How to cope with anxiety: 10 simple tips to find peace and calm

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It is quite difficult to live with an anxiety disorder. So in this post, I include simple tips to help you cope with anxiety and find peace and serenity and thrive in spite of anxiety.

We all get stressed and anxious from time to time. But when you have an anxiety disorder you experience excessive worries, fear, terrors, and even panic attacks often. 

And that is why you must learn how to cope with anxiety and claim your mental health back. At the very least control anxiety attacks so they are less frequent and less severe and hopefully beat anxiety.

Living with anxiety can be very frustrating because it interferes with daily life making it hard to function. But there are certain strategies that help to reduce anxiety incidents.

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What are the signs of anxiety? 

Sometimes anxiety and worry can be so extreme that it is accompanied by physical symptoms such as:

  • palpitations,
  • upset stomach
  • nausea,
  • sweating
  • headache,
  • dry mouth
  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath

Types of Anxiety

There are various types of anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic disorder, compulsive obsessive disorder,  social anxiety disorder, phobia, and agoraphobia.


How to cope with anxiety 

When you have an anxiety disorder or you feel your anxiety is not just the normal worry, it can really usurp your life, and you can be a prisoner in its grip.

It is important to seek help from a doctor, or mental health practitioner, or seek therapy to manage the condition.

Some medications can help alleviate the problem so always seek help from your licensed practitioner first.

Anxiety can be managed through a mixed approach- with medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes.

So here are a few strategies to help cope with anxiety and minimize its occurrence and severity.



This is the one thing I need to try and do more. Exercise is really important for overall health.

I know when I take a brisk walk I feel so much better. C. That’s why they talk of runners high, you know!

That lightness of exhilaration you feel after a brisk walk or run.

Exercise optimizes your blood flow allowing enough oxygen to reach all vital organs such as the brain, and muscles. And most importantly, exercise helps the body to release those feel-good endorphins increasing your happiness and giving you a zen-like feeling- thereby relieving anxiety.

So go on take a walk, or simply blast your music and dance! Dancing is great exercise. And it is fun!


Sleep enough

Sleep is vastly important for mental health. When you have not had adequate sleep, your mind will not work at its optimal level.

It is during sleep that the body does the work of cleaning the brain and if you are not getting enough sleep, this cleaning doesn’t get done well.

So things go wrong and you can be jittery, overly anxious, and nervous about little things or from no tangible cause at all.

It is how your brain resets, and does its house cleaning so to speak to keep all the little mental and physical gears working in tiptop shape.

You cannot have a calm mind if it’s full of clatter, and so you feel out of sorts from not sleeping enough.

Many of us are not sleeping enough. Maybe because we spend too long staring at our screens or working nights{guilty and guilty}. Will, must do better.

So, optimize that sleep. Try and go to sleep at the same time each night. Leave those electronics off. You will be glad you did.

Try and practice self-care for mental health which will assist you a lot and ease you off to sleep at the right time.

I love to unwind when getting ready for bed with the little ritual that really helps me relax.

I always take a relaxing bath with lavender Epsom salts and you may want to use about 3 drops of lavender essential oils to kick it up a notch.

Or you can use this roll-on sleep and relaxation roll after your bath.

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Limit caffeine

I know, I know. You love that cup of coffee in the morning.

And sometimes you have two, three, four and then you need a few more throughout the day. Yes, the morning one may be okay.

Just don’t overdo it. Rethink the afternoon cups of coffee and other caffeinated drinks after 3 pm.

The caffeine will increase your anxiety and rob you of a good night’s sleep. And then the roller coaster of anxiety will continue.

 Avoid alcohol

Now, how about that dinnertime glass of wine? They say a glass of wine a day is okay. Will mellow you out.

The problem is when you reach for another and another.

And how big is your glass? Some will still say it still one glass when they have reached for the biggest wine glass they have.

Alcohol causes and increases anxiety, and may make a person aggressive from increased agitation and anxiety.


Do yoga

The mindfulness of yoga can be very helpful in relieving anxiety.

Yoga calms the mind. It shifts the focus of your mind from obsessing over things real and otherwise.

The stretches also help because, hey, yoga is a  form of exercise,  so you get the benefits of exercise as well, with increased blood flow and endorphins to boot.

yoga and meditation for

The good news is if you have cable tv you can actually find yoga on demand.

But I bet it is better to go out and practice with real live people.

if you can. Being in other people’s companies has added benefits.

But I know, you may not feel like it, especially for some who have social anxiety. so go on!

Tune in to on-demand or check out some apps.

There is always an app for something nowadays. Just yoga away at home. And I promise you will feel calmer and really find your zen.



How to cope with anxiety 2

We are social animals and are meant to live in communion with others. There is a lifting of spirit that happens when you have spent time with your friends.

Camaraderie and laughter are the best antidotes for stress and anxiety, but if you have social anxiety, choose to spend time with those you are comfortable with. Being with good friends can calm your worries.

So don’t go too long without seeking your friends out, but not on social media!

Actually, try and be in their presence.

Your mind will thank you. You will feel happier and calmer in the presence of the right people.

I find My calmness and lift in spirits last for hours and days after a good visit with the right people.


Listen to music

Go on and pump up those tunes.  Listening to music can do wonders for your anxiety.

There is something about music and listening to just the right song can put one in the right frame of mind.

So get yourself a playlist for every mood.

Sometimes the mellow songs can help one relax and at times you want to dance.  So get you some beats on!


Healthy nutrition

natural healthy food f to manage anxiety
healthy food

The modern American diet is terribly wanting nutrients The word SAD comes to mind- Standard American diet. But thankfully there is a healthy food awareness movement now. At least that’s how it seems on social media these days.

Sometimes excess anxiety is due to a diet that is lacking in nutritional value and failing to provide your gut and brain nutrition necessary for the synthesis of neurotransmitters as well as other nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium, and iron.

The best thing to do is try and optimize your diet so you can meet your nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals which when deficient can affect your mood and cause anxiety. See other mood foods to help boost your mood here.

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Some vitamins such as magnesium are essential to nerve health and a deficiency can lead to feelings of nervousness and anxiety.


Try supplements

Before starting on supplements for anxiety, make sure to check with your doctor and discuss other meds you are on.

So here are some supplements that can help alleviate anxiety:


Many people do know that magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety. But what is not generally known is that so many people are deficient in magnesium, especially those who eat fast food often. Magnesium is important for nerve impulses as well as neurotransmitter production, so when low one can start to feel anxious.

I love this magnesium supplement drink from Natural Vitality called Natural Calm.

It tastes great too, so a great way to cope with anxiety.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fats are essential for brain and heart health and very important in maintaining nerve cell function.

You need calcium not only for bone health but for muscle health and relaxation.

Vitamin D.

Research is showing that vitamin D is more crucial in many parts of health than previously known including the prevention of depression, helping with immunity, and cell synthesis.

Research has shown that It is a common phenomenon that those who suffer from anxiety also tend to have depression, so get some Vitamin D supplements. They may help with both.

Herbal supplements

  • Valerian root
  • Kava kava
  • Passionfruit flower
  • Ashwagandha
  • Lemon balm

How to cope with anxiety

Have a pet

You know it’s true. A pet, especially a dog loves you unconditionally. We all love to be loved. Don’t we? A dog will love you as no one else does.  Dogs have empathy.

They are also in tune with your moods and can sense when you are not okay some actually will want to cuddle and as you snuggle, it will take your mind off the worries and stress.

ways to manage anxiety

Dogs are smart and loving, and having one can reduce anxiety.

Besides, a dog owner has to take it for walks thereby getting their own exercise. So it’s time to adopt a puppy.

However, a dog is not the only pet that can help cats can too. I have seen some very loving and smart cats as well.

But you can of course get any pet you like because how you feel about a pet is what matters.

Take a long bath

managing anxiety

Having a long bath is very relaxing and is a great way to cope with anxiety. When your body relaxes so does your mind. Try Lavender bath salts or lavender oil in your bath. Lavender is one of the most relaxing essential oils hailed for its ability to calm the mind.

My favorite essential oil is the doTerra lavender essential oil because it is 100 percent pure and is perfect especially at night to ease you off to sleep. zap the worries and stress before they become anxious with a calming bath.

Just easing into a warm essential oil-scented bath eases the mental turmoil while relaxing the body.

You will fall asleep promptly and leave the worries behind.



Journaling is a powerful tool when it comes to coping with anxiety and general mental well-being. Try and dedicate time to journaling. You can make it part of your night or morning routine.  If you are excessively anxious journal any time you feel you are starting to worry too much.


Use visualizations and relaxation techniques

When you feel anxiety coming on, one coping strategy is taking in deep long breaths- in and out slowly as you visualize a calming place. Maybe visualize palm trees or slow waves at the beach or any of your favorite places. You can also visualize yourself calmly and breathe deeply and slowly.

Drink tea

For best results when it comes to coping with anxiety, it’s best to drink decaffeinated teas. However, tea contains L-theanine a compound that soothes the nervousness that caffeine can trigger.

I love tea and the good thing is that there are a lot of teas to choose from. Some like lavender tea or Rooibos tea are a good choice.  The warmth of a hot cup of tea is soothing and calming.

Many teas also contain polyphenols that are known for many health benefits including calming the mind. So drinking calming teas is a good way to cope with anxiety naturally and reduce stress.

Camomile tea is a good one too and chamomile has been used for centuries as a calming antidote.

ways to manage anxiety

Pick a few teas and experiment with tastes and aromas. The Hey Girl sleep tea is a great tea to drink if you tend to have sleep anxiety.

So I drink a cup of sleep tea every day before bed. I am always looking for new teas to deepen that sleep and calm my mind.


Be aware of your anxiety triggers

This is perhaps one of the most important strategies for coping with anxiety. Know what triggers you to feel anxious. Is it a place, a person, or certain situations?

It can be eating certain foods or drinking certain things. It may be a lack of sleep and feeling tired. So learn your triggers well and do your best to stay away from them.

However, keep in mind that this may make you live in fear of some situations or places. So in that case, you can try desensitization techniques. This is where you slowly expose yourself to something that is a phobia a little at a time until it loses the trigger factor.


Be in the present

Worrying about the future can cause excessive worries, especially for a person predisposed to anxiety. So one way to cope with anxiety is to avoid forecasting the future especially if it is one where you are a bit apprehensive.

Don’t just dismiss the future events but try not to dwell on them too much.  Be prepared enough for future events and then leave it at that. Don’t overanalyze and hypothesize.

Question your thoughts

Don’t believe everything you think. Anxiety can take you to a place where you catastrophize the situation. Ask whether those thoughts are really the truth.

Check with yourself if the last time you were so anxious something bad actually happened. How likely is this particular thought likely to happen? When anxious we can build something up so much making it sound worse than it is. Challenge your thinking because our thought lead to certain emotions including anxiety.


Have a hobby

How to cope with anxiety 3

Hobbies are powerful ways to help cope with anxiety and generally improve your mental health in the long term. And while engaged in a hobby you love your thoughts will mostly be happy ones.  A hobby relaxes you so you are happy and less likely to engage in stressful thoughts.

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So there you go!

Try these tips to help cope with anxiety and keep that anxiety at bay.

How do you cope with anxiety?  Let me know any other tips you may have.

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  1. Love this article! I do lavender baths at night to relax, relief anxiety and stress. Yoga and Exercise are a must for relieving anxiety. Meditation is great as well for calming the mind. As for supplements, valetian root is great for anxiety. Same with chamomile teas. These are definitely my go-tos. There are other herbs for anxiety, it’s always good to talk with nutritionist or naturopathic dr before buying or taking any supplements too.

    1. Niki,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post. Yes, I totally agree, there are several ways to relieving stress. I too love valerian root as a relaxing agent. I have a lot of trouble sleeping well as I work at night sleeping during the day. And also agree it is a good idea to check with a naturopathic dr or nutritionist before starting on supplements because herbal or natural does not mean free of side effects

    1. LeAnn, I am so glad that you have found a way that helps you to manage anxiety. I suffer from anxiety, but have found out mine is very much triggered when I drive in bad places at night or even high elevations, so not all the time. It is true too that pets especially dogs are so good and therapeutic as they are so much in tune with their owner’s needs and emotions. And nothing is as good as some heart-pumping tunes or just nice calm soothing music.

  2. Super helpful post, thank you! I have lived with anxiety for most of my life and while I am thankful for medical interventions that help keep things stable, I am so happy to find the simple holisitic methods to incorporate into my day-to-day life. Cheers!

    1. Bekah,
      I am so pleased that the info in this post is helpful to you. I continue to believe that natural health through optimized nutrition can actually support and help ease some conditions such as anxiety and depression and research is supporting this belief. Lifestyle changes can help. And I hope you and many others find some relief by living holistically.

    1. Hi Wendy! Thank you for your comment! I too love my lavender Epsom salts baths. They are so relaxing. My favorite way to unwind. It is the simplest self-care action one can take.

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