33 Things to let go of to be happy :The ultimate happiness reset

 33 Things to let go of to be happy this year

things to let go of

At the beginning of every year, you vow to do better, live healthier, and become the best version of yourself. 

But whether it’s the beginning of the new year or the middle of the year a life reset is important. Our self-improvement is never a one-time and-done kind of thing. It’s ongoing. 

And so if you are feeling weighed down by things, physical and otherwise it is time to let go. 

Letting go of things that don’t serve you is an essential part of a happy and successful life. 

Therefore, we have to reassess our lives periodically and prune back the excess, and the unwanted stuff that steal our energy, time, joy, and happiness. 

In our journey towards a brighter future, we often find that the best thing we can do is let go of the clutter in our lives, both physical and emotional.

It’s not always about big goals and grand achievements.

It’s about cherishing the little things and recognizing the important things that truly matter.

So in this post, I am outlining 33 things to let go of whether it is the beginning of the year or any time you feel weighed down by all the things.

33 things to let go of to be happy 

things to let go of

1. Social Media and Mental Health

In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with social media, and it’s easy for it to become a source of negative thoughts and toxic relationships.

It’s time to take a hard look at our online habits and evaluate their impact on our mental health.

Sometimes, stepping back from social media for a while can be the first step to being your best self. 


2. Painful Experiences and Negative Feelings

We all go through painful experiences in life, and it’s natural to hold onto negative feelings associated with them.

But the longer we hold onto these feelings, the harder it becomes to move forward.

It’s one of the hardest things to do, but letting go of painful experiences can free us from the chains that bind us to the past.

3. Regret

Let go of the past. You can’t change it, but you can shape your future.

One of the keys to a happier life lies in the ability to fully embrace the present moment.

It’s here, in the now, that we find the power to let go of things that no longer serve us and free ourselves from the shackles of daily worries and regrets.


4. Comfort Zone

Human beings are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to stay within our comfort zone.

But the great things in life often lie just outside that zone.

Letting go of the fear of the unknown can lead to some of the most incredible experiences and personal growth.


5. Unrealistic Expectations

We often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and when we fall short, it can lead to a fixed mindset and feelings of inadequacy.

The first step towards a better way of living is to let go of these unrealistic expectations and accept that we are works in progress.


6. Sentimental Items

 Sentimental items can hold great sentimental value, but they can also weigh us down.

It’s important to remember that the memories associated with these items live within us, not in the physical items themselves.

Letting go of some of these possessions can provide a fresh start and free up space for better things.


7. Unhealthy Relationships

 From time to time we may find that some relationships are unhealthy and draining.

These toxic relationships can consume our time and energy, leaving less time for the most important thing: our well-being.

Letting go of such relationships can be difficult but is often necessary for our own growth and happiness and to take control of our own lives. 


8. Overworking

While hard work is undoubtedly important, it’s equally crucial to let go of the idea that everything must be achieved through sheer excruciating effort.

Having a work-life balance is so important for your physical and mental health. Sometimes, the better way is to work smarter, not harder, prioritize where possible, take fewer responsibilities, and not be afraid to speak up or even find a different job. 


9. Past Failures

Past failures can haunt us and hold us back from seizing new opportunities. But remember, even the most successful people have faced setbacks. Letting go of past failures is the first step towards achieving your best self.


9. Guilt

Many of us hold onto guilt, whether it’s for past mistakes or perceived shortcomings.

It’s high time we let go of this burden and forgive ourselves. We can’t change the past, but we can shape a better future.

11. Self-Sabotage

It’s time to break free from the chains of self-sabotage, dear friend. This harmful habit only holds you back from realizing your full potential and achieving your dreams.

 By letting go of self-sabotage, you’ll open the door to success, growth, and a life filled with accomplishment. 

Believe in yourself, take that leap, watch how your world transforms, and start living your best life. 

Don’t be in your own way. Learn the signs of self-sabotage so you can spot them early and take steps to move in the right direction. 

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12. Limiting Beliefs

Those limiting beliefs you’ve held onto for so long? They’re merely shackles restraining your potential.

 Embrace the power of positive thinking and let go of the idea that you’re not good enough or capable enough.

Replace those limiting beliefs with self-belief, and you’ll uncover newfound confidence and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. Remember, your mind is your greatest ally; set it free.


13. Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is the birthplace of negative emotions and keeps us small and self-effacing keeping us from walking sure-footed and confident. Let go of negative self-talk and learn to talk to talk to yourself with compassion.

Your mistakes are not who you are. 

Recognize them as mistakes and learning experiences but don’t label yourself as the mistakes or call your name.

Remember the brain believes the messages we send to ourselves most. 

Bid farewell to self-doubt and self-criticism. 

 Replace negativity with self-compassion and affirmations that empower you.

Negative self-talk is the worst enemy of self-esteem and confidence and you should let it go. 

Practice self-love. Say self-love affirmations, embrace who you are faults and all, and see your own sense of self-worth increase and leaps and bounds.

 Next time you catch yourself saying things that are not nice to you, give yourself a compliment instead.

The best way to stop negative self-talk is to replace those negative words with positive ones.

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14. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can make it difficult to find success because you stay afraid to start something in case you fail.

Can you imagine if all those inventors stopped trying?

 We wouldnt have airplanes, the light bulb, the telephone and so many amazing things we enjoy because someone kept trying. 

Don’t let fear hold you back. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, a valuable learning experience


14. Unrealistic Expectations

Release the burden of unrealistic expectations. It doesn’t mean lowering the standards, but simply setting your goals and sites to what is possible.

 A simple way to do this is for example writing a to-do list that highlights the main things to do and not a mile-long list of things you cannot actually manage to do in a day. 

And the more success you have the more motivated you will feel and can do more. 

So set attainable goals.  

Set achievable goals and allow yourself room to grow and make mistakes.


16. Let go of clutter 

Clutter isn’t just confined to the physical items strewn across your living room and other spaces.

Clutter can take on various forms in our lives, both tangible and intangible.

Clutter can be physical clutter, digital, mental, and emotional and each type of clutter has its unique impact on our well-being and personal growth, making it important to recognize and let go of all of them.

17. Comparing Yourself to Others

It’s time to bid farewell to comparison, the thief of joy! Life isn’t a competition, and you’re a unique masterpiece in progress.

Letting go of the habit of constantly measuring yourself against others is like shedding a heavy backpack filled with unnecessary burdens.

 When you release comparison, you’ll find that you shine brightest when you embrace your authentic self, chase your dreams, and celebrate your own journey. 

Your path is unique, and your destination is yours alone. 

So, step out of the shadow of comparison and dance to the rhythm of your own extraordinary life!

Focus on your journey, not someone else’s. Comparison is the thief of joy.

18. Procrastination

Putting off important tasks can clutter your schedule with unfinished business, leading to anxiety and decreased productivity.

Addressing procrastination habits helps create a more organized and efficient life.

Putting yourself last

Putting oneself last on a daily basis is a self-neglecting habit that can lead to burnout, diminished self-esteem, and strained relationships.

It’s important to let go of this pattern because self-care and self-worth are vital for overall well-being. 

When we prioritize ourselves, we become better equipped to care for others, maintain healthier boundaries, and foster stronger connections. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s a fundamental component of a balanced and fulfilling life, enabling us to bring our best selves to both our personal and professional roles.

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19. let go of perfectionism 

One should let go of perfectionism because it is an unattainable and relentless pursuit that can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and a constant sense of inadequacy.

 The quest for perfection often results in procrastination, fear of failure, and an inability to enjoy the process of achieving goals. 

Embracing imperfection allows for greater self-compassion, resilience, and a more balanced and fulfilling life, as it frees us to appreciate progress and value the journey rather than fixate solely on flawless outcomes.


20. Saying yes when you want to say no

Overcommitting to too many activities or obligations can clutter your schedule, leaving you with less time for self-care, relaxation, and meaningful experiences. 

Learning to say no when necessary is crucial for time management and reducing stress. 

Besides it’s your time and your resources so if something does feel right straighten your backbone and say no.

 Practice in front of the mirror if you have to. 


21.  old stories of you

Let go of those old stories you tell yourself because they’re like heavy anchors weighing you down in the past.

Embrace the beauty of your ever-evolving self and the limitless possibilities of the future. 

By shedding those outdated narratives, you create space for personal growth, new adventures, and a brighter, more empowered version of yourself to emerge. 

Your life is a book with countless unwritten chapters; don’t let old stories define your entire story. 

Embrace the freedom to rewrite your narrative and live a life filled with inspiration, resilience, and boundless potential

22. Insecurity

 Release the grip of insecurity, for it only robs you of the confidence and self-belief needed to reach your full potential.

Embrace your uniqueness and understand that your imperfections make you beautifully human.

Shed the weight of self-doubt, and you’ll soar to new heights.


23. The Need for Approval

The desire for approval from others should no longer tether you to their judgments. Seek validation within yourself, for it’s the only authentic source of true contentment.

 Release the need to please everyone, and you’ll find liberation in living life on your terms. 

Don’t let the approval of others keep you from living your life, or doing things just for the same approval. That is not living. 

24. Old Grudges 

Holding onto old grudges is like carrying a heavy backpack full of resentment. Let go of resentment and you’ll find that forgiveness liberates your heart and soul. It’s not about excusing the past but freeing yourself from its clutches.

Holding a grudge makes it difficult to move on.

And keeps you upset even in the back of your mind taking you back over and over to the moment when you were wronged.

It is not easy to let go of painful feelings though and the healing process can be long and hard.

But as hard as it is, in the long run, it’s your life and your mental health and peace.

So take steps to heal. Seek professional mental health care so you can move on and live fully. 

It is so freeing to let go of grudges so you do have those nagging negative feelings surfacing over and over 

Forgive past wrongs and free yourself from the weight of resentment.

Holding onto grudges only poisons your own happiness.


25. Holding onto Past Dreams

The dreams of yesteryears may no longer align with your present self.

Letting go of them doesn’t signify failure; rather, it opens the door to new aspirations that better resonate with who you’ve become.

Embrace the dynamic nature of your dreams.

26. Cynicism

 Replace cynicism with a hopeful heart.

Believing in the potential for goodness in the world and in people can lead to more positive interactions and experiences.

Let go of cynicism, and you’ll find greater joy and connection in life.


27. The Guilt of Letting Things Go

 The guilt that accompanies letting go of material possessions or commitments can weigh heavily on your conscience.

Understand that it’s okay to prioritize your well-being and declutter your life.

Release the guilt, and you’ll feel the lightness of a more simplified existence.

It is okay to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you or bring you joy. 


28. Procrastination

Putting things off delays your progress and keeps you from reaching your goals.

Let go of procrastination, and you’ll discover that taking action, even in small steps, leads to a sense of achievement and propels you forward.


29. Digital Device Slavery

 Break free from the chains of constant digital consumption. Reducing screen time can reconnect you with the world around you and your inner self.

Let go of the digital leash, and you’ll find a renewed sense of presence and mindfulness.

Find other activities to enrich your life. Start new hobbies or rediscover old ones and live for real instead of being stuck in that virtual draining existence. 

Feel the vitality that living in the real world brings. Go meet with friends.

Go, volunteer. Go sailing. Go have drinks. Get out and garden. Read a book. There is real life out there. Go live it. 


30. The Need for Certainty

Life’s uncertainties can paralyze you if you constantly seek certainty in every decision.

Let go of the need for predictability, and you’ll discover the thrill of embracing the unknown and the growth that comes with it.


31. Worrying About What People Say About You

The opinions of others should not dictate your self-worth.

Release the worry of being judged, and you’ll gain the freedom to live authentically and pursue your dreams without the fear of external judgment.

Live for you and be your best you. forget what others think or say.

It’s your life. Live it on your own terms.

People will always have something to say. So let them be you. 


32. Let go of bad habits

Bad habits can totally derail your life. They can make you stuck even lot in life.

Some may not seem much but they all have a negative effect on the quality of your life. Take for example sleeping late.

Too much social media.

Drinking too much, Smoking, drugs, sitting too much. eating unhealthy are all bad habits that affect your physical health, your emotional wellness, relationships, and the general quality of your life.

 So these habits can be difficult to stop.

So seeking professional help is a good idea. With the right tools, mental health help, life coaching, and your own determination you can let go of any of these habits and others. 


33. Credit card debt

Let go of debt. I know it is not all that easy. 

But being in debt sucks and it suks the life out of you. It’s like carrying a heavy weight around you you can never get rid of. So this year, commit to learning about money management and how to pay debt fast.

Learn from teachers such as Davy Ramsy, Samit Sethi, and others.

Read finance blogs for more ideas on credit payments and management.

My absolute favorite is Clever Girl Finance because she is so relatable and the advice is doable. 

Avoid the shiny object syndrome.

Be realistic and live within your means. Learn about those darn APRs.

Yes, the sneaky 0% for so many months, and then you get walloped by 24.99 % APR.

Before you know it you are stuck in the cycle of debt you can never seem to get rid of.

Pay with cash, If you don’t have that don’t buy the thing.

Now I understand life is crazy and bad things happen.

If you have to use a credit card, commit to doing what it takes to pay it fast.

Take a second job if you have one. Sell a few things you can part with. Find a way.

Basically, avoid being so materialistic that you’re always accumulating things. and living beyond your means.

There is something so freeing about simplicity. Embrace it. You will be happier and free. 

​Final words on things to let go of  to be happy

So there you have it! Those are a few things to let go of this year to be happy.
Choose to let go of these anchors weighing you down, and sail toward the horizon of happiness and self-fulfillment.
Each day is a new opportunity to embrace the joy of life, so release the past, let go of what you don’t need, find joy, and step into the future with courage and optimism.
Things to let go of



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