel like I never accomplish anything or feel like I could do more, so being thankful and recognizing what I’ve done so far is definitely something I need to implement and improve on! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll definitely be spring cleaning my life! 🙂

    1. Davonne, thank you! It is so humbling to know that this had an impact. Procrastination is big problem for many me included. Wee all can do better here and life would be so much better if we got to those must-dos on time.

  3. Screen time is a big one! I like the feature my phone has where I can monitor how much time I spend on apps.

    I, too, love books, so it took me a little while before I finally got a Kindle. I LOVE it! It’s so convenient!

    These are great suggestions!

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