How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

If only there was a way to keep that soft dewy glowing skin of youth forever! It is all good and dandy to have inner beauty.

But it is nice too to have glowing radiant skin even in your older years. Don’t you agree?  We all want that luminous glowing from within type of skin. We crave beauty.

Really what we want is the secret to anti-aging The forever never-aging type of skin. Smooth, soft, and radiant. Your genes can help here but a bit of effort on your part can go along way to healthier beautiful skin.


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How to get glowing skin naturally

And so it is natural to have questions because if it is not all good genes, then how can you do it?

You may question such as:

Can you get glowing skin at home?

You can.

Going to the spa is great. Or even getting some “work done.” But we should reserve that for the most extreme medical necessity.

However, the care for the whole person and good daily skincare will help.

Getting your skin to have a healthy glow is a combination of the actions you take daily to protect and improve your general health, as well as intentional skincare toward making your skin healthy and radiant.

It is a combination of healthy food choices, keeping your skin clean, protected as well as general lifestyle choices.

So Can you get glowing skin without makeup?

Being great with the art of makeup is helpful  I have to say, but you can have glowing skin naturally, which is even better.


Okay, then! Let’s dig in and uncover the secrets to the all coveted youthful ageless naturally glowing skin.

Hw to have glowing skin naturally


First, know your skin type

Insight is necessary for many areas of life. Turns out, that can help you too in managing your skin and taking the best care your skin type needs.

So is your skin dry, or oily? Is it combination skin? Yes, it seems even nature likes to keep things a bit complicated, a bit messy perhaps for the fun of it. Perhaps not.

Why not just have dry or oily? No, we have to throw in combination skin as well. You know, just to keep life fun.

We may never know. But we seek glowing skin and nothing will stop our quest.

Okay, girl,  get to the mirror and take a good look. If you saw some large pores looking right back at ya, then you have oily skin. That means you need some astringent cleansers that will strip off excess oils.

Now if you have some oily areas and some other parched patches, that is combination skin. Still a problem in the quest for the glorious luminous skin. And that needs addressing as well.

Retinoids to the rescue to keep some equilibrium.  Products with benzol may also help keep the oils ad sebum production down if you have oily skin. You can try  RAYA Calendula Astringent with AHA. This combination toner will chill out the sebum glands and will work great for both oily and combination skin types. So there you go! 

how to get glowing skin naturally

On the other hand, if you are like me, you have dry skin that can get pretty ashy. Now can you say not glowing? yes, ashy skin is dry and parched, not glowing and luminous at all. So I resort to good old emollients to hydrate my skin.

Such dry skin may be due to hormonal changes or being in dry environments. But nevertheless, we can’t have that.  While we can address hormonal issues from within, and we should,  it is faster is to treat the skin topically. Still, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help with both.

Keeping my dry skin luminous is a battle I wage with any and all types of equipment of beauty battle  I can find.

So if you are not a spring chicken don’t despair, I got you, girl!  I know. Menopause is unfair. You are like, what happened to that dewy skin you had in youth when you were the towns, beauty queen?

But all is not lost. You can reclaim your title with  Simplified Skin Retinol    So if you have dry skin, even a bit of wrinkle, Simplified Retinol will leave your skin feeling and looking soft smooth and hydrated.


But you are not done in your quest for glowing skin.   Now you know your skin type.

So what else can you do?

Protect your skin daily

Protecting your skin is a must if you want to have skin that glows naturally.

Come summer we all run to get sunscreen and slather it all over our bodies at poolside or at the beach. That is great and all. But it may not be enough.

You need to apply that sunscreen every day!   I am assuming that you know you need a  broad spectrum that will keep off the UVA and U VB rays protecting you from wrinkles, spots, and from deadly cancer as well.

Apply that good sunscreen even in the wintertime and even when staying indoors as those darn rays can penetrate your very castle or office glass windows too.

When you have done that, you are on your way to claiming the glowing skin beauty title. Well, if that’s your type of thing. Whatever floats your boat.

So next …

Manage that Stress to get glowing skin

Is stress driving all your blood to your legs leaving your face washed out and drab? Banish stress, and your skin will come alive again.

Okay. I get it it is harder than just saying avoid stress. If you have that stressful job, or the kids or spouse are driving you mad, and there is nothing to do for it,  try to find some ways to keep the stress down.

So there are a few things you can do to calm your mind.



Yoga is great at getting the blood flowing throughout your body and helping get the toxin outs.

Yoga will also have a calming effect and help you lower stress levels.

When your mind is not stressed, your body will relax and it will show on your face. You know how you can always tell when someone is stressed. They may have worry lines for example.

Remember too, that the fight or flight hormone cortisol sends all the blood to your legs and your vital organs so you can run from that imaginary lion- or your boss.

That leaves the face washed out and haggard. So that’s where yoga comes in. It will calm your mind and the blood will be redirected back to your face as you no longer feel flighty.

Also, the very nature of yoga- take the downward dog for example physically encourages blood flow to the face. And then, well, you glow.


When you are cleaning your face massage your face and neck. Or you can also massage your face and neck when you apply lotion. Get that circulation to move to your face better.

Better yet I have found this microcurrent gadget treatment is a miracle worker. Within just a few minutes you can have skin that looks healthy and luminous. Go get yourself an instant facelift at home. Really, nearly anything is possible.

Taking time for self-care can improve your health, better your mental health, calm stress and give you that youthful glow.

So take time for you, and try to pamper yourself. Rest. Or simply take time out and binge on Netflix. Know what helps you feel at ease and do it.  If you need more ideas for self-care you can see more here. 


There are a few other things that can get your skin to glow.

Sleep enough

To have that coveted radiant glowing skin, don’t skimp on sleep. Beauty sleep is for real.

Yes, just like the rest of your body requires sleep to thrive, so does your skin. When you are sleep-deprived, your skin becomes tired and droops. It looks dull.

So much happens during sleep. Cells are renewed, and detoxification happens. So when we are sleep deprived we get puffy eyes with under-eye bags, dark circles, and the face looks puffy and dull.

And of course, keeping a bedtime routine including some self-care for total well being will also improve your skin health.

Optimizing and making sleep a priority will lead to healthy skin. You have seen those dark circles and puffy eyes when you don’t sleep enough. No one really wants that.

But what is a girl to do if she has a case of insomnia? Is she doomed to forever puffy face? I declare! No.

You can beat insomnia naturally. Try some aromatherapy. I swear by it. You can get into the groove of a nighttime ritual with some sleep-promoting essential oils, that you can diffuse, or use in your bath.

Lavender is a great choice. Use it in your bath before bed, sprinkle lightly on your pillow, or get the comfort of this sleep-promoting heavenly sleep mask. It comes with its very own soothing organic lavender buds for a subtle soothing scent that will relieve stress, anxiety, poof headaches, and nixing cases of restlessness. You will sleep like a baby.

Get this mask here.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01LDJPH36&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thrivewithani 20&language=en USir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01LDJPH36The result of a night of sound sleep?

You will wake up glowing, feeling on top of the world, an added a bonus.

So if sleep is a struggle for you, there are simple things you can do to improve your sleep quality and get your skin to radiate health.

And don’t forget the night time skincare before bed. Cleanse your skin before bed to remove the days grime and make up for healthy glowing skin.

That bedtime routine should include applying an emollient skin moisturizer after cleaning your face. This is especially crucial if your skin is dry for healthier-looking skin in the morning.



Keep bacteria off your skin

What do you have to do to keep bacteria off your skin?  This may be the reason you break out more. Really this is almost an impossible task. But if you tend to have breakouts, you have to be very careful with what your skin comes into contact with.

Let talk about your phone for example.

That beautiful beloved gadget that you keep your hands-on and constantly pressed against your face may not be friendly to your skin. Research has found cell phones are at times dirtier than your toilet. Yikes! Hard to imagine, but it is true. Cleaning it often with antibacterial wipe will minimize bacteria and the likelihood of them ending on your face.

Keep your hands off your face.

Unless you are constantly washing your hands, you want to keep them off your face. We touch too many surfaces, and so many of them are loaded with bacteria.

Think of your desktop, your keyboard and all the many public surfaces your hands come into contact with every single day. Think bacteria and breakouts.

So train your self to keep hands from constantly touching your face.

Clean bed linens often

And while we talk about keeping bacteria off your face, let’s talk about your pillow. It is very important to change your pillowcases often, at least once a week.

You must clean that oil and sweat and bacteria that can accumulate on your linens and cause your skin to break out.  That is really a simple way to prevent skin problems and keep your skin flawless.

An extra but helpful step you can take is to find a silk pillowcase to improve the look of your skin. This is a really easy anti-aging trick to give you that smooth wrinkle-free look.

Regular cotton pillowcases can wrinkle as you sleep and this friction leads to fine lines, the very thing we are on the quest to conquer.

Having cleaned your face and applied emollient moisture-boosting cream or lotion,  take that extra step and lay your face on a clean silky pillowcase, such as this one.


You are getting there.  But how is your diet?


Eat  For Glowing skin

How to get glowing skin

Eating healthy is a sure way to get your skin to glow. You can get radiant skin by feeding your skin with the right nutrition.

Please, for all that is holly, lay off the french fries and hot dogs! And that daily soda. The bad fats, preservatives, and sugar in such foods are wrecking peoples health and skin.

Let’s  take a look at what you really should be eating;

Generally  speaking, glowing skin requires several dietary nutrients;

Vitamin  A, C, can be found in leafy greens such a  kale and collards as well as yellow and orange veggies and some fruits such as citrus. These vitamins are antioxidants that fight free radicles and protects against skin cancer, spots, and wrinkles.

Include veggies in every meal and you will be on your way to beautiful ageless skin.

Make sure you are eating fruits as well daily, and your skin will glow.

Vitamin E can be found in eggs, avocadoes, and even good old olive oil.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory protecting your skin from UV light. Vitamin E protects against wrinkles and other skin damage.


Vitamin D; Your skin has the ability to make vitamin D  with a few minutes in the sun. Vitamin D has an enormous role in your health. Apart from assisting you to maintain a strong immune system, and playing a role in your mental health, vitamin  D also protects your body by being anti-inflammatory.  If you think you are not getting enough start eating foods like salmon, mushrooms, tuna, or talk to your dr about a supplement.


Iron- Helps your skin glow with health. It gives you good color so you don’t look washed out and grey.  Iron can be found in foods such as beans,  red meat,  and green leafy vegetables. Some people may require a supplement if their dr finds they are anemic. Anemia is quite common among young women as a result period so eating iron-containing foods is important.


Zinc-   Zinc can be found in animal proteins such as chicken,  oysters, and legumes such as beans and lentils.  Zinc is required for healing skin and for skin protection. Zinc also acts as an antioxidant. So if you find your skin looking rough and dry, or you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, you may not be eating enough zinc containing foods.


Fatty Acids

Eat mixed nuts to load up on good oils such as omega 3s. Omega 3 fatty acids do so much for your health. They act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.agents as well.

They also help fight anxiety and depression, so lowering your stress so you are able to care for yourself better.



Protein; Collagen production requires the presence of amino acids. And amino acids also work as antioxidants protecting your skin as well.  You need protein as building blocks for new cells so your skin continues to feel and look radiant.



Sometimes even with the best of our efforts we still can fall short. Life is busy. And there are only 24 hours in a day, so sometimes you are not able to eat right.

Or sometimes your body has trouble with the absorption of some nutrients, so you need more. And that’s where supplements come in.

There are many vitamins and minerals that you need daily. The body does not store water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin, C, and B. These have to be replenished daily. So supplementing may be needed.

Collagen supplements. Collagen is the glue that keeps your cells together. While you can get collagen-boosting nutrition from your food, sometimes a bit of a boost is needed.

Collagen will boost your cells repair for improved skin health, bone health and even give you that luscious hair and beautiful nails you crave. So ensuring you get enough collagen a sure way to get your skin glow.

But to get your skin to really look healthy you do need to do a bit more.

Lay off the booze

The occasional glass of wine may be okay. But heavy hitting on that bottle will damage your skin, not to mention the rest of your body.  Alcohol is a dehydrator.

Dehydrating your skin will leave it drab and dull. Not a good look at all, and definitely not youthful or glowing.

Also, that red alcohol nose does not help the matter. Too much alcohol dilates your blood vessels giving you a red ruddy look.

Furthermore, alcohol is a toxin. Of course for that dewy radiant youthful skin, your body needs to be toxin-free as much as possible.


 Nix the smokes

Smoking was the height of fashion once, the epitome of elegance. Well, that was a lie. Smoking ruins your skins glow. You can tell a person who smokes at a glance. The skin looks dry,  leathery and dull. And its no wonder!

Smoking hinders smooth blood flow. because it causes the vessels to constrict. That leads to little nutrient-loaded blood to reach your skin, as well as other organs. Without glow-boosting oxygen, skin looks dull. So I encourage everyone who smokes to find a way to stop.

Your lungs are needed by the rest of your body. Keep them healthy. Your blood vessels are getting hard and brittles, constricted. Your skin is suffering. To help your skin look healthy and glowing, stop smoking.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Ideally, cleanse your skin at least twice.

In the evening before going to bed, clean with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, grime, and oil, not mention bacteria. Besides, that coat of makeup needs to come off so your skin can breathe while you sleep.

Dirt and oil can clog skin and dead skin cells all can leave skin dull and lifeless. Bring the glow back with cleansing like a pro.

Now when it comes to cleaning your face you must be careful what you use.

Soaps can be drying and strip your skin of vital moisture needed to keep skin dewy and glowing. So what’s a girl to do? Look for a gentle cleanser that gives back.

Opt for a cleanser like this gentle soy cleanser that has the ability to gently remove dirt and makeup and leave skin soothed with soothing cucumber extracts and rose water.

This fresh soy cleanser leaves the skin hydrated with botanicals and soy proteins will give you that glowing skin. Use it in your morning and night cleansing routine.




Experts recommend exfoliating your skin at least twice a week. This is crucial if you want beautiful, glowing skin. Your body is constantly producing new cells old cells die.

The old cells come to the surface and since they are old and dead, they are dull and they don’t just fall off by themselves.

They hung on giving one a dull look. And, I know, you hate that. So we have to exfoliate to remove the nasty dead dull old skin cells.

You can do this two ways. Either with a physical scrub or a  peel with enzymes that will dissolve the bonds so dead cells can fall off leaving new glowing skin.


Stay hydrated

Perched skin is limp and dry while hydrated skin is plump and radiant.

Drink your water if you really want your skin to feel and look healthy.   I know you have heard this over and over. We need to say it. People many people just don’t drink enough water.

While drinking water will help a lot, you also need to choose a good lotion or cream moisturizer to hydrate the skin topically. I love Olay Face Moisturizer with Collagen Peptides by Olay Regenerist, Micro-Sculpting Cream

It gives skin that well-moisturized look without being greasy or heavy.  Make it a routine to apply after your morning and evening skincare routine.


how to have radiant glowing skin

Go natural

Expensive skin products are nice to have but they may not be the only ones that work.

Some natural products like natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil can work wonders in giving your skin that glowing well hydrated and moisturized look. Try some olive oil to hydrate your skin before bed if your skin is dry.


Natural homemade masks.

Use Green tea; You may get in the habit of drinking a cup to reap the benefits of polyphenols, and antioxidant effect for all your body or you can simply target your skin by making a green tea mask.

Simply mix some powdered tea with unsweetened yogurt. This mask will renew your skin through a combination of the antioxidants in the tea and the acids in the yogurt.

The lactic acid in yogurt provides you an effective but inexpensive peel that will remove old dead skin cells leaving behind new dewy glowing skin. The results are renewed radiant skin. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from acne or oily skin.  The yogurt and green tea mask will leave your skin renewed and glowing.



Exercise is a wonder. It will not only make you happier, make your body trim, ease your stress, but also restore glowing skin. I hope that is enough to get you to go running today.

Exercise boosts your blood flow, allowing nutrient-rich blood to reach the vessels in your face. Furthermore exercise also allows the toxins to be flushed out revealing healthy skin. So get in the habit of exercise and improve your whole self and get your skin glowing!



 But how can you get glowing skin instantly?

So you want your skin to glow overnight?

Well, who doesn’t? We all would like instant glow at our command on demand in an instant.

Yes, there are times when you may not have done all the right things to get your skin to that luminous glowing level and you must show up at bug even and you want to put your best face forward so to speak. So what is a girl to do?

Shimmery Lotions to the glow rescue! These are lotions that combine a highlighter with its glow with a lotion with its emollient hydration.

The moisturizing ingredients draw moisture into the skin so it appears smooth and hydrated. A mineral highlighter reflects light giving the skin instant luminous glow.


Seek professional help

When you have problems that you just can resolve on your own, like the rest of your body and mind, a professional may be needed sometimes.

A dermatologist can help if you have excessive scarring from acne, or hyperpigmentation from the sun or even that hyperpigmentation or hormonal melasma hat gives skin a mottled look, In-office treatments such as peels or micro-needling for intense exfoliation.

A dermatologist armed with the science of skin can recommend products and give prescriptions to address these issues.

Shop Smarter for products that help skin glow.

Some products will give your skin the glow you crave but you have to shop smarter and be discriminating. One way is to look for vitamin C in the ingredients. You want to approach skincare from all angles. Getting vitamin c topically will help as well.

Vitamin C  acts as an antioxidant and blocks the harmful pigmentation producing enzymes, thus keeping your skin bright. A product like InstaNatural Vitamin C Anti Aging Skin Clearing Serum, with vitamin C, retinol and niacinamide will do the trick of giving you that youthful skin, clearing and fading dark spots and even reducing fine lines. 

Niacinamide is vitamin B 3 and lightens dark spots of hyperpigmentation by slowing the pigment production.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00NY5NGPE&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thrivewithani 20&language=en USYou can also boost that skin brightening power, by opting for a spot fighting serum such as  Tetyana Dark Spot Corrector with its active ingredients including such star players as 4-Butylresorcinol, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Morinda Citrifolia extract. These reduce melanin production, nourish the skin and heal the damage.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07T44BHSC&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thrivewithani 20&language=en US

So, there you go. Let start getting healthy inside and outside.  With a holistic approach to skincare, you can get glowing radiant youthful skin. You can be ageless simply by keeping your skin nourished and naturally pampered. ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07T44BHSC

Girl, it never too late to start caring for your skin and achieving beautiful healthy glowing skin.


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how to get glowing skin naturally