Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmations for anxiety

Affirmations for anxiety are a powerful way to send yourself positive messages as often as you like to calm your mind and fight the fears that fuel anxiety.

I know it may be hard for some people to see how this can help improve your mindset and even improve anxiety.

You may feel silly saying some affirmations but I am here to say they work.

You just have to try them and stay consistent.

The messages you send to your brain are the ones that get noticed and the ones that stick.

It is all in practice. Say something often enough and your brain will believe it.

So would you rather believe some bad things about yourself or something that empowers you?

Of course, you would choose empowerment. And affirmations while they may at first feel corny to you are very empowering.

And anxiety this really at times feels like baseless fear that overwhelmed you when circumstances don’t even warrant it. And even when they do learning how to quiet your mind and your worries is a great skill.

For all anxiety suffers learning as many ways as possible to cope is very helpful. Mental health issues require an arsenal of ways to manage and improve your mental health.

So affirmations are another tool in your bag to help you out with your anxiety. So here are some affirmations for anxiety.

affirmations for anxiety

Affirmations to calm anxiety naturally

#1 I have complete control over my mind and my thoughts.

#2 I am the thinker of my thoughts and I can choose different thoughts.

#3 I have the power to calm my mind right now

#4 I am in control of my mind. I am calming my mind now.

#5 There is nothing to be afraid of. I know this

#6 I am safe. I’m okay. I am breathing deeply. My mind is calming down.

#7 There is nothing to be worried about

#8 I am letting go right now of my fears and self-doubts

#9 I can do anything I put my mind to

#10 This moment is temporary. This too shall pass

#11 I believe in my power to change this moment: I can change things around

#12 I breathe in calm, I exhale worry and doubt

#13 I am blessed and grateful for all I have

#14 I am safe here; nothing to fear.

#15 I am loved.

#16 I am stronger: I have the power to overcome even at this moment

#17 I am unstoppable.

#18 I have endless opportunities to start again

#19 No perfection is needed, only effort.

#20 Everything will fall into place.

#21 I am getting better every day.

#22 I attract good things and beautiful things to me

#23  I am calm, my mind before. I can do it now.

#24 I am strong I am brave

#25 I am letting my worries go now

#26 I can calm my thoughts and mind if I choose to.

#27  I have calmed my mind before I can do it again.

Okay, so there you have it.

I really hope these affirmations will help you calm your anxiety naturally.

Remember that it’s best to have a multi-approach to anxiety.

Eat healthily, change bad habits, and have regular visits to your doctor and therapist as well.

You can vastly improve your mental health when you use affirmations to augment your holistic approach to calming anxiety.

Give it a try Use affirmations every morning, every night, and any time anxious thoughts start to creep in and you will beat anxiety with the power of redirection through affirmations.

Your mind is amazing and adaptable.

You are stronger than you may know.

Let me know in the comments. Do you use affirmations? How do you manage your anxiety?

Affirmations for anxiety