17 Best Books for Self-discovery to inspire you(2023)

The best books for self discovery

In this post, I list 17 of the best books for self discovery that will inspire and guide you on your own transformation and self-discovery journey.

Reading the best books for self-discovery is a great way to find inspiration, and guidance when you are seeking self-transformation because change is hard.

And self-transformation is especially hard. I believe we all need some inspiration when we seek to be our best and most authentic selves, and in reaching our highest level of self-actualization.

And these books for self-discovery inspire and show us that it’s possible to be the best version of ourselves even in the direst of circumstances.

So, if you are on a self-discovery journey or are in need of inspiration for self-transformation, read on to learn about the best books for self-discovery on this list.

The great thing is that whatever genre you like you can find many books to inspire you. From Christian books on self-discovery to classic novels about self-discovery, there is a lot to choose from.

As individuals, our greatest source of happiness comes from living authentically.

And in this quest for authenticity, we are driven to grow, evolve, and lead a life that reflects our core values, beliefs, and passions.

However, discovering our true selves is rarely a simple journey.

Self-discovery often requires immense courage and can feel insurmountable at times.

We need to learn from others who have embarked on such a journey and those who have the wisdom to guide, encourage and inspire us along our own self self-discovery journey.

And one great way to find these guides and mentors is to read the best self-discovery books and learn from their wisdom and personal experiences.

And remember personal development is a journey through life and is never done because we are always evolving and growing.

But keeping ourselves informed and inspired by reading self-discovery books and self-improvement books guides us through this tenuous journey.

You can rest assured that by following the wisdom in these books, you will be on track to achieving a life that is truly meaningful and authentic.

The best books for self-discovery serve as both a mentor and a compass on a challenging and unpredictable voyage that life is and reading the right book has the power to bring about profound changes in one’s life.

So allow these books for self-discovery listed below to serve as your guides and mentors on your journey of self-discovery.

The self-help books and inspirational books in this list will offer support, courage, encouragement, and even direct guidance when you need it most.

These are truly life-changing books that may become your favorite books as you read them.

They have become mine and continue to guide and inspire me on my own journey to becoming the person I envision.

So without further ado, here are the best books to read for self-discovery.

The Best books for self discovery


The best books for self-discovery


The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown

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ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1616499605Everything Dr. Brene Brown writes is pure gold and the Gift of Imperfection is no less. The title of the book hints at what this book is about.

Let me just say that if you have trouble living your life the way you want because you worry about being judged this book is for you.

The Gift of Imperfection is about courage, shame, and vulnerability and how they keep us from living authentically. To be our true selves we must also embrace imperfection and failure as well.

Brene invites us to be our authentic selves reminding us that ” authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we were supposed to be and embracing who we are. “Isn’t that just so powerful!

Society indoctrinates our beliefs and what we should or shouldn’t do, what we should be, and that can leave us feeling so lost when these things don’t align with who we are.

We try to hide in perfection because anything less will have us cast out by society.

And you feel shame if you fail to achieve perfection, but can anyone be perfect?

Brene tells us that when we are trying too hard to be seen as perfect, we are not embracing courage. 

Courage is vulnerability to show up as you are and get known by those who matter to you.

It is not, however, washing your dirty laundry in public.

But it’s being vulnerable to share who you are while being astute enough to know where the boundaries are.

So I wholeheartedly recommend The Gift of Imperfection as one of the best books for self-discovery to anyone embarking on the journey to authenticity and self-discovery.

This is a book we all should read especially in this social media-crazed era where the highlight reel wins the day.

The Gift of Imperfection reminds us that we are human, and not to be too hard on ourselves but to accept ourselves.

And that takes courage.


Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat Pray Love is the quintessential book about self-discovery and one of the best self-discovery books of all time. It’s a true life story written by Elizabeth Gilbert who goes on a transformative journey through three different countries and cultures hoping to feel alive again and find herself.

Eat pray love is a memoir of a one woman’s journey of self-discovery. If you have ever found yourself asking is this all there is to life even when everything from the outside looking in appears perfect?

Elizabeth Gilbert finds herself disillusioned by her all-American perfect life-A great job, a great home, and a husband, you know the things society programs us to want and aim for to be considered successful. But do they always bring us perfect happiness?

From the outside everything appears perfect in Gilbert’s life.

What more could she want? But she feels something is missing in her life in spite of these outside appearances.

And because she could, she went on a year-long journey to three different countries- Italy, India, and Indonesia to explore her true self.

While not everyone can take a year off to travel to different countries, this book encourages us to reevaluate what really matters in life.

What action can you take to change your life if you are feeling stuck is the point that is being raised in the book.

Untamed By Glenon Doyle

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In Untamed Glennon Doyle calls us to question the status quo and societal expectations so that we can live a life aligned with our true authentic selves.

The question to ask is; are we just drifting along in life unfulfilled, and unhappy just to keep the status quo?

What elements of your life would you like to change but haven’t because you think that’s just how things are and have always been?

Untamed is a source of empowerment for women and girls who have buried themselves under societal conditioning and expectations.

Glennon tells her story of striving to be a good girl, woman, and mother like society expected of her.

She tells how she denied who she was so as to fit the role society has prescribed her until one day while speaking at a conference she saw Abby and thought to herself, ” There she is” Although her conditioning tried to rise up, Glennon could not deny her truth that she as attracted to Abby.

And as a mother and wife, to her then-husband, this was a scary thought to her.

And so like Glennon is social conditioning keeping you stuck and not living your truth, as your authentic self?

What stories and boxes do you need to leave behind?

Read Untamed and find clarity, strength, and guidance in this gripping elucidating memoir.

This book encourages us all to listen to our hearts and that inner voice and go for the life we want regardless of what society’s expectations and conditioning dictate.

What is your inner voice calling you to do?

Untamed is a good book for anyone struggling to live as their true and authentic selves and that makes it one of the best books for self-discovery to read and gain a new perspective on society and self-actualization.  

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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

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The Midnight Library is a  fascinating and transformative book about self-discovery and a New York Times bestseller. 

This book is about a mystical library that contains an infinite number of books each telling a story about a different life Nora Seed would have lived had she made another choice in life.

Would those other lives have been better than her present life?

Dont we all ask this question from time to time?

Nora Seed goes through the Midnight Library and she must consider if she could choose a different life, what would she find worthwhile and fulfilling.

We really can’t go back and change our lives, and so really there is no need to regret the past or the paths not taken because each choice would have had its share of disappointments and challenges.

So it’s not so much the choice you make but that you must make the best of the path you have chosen in life.

The Midnight Library is a powerful thought-provoking hard look at life.

If you are feeling low, or are at a crossroads in life, or feel your life is not what you would have wanted, you should read this book because it is life-changing.

Overall, The Midnight Library reminds us to be content, and grateful, and above all to be authentic.

And remember to appreciate the present moment.

This book is a great reminder that life is valuable even while we are flawed and imperfect and really no one and no life is perfect.

So we should accept ourselves, and stop moaning about the past and idealizing the future.

And just consider this question- if you could go back and change your life, would you, and would you really then be happy?

Reading this book will make you reflect on all the other choices you may have made in life and ultimately realize there is no choice in life that is free of obstacles.

Read the Midnight Library and it will truly change your perspective on life.

The Untethered Soul By Michael Singer 

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The Untethered Soul is one of the best books for self-discovery because it goes to the core of your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Micahel A Singer shows us how to go into our subconscious to discover and change our thought patterns and how to dwell on the present moment to relinquish painful past and thoughts so we can find happiness and self-actualization.

The book calls for a spiritual awakening inviting us to be aware of our inner dialogue and thoughts so we can learn to free ourselves from these thoughts that lead to emotional blockages of past experiences.

According to Untethered Soul, we should accept things as they are and let go of expectations, becoming more mindful so we can find inner peace, and freedom and experience a spiritual awakening.

This is a great book to read on a self-discovery journey.

Think about how peaceful it must be to find that inner joy and light, free from all the thoughts worries, and expectations that keep many of us unhappy.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A list of the best self-discovery books that is not complete without mentioning The Alchemist.

The Alchemist follows the story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who sets off on a journey from Spain to Egypt in search of a treasure buried near the pyramids.

The Alchemist is a transformative story about the importance of going after your dreams and listening to your heart because as the writer states, “when you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you. “

The Alchemist is a simple yet powerful story full of wisdom.

As Santiago journeys on in search of his treasure he learns many lessons.

He learns that it is important to stay the course no matter the obstacles.

And that it is equally important to take the risk and step outside our comfort zone.

Santiago also learns that it is important to be open to new experiences.

And he also realizes that while we are in search of our treasure we must also stay present in every step of our journey.

In other words, don’t be so focused on the treasure alone but also enjoy the process.

Enjoy the journey.

Equally important The Alchemist teaches us to also be keen and pay attention to the signs and omens along our path. Because it’s true if we pay attention, the signs are there to help us.

Self-discovery is about being mindful of the subtle signs and opportunities we encounter that are meant to help us along the way.

And above else the treasure we seek is after all within us, a gift that we are all endowed with.

So if you are on a self-discovery journey, read The Alchemist and like Santiago, learn to listen to your heart, and get off your comfort zone. Go after your treasure while being open to change.

And remember to pay attention to signs and omens along the way and you may find a treasure far more precious.

You may find yourself.

Educated By Tara Westover 

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ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0399590528Educated is a coming-of-age memoir by Tara Westover that tells the story of her upbringing in a strict abusive survivalist family in the remote isolated mountains of Idaho.

In this powerful true story, Tarah defies her family and seeks education and she is 17 years old when she attends school for the first time.

Against all odds, Tarah finishes high school, and her quest for knowledge takes her to the most prestigious sits of knowledge going from Havard and then Cambridge.

Educated is simply an astounding testament to the compelling nature of the need for self-actualization.

It is a moving and extraordinary account of courage, the power of resilience, and the transformative nature of education.

Educated is also about self-actualization against the pressures of conformity, the strength and complex nature of family ties, and the power of resilience and self-determination.

This is a personal story that illustrates that we can do anything even against great odds. It’s a great read for anyone seeking self-actualization and self-discovery.

What adversity must you overcome in your own life to be the person you want to be, be your own person, and live life on your own terms? I highly recommend reading this truly transformational book because it will give you courage and inspire you.

Educated is an amazing and brave story of self-discovery and one of the must-read self-discovery books for young adults, and an inspiration for anyone else looking adversity in the eye, and needing the courage to go after the life they yearn to live. This moving and transformative book is among the best books for self-discovery everyone should read.


The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment


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ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0095GVWMAThe Power of Now is a must-read for anyone struggling to find peace and contentment. The Power of Now is one of the most powerful psychology books for self-discovery.

Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now invites us to embrace the present moment and learn the life-changing power of being present.

Tolle guides the reader to be mindful and learn to disengage from the mind and the ego, which he states are the cause of much pain and suffering.

Tolle invites us to quiet the mental noise and chatter, stop the excess thoughts of the past and the future and just be present in the now.

By surrendering to the present moment and embracing our inner stillness, we can find peace and joy because according to Tolle, we are more than our thoughts and circumstances.

And just how powerful is that?

So if you are trying to live a happier life, and we all want to be happy, being mindful and learning to quiet your mind can lead you to a stillness and inner peace, which is in essence spiritual enlightenment.

And that is the highest state of being and true happiness.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

The best books for self discovery

The Four Agreements is a simple yet profoundly powerful book and a list of the best books for self-discovery is not completed without it.

In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel reveals the source of our limiting beliefs which leads to tremendous suffering, robbing us of joy and happiness.

Don Miguel draws on the ancient Toltec wisdom of the ancient people of Mexico.

The author tells us that we are domesticated from a young age to follow society’s rules and beliefs that shape who we are today.

We  are afraid of rejection and so we follow these rules but in order to be happy we must embrace new rules, or the four agreements which are :

  •  Be impeccable with your words
  • Dont take anything personally
  • Dont make assumptions
  • Always  do your best

Don Miguel states that we should become self-aware and really know who we were and our own values.

In this way, you are not seeking validation from others and fear being rejected.

Don Miguel, also invites us to forgive ourselves and others and start to live by the new set of agreements in order to be free and happy.

And that we should not live our lives through the dictates of others or society but live by our very own agreements and what feels right to us.

This is a powerful book that will change the way you think and totally change your life.

I found this book quite liberating and so wise 

Becoming by Michelle Obama

The best books for self discovery

ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1524763144“Becoming” is a memoir written by Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States.

In this candid memoir, Michelle Obama takes readers on an amazing journey of her life from the simple humble beginning as a young girl growing up in the South Side of Chicago to becoming the most extraordinary and most powerful and admired woman in the world as the first African American First Lady of the United States.

The book explores Michelle Obama’s personal and professional journey, highlighting the challenges she faced, the values she holds dear, and the lessons she learned along the way.

It delves into her experiences first as a young ambitious girl, as a daughter, a student, a lawyer, a wife, a mother, and a public figure, offering a rare glimpse into the life of one of the most influential women of our time.

As a memoir, “Becoming” goes beyond mere recounting of events. It digs into Michelle Obama’s thoughts, emotions, and aspirations, giving readers a deep understanding of her motivations and the forces that shaped her. Michelle simply embodies authenticity and that is why so many of us love her.

Her story is not only relatable but also inspirational, as she encourages readers to embrace their own identities, dreams, and potential.

Through her experiences, Michelle Obama emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and authenticity.

She shares her personal journey of finding her voice, navigating obstacles, and creating her own definition of success.

The book serves as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the belief that every individual has the ability to make a positive impact.

For those on a self-discovery journey, “Becoming” offers valuable insights and encouragement.

Michelle Obama’s story serves as a reminder that the path to self-actualization is unique to each person, and it’s essential to embrace our own stories, flaws, and triumphs.

Her reflections inspire readers to cultivate their passions, pursue their goals, and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

In essence, “Becoming” is a heartfelt memoir that not only provides an intimate look into the life of Michelle Obama but also serves as a source of empowerment and inspiration for individuals seeking to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.

It reminds us that no matter our background or circumstances, we all have the power to become the best version of ourselves.


Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

The best books for self discovery

ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1594634726“Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert is a transformative book about creativity and inspiration.

Drawing from her own experiences as a writer, Gilbert presents a compelling argument for embracing creativity as a powerful force in our lives.

In Big Magic, Gilbert is inviting us all to stop waiting for inspiration in order to go after the creative work we want to do.

Gilbert acknowledges the fear inherent in the creative process and advises acknowledging this fear but emphasizes learning to live with it but not letting it control you.  And this is a tricky balance that all creatives need to learn.

In this book, Gilbert shows us how to overcome the paralyzing fear that can leave a creative person, afraid of failure, and judgment.

She is letting us know we need to overcome perfectionism and live our most creative life.

And she invites us to tap into our creative potential, embrace curiosity, and surrender to the creative process so as to live a more fulfilled life.

Gilbert also challenges the notion that creativity is solely reserved for the select few and instead asserts that it is an innate human quality accessible to all.

She invites readers to tap into their own creative potential and approach their artistic endeavors with curiosity, playfulness, and a sense of adventure. It is when we worry too much that we get stuck as creatives.

Through personal anecdotes and insightful anecdotes from other artists, Gilbert shares valuable insights and strategies for navigating the creative process.

She explores themes such as finding inspiration, persevering through obstacles, embracing failure, and making space for creativity in our everyday lives.

Gilbert also emphasizes the importance of following one’s curiosity and pursuing creative passions without the burden of external expectations or the need for perfection.

So if you are feeling stuck or struggling to reach your creative dreams, Big Magic offers a refreshing perspective and practical guidance you can follow.

Through her engaging and uplifting writing style, Gilbert inspires readers to rekindle their creative spark and approach their art with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

She encourages artists to cultivate a mindset of openness, resilience, and self-acceptance, reminding them that creativity is a process of exploration and self-discovery rather than a destination.

Ultimately, “Big Magic” serves as a powerful tool for creative individuals seeking to overcome their creative blocks and unleash their artistic potential.

It provides a roadmap for embracing the inherent magic of creativity and offers guidance on how to navigate the inevitable challenges and doubts that arise along the way.

By reading this book, artists can find inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to keep pursuing their dreams with courage and authenticity.

And so If you are a creative person feeling stuck in a creative rut, you should read Big Magic. So yes, I recommend Big Magic as one of the best books for self-discovery every creative person should read.


Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

The best books for self discovery

Wild tells the story of one woman’s epic journey of self-discovery through the Pacific Crest Trail.

Cheryl Strayed takes on this epic 1,1000 journey after her mother dies suddenly and Strayed loses her family, her marriage dissolves and she loses herself.

Wild is a dazzling heartbreaking memoir, a story of courage to not only overcome devastating life circumstances, and find self-forgiveness, and finding peace.

Through this long journey, Strayed meets many interesting people and encounters many hardships all of which lead to her amazing growth and transformation.

Wild is at once sad, raw, devastating, and glorious and a great example of how hard finding yourself can be, and yet it is still within our grasp if we try.

And Strayed proves you can go through tragedy, mistakes, and bad choices, and yet you can still overcome all that and experience tremendous personal growth. And that is why Wild belongs in any list of the best books for self-discovery. 

Wild is an inspiring story of one woman’s journey back to herself and one that can easily inspire your own journey back to yourself.

And that makes Wild one of the best books about finding yourself and happiness no matter the obstacles.

All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living By Morgan Harper Nichols

The best books for self discovery

ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0310454077All Along You Were Blooming is a short collection of beautifully illustrated prose and poetry full uplifting of light and wisdom.  

In this book, Morgan’s words uplift the soul meeting you right where you are while encouraging you to embrace the process.

Morgan lets us know that we are loved and that it’s okay not to have it all figured out.

This book is so comforting and encouraging to those who may be feeling weary, feeling like they are stuck or lost.

Reading this book is an act of self-love inviting you to be kind to yourself.

We all feel uncertain at stages in our lives and Morgan reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and to “stumble into the sunlight.”

If you feel defeated and discouraged, Morgan reminds you that ” in each small moment you can make room for becoming, for breathing, for stumbling and for simply being …for there is grace today and every day.”

And I think that is absolutely profound.

Read All Along You Were Blooming and experience this joy and peace of becoming, of blooming even when you are not sure.


The best books for self-discovery


The Big Leap By

The best books for self discovery

ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0061735361“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks is a self-help book that encourages readers to break through their personal limitations and achieve their full potential.

The book discusses the concept of an “Upper Limit Problem,” which is the self-imposed ceiling that individuals place on their happiness, success, and love.

Hendricks argues that people often sabotage their progress because they are afraid of exceeding this limit, which is usually rooted in subconscious beliefs about what they are capable of achieving.

The book presents various tools and techniques to help readers identify and overcome their Upper Limit Problems.

Hendricks emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness, encouraging readers to examine their thoughts and behavior to uncover their limiting beliefs.

He also encourages readers to embrace a mindset of abundance and gratitude, rather than scarcity and fear.

Overall, “The Big Leap” offers a valuable perspective on self-discovery and personal growth.

By helping readers recognize and overcome their self-imposed limitations, the book provides a roadmap for individuals to reach their full potential and live a more fulfilling life.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The best books for self discovery

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck calls bull on toxic positivity. It is straightforward on acknowledging that everything is not all honey and sugar plums and we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend things are great.

This book is highly recommended for personal growth as it emphasizes the importance of accepting failures and not constantly striving to be a winner in everything.

Mansion encourages us to develop resilience to cope with life’s challenges.

This is a slap and wake-you-up book to let you know that you can’t care about every little thing that happens to you and around you.

You must choose what to care about.

This book serves as a great reminder to face life’s challenges with courage and find contentment, even in difficult situations.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is a great book to read for self-discovery even with its prolific use of profanity.


Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop

ir?t=thrivewithani 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=3957361060Unf*ck Yourself offers straight talk no sugar-coating advice about self-discovery.

John is the friend who sees you as you are- the amazing being who needs ta wake up and realize that you are indeed a miracle.

If you have been feeling stuck in life and are in a rut of negative thoughts, you should read this book. John shows us that we get stuck because we allow limiting and negative thoughts to dim our light and stunt our potential.

This book is a wake-up call to claim your life because the only thing standing in your way is you.

But by changing the way you think and talk to yourself, and changing how you face challenges you can shape your reality.

But if you are wondering how you can do all of that Gary gives you the tools to start changing the way you think and face challenges so you can live the life you want. Get a copy of Unf*ck Yourself and let Gary walk you through the process of claiming your life.

The best books for self discovery

Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking By Susan Cain

The best books for self discovery

In a world that is loud and full of incessant chatter, the rise of the extrovert has led to disregard for the other half of the population that is reserved and prefers quiet interaction.

In Quiet, Susan Cain lets the introverts know that there is nothing wrong with being an introvert, and in fact, there are definite advantages to being an introvert and that the world would benefit by taking notice of this fact.

Tracing back successful introverts and supporting her case for introverts with careful research Cain aims to help all of us see the hidden power of introverts and empower introverts in this loud world.

So if you are an introvert Susan Cain is calling you to embrace your quiet introspective and reflective nature.

In Quite the Introvert is not this wallflower to be snubbed and snubbed and dismissed but a force to be recognized because that quiet surface we see belies a depth that would surprise us to discover.

Read Quiet and learn to take pride and joy in your introverted nature, or so you can understand the value of extroverts in your life.

But if you are an introvert, Quiet is an empowering and inspiring must-read book for self-discovery and it will help you see yourself in a whole new light.

Final words about the best books for self-discovery.

In conclusion, delving into self-discovery books like “The Power of Now,” “The Alchemist,” “Becoming,” and “Educated,” among others, can be an enriching and transformative experience.

These books offer profound insights, inspiring personal experience stories, and practical guidance to help individuals navigate the complexities of life, unlock their true potential, and find meaning and fulfillment.

They are truly a must-read list of books for anyone on the journey of self-discovery.

By immersing oneself in the pages of such books, you will gain valuable perspectives, uncover hidden truths, and embark on a journey of self-reflection and personal growth.

These books provide the tools to develop self-awareness, cultivate resilience, and tap into the vast reservoirs of inner strength.

Through the wisdom and experiences shared within these pages, readers are empowered to discover their authentic selves, pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and create a life filled with purpose and joy.

Reading self-discovery books is an invitation to embark on your own transformative path of self-discovery.

And this makes these self-discovery books an invaluable resource for anyone seeking personal fulfillment, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

So today start on this amazing reading list and you will not gain a new perspective in life, but you will also sharpen your emotional intelligence, and your life will be that much richer for it.

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