16 sure signs you need to make a major life change in your life

16 signs you need to make a major life change

How do you know when you need to change your life?

I wish that life comes with a manual that we all can follow so we learn to live a full life.

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Wouldnt it be nice to have a life manual that helps us to live a life we love and one that truly makes us happy?

But then I guess that may also be very boring for many.  Some twists and turns in life make it interesting.

Life is complex. Sometimes life takes us places that leave us feeling stumped.

And sometimes you reach a point in your and just you feel things are not right. You feel the telltale signs that indicate a change is needed.

You may have just started to experience the niggling  feeling that something just isn’t right, or you may have been unhappy, sleepwalking in life for years.

Many a time we just settle and say we have adult responsibilities and life isn’t supposed to be all roses and fanfare.

True, but life is supposed to be experienced not just passed through.

There should be many days where you jump out of bed looking forward to your day not dreading it.

So let’s look at some sure signs to look out for to decide if you really need to make a major life change.

#1 Feeling a sense of dread every Monday

16 signs you need to make a major life change

Do you dread  Mondays?  Many people unfortunately do. We feel like it is woven into the fabric of life and therefore expects it.  Do you live for TGIF feeling every week?

You can have more enthusiasm for your Mondays as well if you lived a life you are passionate about.

If you did work that fueled and fed your soul even Mondays can be exciting.

Dreading Mondays can be an existential crisis.

And it can affect anyone. It affects even those with what we term as great jobs as well.

I know people just quip and say “you should be grateful you have a good job.”

People are asking you to settle in other words.

And it is true too that most people would rather be safe than happy. Change is scary especially when you think about leaving your comfort zone.  It is hard to abandon what you have done for ages and perhaps what you paid good money to major in in college and go for your dreams.

But you should.

That achiness and that emptiness and Monday dread is the anarchy inside telling you, you need to abandon ship and run, run towards real life.

According to  The Middle Finger Project, a book  I recommend highly, that unsettled need to rebel against following the rules of society that choreograph us all in a systematic uniform education as compliant rule-following humans to feed our capitalist beast, is a sign you should not ignore.

That feeling is the war in your brain saying you need to rebel. Yes. You can be that rebel that wants to live a life she/he loves.

Read the Middle  Finger Project. It will change your life. It will show you why you need to pay attention to the dread you feel for  Mondays, and that it’s completely okay to ignore society’s side-eyes and disapproval and seek your true calling and passion.


#2 Having Low energy

16 signs you need to make a major life change

Are you tired all the time? Fatigued day in day out?

First, you need to see your doctor.

Such fatigue can come from having a medical condition like anemia, depression, heart disease, and many more. Also, examine your diet. Are you lacking some nutrients? Iron, deficiency, vitamin D, and vitamin B deficiencies can make you feel excessive fatigue too.

Assess your sleep habits as well,  and your relationships, work habits and see where the energy drains are.

Sometimes low energy may come as a lack of interest and lack of zest for life in general.

This is an indication something is wrong and a change is needed.

Examine areas in your life that may be making you unhappy.

That can make you feel just low key.

Low energy is an indicator that you need to pay attention and change something. Don’t ignore that. It is so very important for your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Signs you need to make a life change

# 3 You are impatient and irritable

Do you find yourself snapping at people? Maybe at your kids or spouse? Having a hard time getting along with people?

Well, sometimes people are difficult. Even annoying,  I know.

But if you find you are inpatient with a lot of people and many situations it is a signal that you need to reexamine yourself.

Do you need to change something? Are there areas in your life you are unhappy with?

What are you so dissatisfied with? You need to changes something.


#4 You are moving through life on autopilot

16 signs you need to make a major life change

Do you find that you are just waking up and going about your day on autopilot?

No excitement for any day and every day simply blends into the other in one monotonous existence?

You feel numb and feeling just flat?

Nothing to look forward to?  You may even feel empty.

These are signs you need to change something or the direction of your life.

Do you need a  new job, a totally new life? Do you need to get out of a relationship?

Scary yes, but that may be what you need to feel alive again.

Do you have a  big dream you have been afraid to go after?

Start researching it to see how you can make it happen.

This will inject joy and excitement and life into your life again.

Also learn that you have power in you. You can rewire your brain to start believing in yourself so you can pursue a meaningful life. I highly recommend reading Neuro-Habits: Rewire Your Brain to Stop Self-Defeating Behaviors and Make the Right Choice Every by Peter Holins.

He shows you how to take small daily actions that change your brain structure so you feel more in control. Get a c copy on Amazon. 


#5 Fantasize about being someplace else

signs you need to make a life change

Yes. I know all about this. I dream of a life where I can live someplace sunny and near the beach.

And this dream fuels me to forge on. I need a change.

Do you find you fantasize about living somewhere else?

Then it is likely you have outgrown your current life.

What do you need to do to make it happen?

List out the things you can do to make your vision a reality.

It’s time now to make changes so you can live the life you want.


#6 Self-confidence has plummetted

16 signs you need to make a major life change

Has your self-confidence taken a nosedive? Sometimes events in life can take a hammer on our confidence. We end up feeling a bit less than.

When your self-confidence evaporates for a long time, it is an indicator that all is not well.

You need to do the work on yourself to finally cultivate your self-esteem and confidence.

You may need to learn something new.

You may need to develop new habits.

But to feel good about yourself change is needed.

It may be an indication you need to start giving yourself a bit more kindness and love.

You may need to practice more self-care.

Take more time for yourself and reconnect with yourself.

Do things you love and also be brave.

Take risks to learn something new.  Start a new hobby.

These may be the things needed to light you up again and reignite your self-confidence.

16 signs you need to make a major life change


#7 Engaging in Negativity

Oh boy! This is really the telltale sign you need a change. Unfortunately, the world gets colored by our current circumstances sometimes.

And when things are wrong you may find you take it out on other people around you or the situations you encounter on aw day to day basis. Thinks like traffic which are annoying,  get to be way more irritating.

You may act mean. You may not find humor in anything.

And little things annoy you. Everything is a big deal when it really shouldn’t.

When your life needs a  change you may find yourself engaging in negativity a lot more. Negative reactions and self-talk is an indicator you need a change.


#8 You have an addiction or compulsion

16 signs you need to make a major life change (4)

Compulsions and addictions come in many ways. It is not just drugs.

But in all cases, addiction happens because one is trying to avoid something. In many ways, it is an escape

People try not to feel either sadness or emotional pain.

Unfortunately there many also addicted due to physical pain.

An addiction is an obvious sign massive change is needed.

And in a case like that, you cannot do it alone.

You need to start making the change needed by seeking help.

Seek psychiatric help and talk to your doctor.

Seek alternative holistic healing as well as it is a more whole-person approach and may work better than popping a pill.

Seek the help you need today to start living a clean life.

Envision the life you want to live and take even the smallest steps to change.

Ask for help.

Seek out organizations that can help you and friends and family that can keep you accountable.

16 signs you need to make a major life change in your life

# 9 When you find  that you are settling

Are you settling? In a relationship that is not ticking some of the must-have boxes but you say well it is okay, he does this other thing anyway, and at least he does this other, or at least he is like this and not like that. Girl!

Or man! You  CAN DO better!

You are settling. If you settle you are sure to be unhappy for a long time or the rest of your life and your eyes will be roving all over the place. Settling is bad because it leaves an emptiness in your life.

You don’t ever want to say, “it fine”  to yourself.

You want to wake every morning feeling great and looking forward to amazing.

So if you think this will do, and want to settle,  you know that means you want a change you want better but are afraid.

Fear of failure of not getting or finding what we want keeps us stuck in this is just fine situation.

Don’t accept it.

Go get what will make you happy.

It is easy to settle in situations because, hey, change is hard.

But we grow so much more when we push past our fears and over that safe place and plunge into a whole new life.

It is necessary sometimes.

And when you do, you will look back and be glad you did not settle.


#10 You no longer care how you look


Have you let yourself go? Not caring how you look or taking time to gloom your self is a cry for help. I believe everyone feels good when they look good.

When you stop caring about the basics of personal grooming and hygiene something is wrong.

This is a big one. You may need to see a mental health professional as this can be a sign of depression.

Seek help.

Even when depressed, trying really hard in spite of not feeling like it to shower and wear something clean will cheer you up a little.

And of course, lack of self-care is a sign you need a change.

You need to set time for yourself and appreciate yourself.  Take time to exercise, and eventually, you will start to take pride in your new body.


#11 Romanticize the past and idealize the future.

16 signs you need to make a major life change

Are you living in the way back when life was great when you had this or that happening for you that you wish you had now? Or are you living in someday?

Do you find yourself daydreaming a lot and saying someday I will do this or that?

Some day I will have?

Then you know you need to start making some changes to go already for the future you envision.

Make the first step today.

#12 Feeling envious of others

16 signs you need to make a major life change

Sometimes jealousy or envy is a sign that change is needed.

No, not the envy for theMacedez your neighbor is driving.

Definitely, if more money is the change you most desire.

It is after all the digital age and there are so many ways to make more money now. So if more money is what you desire find a way to make it.

Do you have a hobby that you can put to good use?

You will be surprised how far you can go with your love for crafts.  You could start a Youtube channel showing others how to do what you do.

But envy and jealousy do show something is missing and you need to change unless you are just one person who just feels what others have is better, in which case that is another problem altogether and may need a therapist. Yes, and that is a change too.



#13 You no longer like  yourself

You should be your own best friend. You should look in the mirror and recognize the face looking at you and feel pride in who you are.

Have you changed into someone you don’t recognize?

We all grow old so that is not the issue here.

But are you doing things that make you hate yourself?

Are you living a lie?

Are you having to lie to people to keep up a facade?

A  facade of happiness?

Then you really need to make some life changes. Analyze and see where you are wrong and are unhappy with what makes you feel less than.

If you have to lie to cover things you are afraid people will find out then that is a sign things are not okay.

Now we all have things that sometimes happen in our lives that can be quite dreadful and it is no one’s business, but we can still try to fix whatever the issue is.

Ask for professional help if it is something you cannot change alone. It is a  show of strength to ask for help when you need it.  It is a strength to be vulnerable like that.

Start making the changes today so tomorrow you will look back and see how far you have come.

#14 You are living in fear.

Life is uncertain there is no denying that.  But are you living in fear?

Fear of changing anything or fear that you will go for the change and things will go so wrong or fear that you will start a business and fail or fear that you will go out and do this you want but people will judge you think you are stupid or you are insane or whatever. People judge.

They will always judge but that is no reason to stop you from going after what you want, after your dream.

Let them talk. There are always topics.

Today maybe you tomorrow is someone else.

Go one and live your life on your own terms.

Besides, do you know how many people fail because they were too afraid to start?

And that is a shame.

You may try and try again but no matter how many times you fail, vow to keep trying.

So many great things we enjoy today were invented by people who failed many many times.

Think of the amazing light bulb for example.  Or the airplane. These inventors failed many times but they did not stop.

So go do that thing that may change your life even other people’s life. Don’t let fear stop you.  Your fear is a sign that the dream you have is an amazing one and is just the thing that you need to do to make that change.



#15 You feel lost and stuck

Signs you need a life change

Are feeling a sense that you are lost? How to Find Yourself When You Feel Lost and StuckYou feel lost and stuck in circumstances that feel too heavy too hard to change and so you are stuck in life.

It may be a job that you hate but you are stuck because you are not qualified to do anything else.

Are you stuck in any other way?

Are you living in the city you want to move out of or a marriage that is long dead, a relationship that has lost all joy but divorce is hard, or breaking up is hard?

You feel stuck in these circumstances because change feels so so big?

And it is big but it is also liberating.

You awe it to yourself. And it can be hard because there are so many things to consider.

There may be children to think of. And sometimes  we  stay stuck because ” what will he say?”

Don’t let that stop you It is your life and now one else feels thing things you feel. It is your decision to make.

We live only once. Make it a happy life by going for your best happiest life.

Make the change. Feeling lost and stuck is a sure sign a change is needed.

Go to counseling if you think this may help first.

Talk things out and see if you can fix things. Look for a new job. Go back to school. Start a side hustle or your own business. Think about what you are passionate about. Do that thing.

Make the



#16 You no longer want  to spend time with friends

I say even the biggest introvert has at least a friend or two they like to spend time with.

If you find that you are evading and avoiding spending time with friends,  something is wrong. examine it.

It may be that you have outgrown your friends and now you frown upon their behavior actions and choices and don’t want to be a part of it. It means you have outgrown where they are in life.

So you need new friends that measure up to where you want or are in life currently.

Friends that “speak your language” and are excited about the same things as you energize your life and spending tie with them feeds your soul.

That is the kind of friend we all need.  If you are   making friends is  not  easy for you here  this book can help –The One Year Daily Acts of Friendship:365 Days to Finding, Keeping, and Loving Your Friends

I also highly recommend We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better

Friendships are vital for happiness. We are social beings. So if you have abandoned your friends?  something needs to change.

Are you so busy that your work is consuming you?

Then you need balance. Work-life balance is necessary for a healthy life.  These are all indicators that you are in need of a change.

And so there you have it!  These are sure indicators that it is time to make a major life. It is time to take your life in s new direction to finally start living a  fulfilled life, a life that totally fires you up every day.

Do you feel like you need a major change in your life?  Do you know of any other indicators that show one needs to make a change in their life? Tell me in the comments.

Okay,  now go and get it. Go make the changes you need to live the life you envision.

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