How to stay energetic through out the day

Have you looked at the ingredients on some energy drinks or some other such concoctions? Why drink some manufacturers awful tasting chemical-laden brew to keep your energy levels up and only to crash afterward?

You should aim to increase your energy level naturally. And you can do it.

We need enough energy each day to go through our day accomplishing what’s on our to-do list without feeling like someone is dragging us through the mud.

And without having to chug some awful tasting God-Knows-whats-in-it -heavy on sugar brew -that -tastes -like- urine -drink. Yuk!   No.

Here are easy enough things you can do to increase your energy levels naturally.

How to stay energetic all day long

You can have energy all day long just by practicing the following simple ways to keep you energetic all day long.


So here you go.

Optimize  Your  Sleep

how to have energy all day long

Sleep literary affects every aspect of health including of course how energetic you feel. Turn in at a decent hour. Think about your sleep long before you have to sleep so that the things you choose to do and eat during the day will be good for your sleep later on.


You know how awful it feels to not have enough sleep, so really this one doesn’t need much explaining as far as energy is concerned. The way you sleep can determine how the rest of your day goes, and how energetic you feel.

Sleep not only affects how you feel but sleep deprivation causes fatigue and also significant, cognitive, physical, and emotional functioning (Source).

And that’s why you feel so awful when you are sleep deprived.

So rethink that cup of coffee in the afternoon or evening. You shouldn’t drink coffee after 2 pm. 

Plan on turning in about  9  pm. That way you will be up early in the morning and this is the optimal time to sleep so that you synchronize your circadian rhythm, and this will have you waking up every morning ready to start your day feeling good that translates into having more energy to start your day.

Have a bedtime routine so that it is easy for your mind to start preparing to wind down.

Open those blinds and let in the sun when you wake up. exposure to sunlight decreases cortisol levels later on in the night when you need melatonin production and for cortisol to go down.

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Also, start practicing mindful meditation to improve your bedtime routine and your sleep.

Research has found that mindful meditation improves sleep, by reducing how long it takes to fall asleep, as well as wakefulness, and overall quality of sleep.

And the good thing is if you sleep well you feel restored and more energetic.


Eat the  Right  Food  For All-day  Energy

Have great enrgy all day long

Having power meals starting with breakfast will keep your blood sugar even providing enough fuel to keep you feeling great and full of energy all day long. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will set the tone for your day.

Have a breakfast that is wholesome and nutritious. You have fasted for a whole night, so it is crucial to get wholesome food in the morning to rev up you with metabolism for energy production and maintenance.

how to have more energy all day long

So eating something like oatmeal and not the quick-cooking kinds is good. Top that with a drizzle of honey and some berries, some almonds and you are good to go. Be sure to include healthy fats in your breakfast. Something like Avocado is good with your morning eggs and whole grain toast.

Foods such as bananas, for breakfast, are great too. They are a great source of potassium. Make a smoothie with chia seeds, or flax seeds, almond milk and your favorite fruits for a great energy boost.

Also while on the topic of eating nutritious food, make sure not to skip any meals. Eating small nutritious meals regularly is best for keeping your energy level up. Have small snacks between meals.

A handful of almonds and an apple make a great afternoon snack for example.  Just don’t skip any meals. Skipping meals is associated with fatigue, studies have shown.

But really, that study was likely not necessary. It is really common sense. So just try to make sure you have planned your meals and activities so you don’t skip any meals so that you can have a steady source of energy all day long.

Pack a good healthy lunch taking care to include some form of protein such as chicken, or fish from reputable healthy sources. And of course, for my vegetarian friends, legumes are great sources of protein and also have so many health benefits.

Include vegetables and fruit for your lunch as well and this will continue to fan your energy.

Make sure all your meals are nutrient-dense, containing the vital nutrients needed for energy. That means avoiding all those simple sugar stuff that runs through your body in a few minutes and leaves you starving leading to the slump in the afternoon.


The mid-afternoon crash is the worst.

Sudden drops in blood sugar, easily zap your energy.

So you want to reach for whole carbs and fiber-rich foods to slow digestion  These foods are slowly metabolized to keep your blood sugars even throughout the day. Eat whole carbs judiciously if you are trying to lose weight.

Equally important is to include a good source of protein, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium that are needed for energy production. Include green leafy veggies in your meals as these are rich in some B vitamins, and magnesium for energy synthesis.

If you want to have energy all day long, and who doesn’t want that right? Then you really have to think about the things you chose to eat. You put good things in, you will get good things out and energy to do what you need to do during the day.

So choose energy-dense foods from the get-go. Starting with breakfast all the way through dinner and you will be unstoppable.

And while on the topic of eating, step away from your desk and eat somewhere else. If it is summer and there is a bench or outside tables eat there. Better yet find a nice patch of grass and sit there if nice and dry. Kick-off your shoes and let your toes breathe.


Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals

supplements for enregy all day long

You may eat well and try to keep your diet as natural as possible but still, some holes in nutrition needs can remain.

This is due to various reasons, such as gut health, Or even stress levels that can make it either hard to absorb nutrients well, or as in the case of stress leads to excess wasting of nutrients such as magnesium.

B vitamins and magnesium

Some people also have conditions that make it hard to use some vitamins such as  B  vitamins and may need to supplement with optimized vitamins such as methyl Folate, or methyl B 12.

For those people with the MTHFR gene mutation, metabolizing these B vitamins is compromised and so they may need to use forms that their bodies can process easily.

You can read about MTFR here and check with your doctor for a blood test to see if you need optimized B vitamins.

Another very important supplement is magnesium. Due to changes in our environment, eating habits, and water sources, many people are deficient in magnesium.

If you know you are deficient, and many people are, this magnesium supplement is well optimized for better absorption and will have you feeling on top of the world. You will sleep better and use other nutrients better too.

I know this because I started taking magnesium and my sleep is much better. Better sleep means more energy the next day. Really, it does.

Also to keep your stress from overwhelming you if you are handling a lot in your life, supplementing with magnesium and vitamin B is crucial. Your body uses more magnesium and vitamin B when you are under stress.

Supplementing with a complex B vitamin such as this one is very helpful in increasing your energy level. Take complex B vitamins in the morning because taking them too late can keep you up at night. 

Some B vitamins such as B6 are required for your nervous system to work well and if deficient, you’re likely to feel stressed more.

Besides,  B6 and Magnesium help you sleep better. And, of course, great sleep makes it easier for you to handle whatever life throws at you.

How to have more energy all day long


Vitamin D 

Due to other factors including malabsorption, chronic illness, age, skin color, and medications, some people don’t make enough vitamin D In such cases supplementation is required. Always check with your doctor before starting to use supplements Vitamin  D is important for energy as well as other areas of health.

Vitamin D plays many roles in the human body, including bone health, immune health as well as hormonal health. Research has also found low vitamin D levels are associated with feeling tired excessively. Vitamin D levels affect Thyroid hormone health.

So if vitamin  D is deficient one is likely to have thyroid issues and low thyroid hormone levels, lead to easy exhaustion, sluggishness, and weight gain among others. Aso many people deficient in Vitamin d tend to be overweight, which can make some people feel easily tired.

Research has found that low D levels are associated with extreme day time sleepiness.

So it is a good idea to make sure your vitamin D levels are good and you will have more energy.


Vitamin C

You should also supplement vitamin C to combat stress especially if you do not consume enough fruits and vegetables.   Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and does not stay long in the body.

That means that if one day you eat well all that vitamin C that was extra will be wasted in the urine. The body doesn’t store it.

So you need to eat those vitamin C rich foods daily or supplement. To keep your energy levels up you also need to ensure you have good immune health. Immune health can easily get compromised if you are stressed. And of course, being sick also means lack of energy.


How to boost your energy naturally

ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01787EPEEDo you have Iron Deficiency Anemia?

If you find that you just don’t have energy, you need that have your doctor check your iron levels.

Among other conditions that can cause you to feel tired including hypothyroidism is anemia.

Iron deficiency is very common among young ladies and women of childbearing age. This causes one to feel exhausted all the time.

Iron deficiency is very common among young ladies and women of childbearing age. This causes one to feel exhausted all the time.


Are you at your desk all day long? Stand occasionally and stretch.

Stretch when you first wake up. This helps your blood to circulate better.

Do yoga as part of your morning routine.

Go Easy Into Your Day

how to stay energetic all day long

You know those mornings you wake up late and you have to rush through the morning prep to get everyone out the door? Those are bad.

They are exhausting and stressful. Those mornings start your day right off stressed from the get-go, skyrocketing your cortisol and likely ruining your day

Don’t start hyperventilating first thing in the morning. Actually, don’t hyperventilate at any time.

Put checks in place to make sure you stay in zen all day long.

A calm mood is also energizing. So start your morning slow. That means sleep early so you can wake up early enough so you don’t need to rush through morning prep.

Wake up with enough time to sip your morning cup of coffee in peace and slowly. That way you are centered and can handle the kids and getting everyone out.

Easing into your day allows you to look at your to-do list and to have time and energy to prioritize the todos. Do that and you will find that less stress leads to more energy.


Let In The Sunshine

how to have more enrgy


There is something so invigorating about flinging the curtains open in the morning and letting the sunlight stream in. Go ahead and open the windows too and bring in some fresh air. Letting some glorious sunlight in further wakes you up and energizes you.

That morning light exposure first thing in the morning helps to synchronize your circadian rhythm and helps with synchronization of cortisol and melatonin production.

You will need some cortisol for your day time activities, and late that melatonin will help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

These natural rhythms help to keep you energetic with the aid of nutrition and physical activities. Creating all-day energy is a package.

Have  a Shower

A shower first thing in the morning wakes you up. It is invigorating.  A shower makes you feel so fresh and awake.

Yes! Energized. Some people like to shower at night and skip the morning. I say do both. You will feel so fresh and energized by a morning shower.

I can’t imagine going through the day without a shower first thing. If I skip the morning shower I feel sluggish and off-kilter.

Use your best most energizing shower gel and this makes showering a heavenly and energizing event.  A morning shower is even better and especially great if you slept well that night. Doing this will seriously help you go into your day like a boss, as they say.




Take  A Walk in The Sunshine

a walk in the sun is great for energy

Taking a walk is always energizing. Walking is good exercise and helps well-oxygenated blood to reach all your cells.

The heart rate goes up too with exercise increases blood flow through the body and especially the brain. This relieves fatigue and you also feel the jolt of that good old adrenalin, which is energizing.

And then there are the endorphins that start flowing when you exercise making you feel pumped up, happy and energized.

A walk in the sun also gives you vitamin D which is essential for energy production.

A  deficiency in vitamin D  leaves one feeling fatigued, slow, and sluggish.

Also taking a morning walk in the morning sun( not hot) allows you to sync your circadian rhythm and lifts up your mood, so you start feeling more awake and ready to start your day with zest and zeal.


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

how to have more energy

All your cells operate in a fluid medium.   Cells require water to do their work such as removing toxins and synthesizing energy. All of this work slows down when you are dehydrated. The result is that you feel tired, slow and wiped out.


Aim to drink half of your body weight in water, and it is actually best if you drink water first thing after waking up.

Like I said taking a shower first thing in the morning is really energizing, and also you want to clean your inside as well. So, don’t reach for that Mountain Dew. You cant wash with it and it won’t wash your inside either.

One sign of dehydration is feeling tired, grumpy and, irritable. And of course if very dehydrated, you can feel dizzy and lightheaded and even confused.

Dehydration can slow mental processes, and of course, with any of that going on you are not feeling on top of your game. So drink up!  Water I mean. Okay. You drink other drinks if they don’t have sugar or too much caffeine.

Also, eat fruits and vegetables that have water in them such as cucumbers, apples, watermelon, and other melons are good sources of water, but you have sugar there so if diabetic talk to your nutritionist for advice. 

Really you need to be sipping on some water all day long and you will keep your body working in optimal energy mode, and you will feel fueled to do more in your day. 


Do not  Sit too Much

How to have more energy all day long

Feeling too tired, perhaps even a tad grumpy? Take a simple twenty minutes walk. That is enough to lift your mood and give you an energy boost.

The truth is that energy begets energy. If you sit too long, you will feel tired. But if you get up and move you have more energy and feel an overall sense of wellness.

Avoiding sitting too long if you work a  desk job or are a laptop entrepreneur. Give yourself breaks and move. Run up and down your stairs, and move around the house at least.

If at work, stand every now and then. and perhaps even take a walk at lunch. Just don’t sit for eight hours straight. Sitting too long is detrimental to health and makes you end up feeling tired all the time.

Sitting too long is worse especially if you are hunching over your computer all day long.

Straighten up, stand even pace about at your workstation. If stuck at work tethered to your cubicle, stand every now and then and stretch. You can even do simple exercises at your desk, you know like squats, or stretch and breath deep exercises, running in place, leg raises, etc.

And if you are working at home, give yourself some specific times that you set aside to walk or dance. Just move. Doing these things will pump you up with energy.


Avoid Foods That Cause Inflammation.

Avoid sugary foods to have more energy

Those types of foods just don’t do much for you. In fact, they hurt your body when they cause systemic inflammation. Then you experience symptoms of chronic pain, malabsorption of nutrients you need, and age you. Then you feel even more tired.

All these things drain your energy. I have never seen anyone with pain feeling on top of the world. Besides, the simple sugar in these foods also causes you to crash as soon as you eat. You get that glucose spike, and energy spike and then crash. Every single time after you eats simple sugared foods.

Read more here to see what damage inflammation can cause in the body, and how to avoid it.


Give Yourself  a Chocolate Break

 simple ways to have more energy

Mmm! Chocolate!  You know you didn’t need a reason to reach out for this delicacy. But now you can have a treat and know it will do you good. You want to make sure it is 70% cacao dark chocolate though. Yes, the milk chocolate bar has too much sugar.

70% cacao powder chocolate is the one that has all the goodness which will keep you feeling energized. Dark chocolate is a good source of magnesium, and caffeine and theobromine in dark chocolate are all energizing.


Diffuse Some Energizing Essential Oils

how to have energy all day long


Diffuse some energizing essential oils such as citrus, peppermint, or eucalyptus essential oils.

Take a roller with you and roll on some on pressure points to sniff when you need a boost in those sometimes long days at the office. This will give you a kick of energy to get you over that afternoon hump time.

You should also diffuse some good quality essential oils at home to infuse your home and you with energy during the day when you need it.

Have Some Me Time

Here comes that self-care again. I know, right? In our crazy hectic world, it is easy to be literally swallowed by our miles long to-do list and being pulled in a gazillion different directions.  Never having time to slow down and focus solely on you is bad for health and leaves one totally depleted.

Prioritize you sometimes.

Curve some time to reconnect with yourself. Do something that wakes up your soul and invigorates your mind and inner you. You will feel happier, better, at peace, and energized.


And when you are done with your time you will have more energy to tackle whatever remains on your list of to-dos. You will have that certain pep in your step. You will find you are ready to get that major thing you need to do done.

See this post for some self-care ideasAmazingly Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to improve Mental Health

Keep Stress On the Down Low

How to have more energy all day long

Stress is zapping your energy. Stress is using a lot of your energy resources.

Feeling stressed is exhausting and uses too much mental and physical energy leaving one feeling depleted and wiped out. Ever noticed that when you are stressed you feel exhausted?

First, when you are stressed about that meeting with your boss, or when you are getting late for work or any number of stress scenarios in our modern society- your body thinks you are in danger and you need to run fast.

So the adrenals send out enough cortisol for a battle, that is physically nonexistent.

That requires uses a lot of your glucose, and so you need more and more and if you are not putting much in that tank, then your energy plummets.

Keep in mind this process of producing adrenalin also leads to the consumption of other nutrients like magnesium which is required for energy. And if your nutrient stores are consumed by the stress then you will have no energy.

Cut the fat in your to-do list. Remove the extras.

Ask for help from your spouse, family friends.


And Just Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Let it go…let it go…

Try some yoga, and meditation to manage stress and you will feel more energetic.

And sometimes, life is just hard. You may need at such times to seek help from a mental health provider.

That is important because a good therapist will equip you with coping skills, and even open your eyes to see that perhaps there is a  better way to handle things.

So don’t hesitate to seek help if things are getting out of hand.

Reduce stress, find balance and thus boost your physical and mental energy.


Deep Breath

how to have more energy



As in deep.

Yes, that’s right! Just inhale deeply. Hold and release.  Take really deep breaths and feel your lungs expanding. Some of us are walking around shallow breathing with stress and worry.

They are called cleansing breaths for a reason.  When you deep breath you open your lungs up and take in cleansing oxygen and take out all that CO2 that is sitting there in your lungs. More oxygen, more energy.  Learn more about the power of deep breathing here. 

And while you focus on your breathing pattern your focus shifts away from things that are draining your mental energy.


Learn how to deep breath and you will provide your body with the oxygen needed for energy. This will also calm you helping you feel more at peace. Afterward, you will feel better and more vigorous.

Of course, with more oxygen circulating in your body, your cells have more fuel to work better.  That then gives you a mood and energy boost. Try it.


How to have more energy

Yup, that’s right. Laughter is so energizing. When is the last time you had a great rib-busting laugh? It is time to indulge in some funny cat videos. Those are the best. Love animals doing funny stuff videos.

A good hearty laugh is really good for you. It is energizing. Laughing, a good laugh is like a workout. Really, with some of the same benefits of exercise such as increased oxygenation and endorphins, leaving you feeling happy light and energetic.

So don’t take life too seriously. Laugh at the silly and funny things in your life. Again this is why being with good friends can be so energizing. You are bound to laugh together and that is so energizing.


Have a relaxing bedtime routine.

Are you thinking, relaxing? I thought this post is about having energy. We gotta relax for that? Yes, you do!

Get yourself some of these Magnesium salts.  Then infuse with some lavender oils to kick it up a notch. Hop in and soak in there for 20 minutes or more. Enjoy. You will sleep like a baby.  And that is good for next day’s energy.

And a bath will warm you up and then during the cooling process when your body temperature drops.  melatonin production will start giving you sound restful sleep.



Don’t Smoke

how to have more energy

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record. I wish I could stop everyone from smoking. Why pay someone to kill you?  Smoking affects your whole health. Smoking zaps your energy. That nicotine may soothe you when smoking. Okay, I don’t know how it feels. But that is besides the point.

Smoking is bad for sleep because it has been shown that smoking interferes with your sleep cycles and makes it hard to get into the deep sleep cycles that are restorative.

Research has found that smokers may take longer to fall asleep and are more likely to experience snoring.

Yes, snoring wakes one up constantly because a snorer stops breathing momentarily and wakes up to draw a big breath then moves into sleep only to be woken up again due to the inability to draw in oxygen.


Snoring actually makes you stop breathing. So if you can naturally avoid snoring by eliminating the cause wouldn’t that be nice. And, your spouse would be happy too. Surprising how a happy home can be energizing and peaceful.

Besides, smoking constricts your blood vessels.

Constricted vessels impend good blood flow. Now imagine your carotid arteries are narrow, or even the main vessels leading blood to your heart, or those pumping blood from your heart to the rest of your body.

That would mean your brain won’t get enough oxygen. Other organs also are not getting enough nutrients as well and so they then won’t work well. Yes,  that will make you will feel easily tired. And all because you smoke.

Smoking also destroys your lungs functioning reducing their capacity. Do you know those air sacs in your lungs that make the exchange of oxygen and CO2?

Well, they start collapsing as they are poisoned by the chemicals in cigarettes and whatever else people smoke.  So then the lungs can’t expand much to take in enough oxygen.

That means you won’t have enough oxygen to those vital organs like the brain. Yup! you then really get easily exhausted.

Of course, smoking also leads to many other illnesses such as cancer, and even heart disease.

So kick the habit and your body will have better oxygenation and nutrients will be well supplied to all your cell. You will feel better and more energetic.



Don’t  Drink  Alcohol 

dont drink close to bed time if you want more energy

Avoid drinking alcohol close to your bedtime.

And I might add,  keep your drinking to one glass in the early evening if you must have that dinner glass of wine.

Alcohol is a sleep disrupter. If you drink and go to bed, while you may feel sleepy, you will wake up several times through the night because alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle. This prevents you from going through your deep sleeping cycles, and then you feel like you didn’t even sleep when you wake up.

Then you wake feeling exhausted not to mention a hungover if you overdo it.

And then you will be curled up on the couch feeling like a tree fell on you.  Not energetic at all.


Be Social

how to have more energy

Don’t be isolated. It is easy to feel isolated these days, with our “social” media and busy lives we can easily ignore being out there really talking to people. Social isolation, researchers have found can lead to depression and sleep disturbances.


Now you know if depressed one has no energy, neither do they have energy if they can’t sleep well. Isn’t it amazing and nice to know that keeping that dinner date with your friend will help you sleep well? It’s like a double blessing. So go on and go out this weekend. Meet those friends.

And last but not least, be social, for real. This is the social media century but be social away from social media. No, you don’t need to be a social butterfly. Flitting about can be draining.

But set time to go out and talk to people you love and people who infuse you with that mental-emotional energy. You know, people who make you feel good.

No more canceling those lunch and movie dates with your besties. You need those social times. Being in great social circles infuses your mind with positive emotional, mental, and even physical energy.

Have fun! That makes life richer, and if I may say so, energizing.

All right?

So how do you keep your energy levels up?   Or which of these energy tips do you practice or want to try? Let me know below in the comments.

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how to have more energy all day long.

How to stay energetic all day long

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