13 Best Books to Read and cope with anxiety naturally

13 best books for coping with anxiety


Do you struggle with anxiety and looking everywhere for ways to cope?  Then you should read these 13 best books for coping with anxiety.  Anxiety is a big problem across the globe affecting about  264 million people around the world according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Now we know that anxiety is a medical mental disorder and not just this uneasy thing you feel that some may tend to dismiss.

Unfortunately, more women are affected by anxiety than men which may add to the dismissal of anxiety as a real mental health problem. There are too,  many forms of anxiety including GAD- or generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, as well a specific phobia.

Since anxiety has a profound adverse effect on the quality of life depending on severity, it is important to understand it, get insight, and learn several ways of coping to make life easier. And that is exactly where this list of the best books for anxiety comes in.

Read these books on anxiety so you understand yourself, your brain, your anxiety, and learn to calm your anxious thoughts down.  Also, some of the books in the list let you go along other people’s journey as they find answers to their own anxiety from which you can learn as well to keep your mind calm.

The thing is that learning and finding information plays a big part in the journey to healing from anxiety and mental illness.  We must educate ourselves about our health conditions so we can deal with them appropriately, and learn how to heal ourselves.

Think about it-, whenever you have a problem, do you research it, read about it, and try to understand it as much as possible? At least that is what I do. I know many other people do the same.

And anxiety is one of those problems that are so common, yet so elusive and puzzling. Only now we are starting to understand more how our brains work. Neuroscience is breaking ground on the root cause of anxiety and how we can manage it. Some of the books in this list work alongside that science.


The best books for anxiety

So if you would like to learn more about the beast that anxiety is, and how to tame it, these books on anxiety will help you find not only understanding, and insight, they will arm you with tools to finally start getting your power back from the grips of anxiety.

That said, let’s dive right in and peruse the list of the best books to read for anxiety.

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The best books to read to cope with anxiety

Rewire Your Anxious Brain

Rewire Your Anxious Brain uses the fascinating insights from neuroscience to go deep to uncover what is happening in the brain to cause anxiety.  The authors, Elizabeth M. Kerle and Psychologist Catherine Pittman show how the Amigdala and the Cortex areas in the brain play a part in the neuropsychology of anxiety.

I think understanding something is the first step in controlling it, and this book shows you how worries and ruminating thoughts are being produced in the cortex and how the amygdala contributes to anxiety.

Amygdala is our primal response center- the fight or flight center, and where fears are sensed and acted on without you even realizing due to the primal protective nature of this primitive brain area. Learn in this book how you can actually tap into these two areas of the brain to calm your anxiety.  Get a copy of Rewire your Anxious Brain on Amazon. 

Practicing Mindfulness

Read Practicing Mindfulness and harness the calming power of the  75 essential Mediations in the book that will help you reduce stress and improve your mental health vastly to live a more centered life.

Matthew Sokolov the author of Practicing Mindfulness shows us how to use mindfulness to ground us and to find calm, mental fortitude, and resilience. And this practice of mindfulness is so crucial to living a happy life.

When you develop mental resilience it helps you overcome bad days and bad situations so you are not running into circles of repetitive self-destructive thoughts.

You learn through CBT_ cognitive behavioral therapy how to overcome these thoughts and feelings.  This book contains 75  grounding meditations plus expert advice on dealing with wandering distorted thoughts.



The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World

The Highly Sensitive  Person By Elaine  N. Aron is a transformational book. So many people suffer as highly sensitive people and feel overwhelmed by the world. This book offers actionable ways to cope and calm the anxiety that overwhelms the highly sensitive person.

Pick the book on Amazon, today and start finding the insight you need to thrive as a highly sensitive person through effective tips and coping skills outlined in this book.

Fear Is Fuel: The Surprising Power to Help You Find Purpose, Passion, and Performance

By Patrick Sweeney II.

This is a powerful book on using the fear that drives our anxieties to actually live more fully. Instead of being anxious when faced with fear you confront it and in so doing you understand it and move past this fear to live more fully abundantly.

Think about the many things we avoid doing and in so doing failing to live to our full potential. We can overcome these roadblocks placed before us by our fearful anxious minds and go after our most brave and audacious goals.

Be Calm: Proven Techniques to Stop Anxiety Now 


What I love about Stop Anxiety Now: Be Calm by Jill Weber, is that it offers practical ways to stop anxiety on the spot. That is powerful!

Think about all the times you have felt a panic attack or an anxiety attack in some unfortunate time or moment.

That can be very frightening. It leaves one feeling quite helpless to be in some public place and your brain starts having a meltdown.

With the tips in this book, you can quickly stop anxiety on the spot. This is a must-have book because we just never know when our brains are going to totally fail us spiraling into anxiety in an effort to protect us at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You Into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do About It

Break free from the cycle of worry with the  Worry Trick, so aptly named if I dare say. Neuroscience is now showing how our brain sometimes tricks us and makes us think the worst in some situations.

In anxiety, you question everything and magnify things into these great monstrous catastrophic events. Read The Worry Trick and Let Psychologist and anxiety expert David Carbonell help you stop your thoughts from hijacking your brain so you can finally break the cycle of anxiety.


Don’t Feed The Monkey Mind

The essence o” Don’t Feed The Monkey Mind ” really is that your self-talk and the things you may be doing to control anxiety are actually making it worse. That is you are feeding these cyclic toxic thoughts.

Do you think you do things to feed the monkey mind? Psychologist Jeniffer Shannon knows about the monkey mind-  the way the anxious brain goes from one awful thought to another and from scenario to awful scenario, and she is armed with CBT therapy to help you stop feeding your  anxious thoughts.

. Shannon shows you how to identify your anxious thoughts and question them and also discover the main fears behind these thoughts.

You can pick a copy of Don’t Feed The Monkey Mind her on Amazon today. 


How to Fail

In How to Fail, Elizabeth Day has a new approach to failure. She advocates not to fear failure but to celebrate it. And the thing about it is that many times we see only success and never the many failures that came before the glorious moment of success.

We have all heard about the Wright Brothers and other famous people who failed epically over and over before achieving phenomenal success.

Yet we spend so much time avoiding things, fearing things, and being so anxious about failing and not being perfect. Through humor, and honest insight Elizabeth Day gives us the okay to fail and not go through life anxious and fearful. We can learn and grow so much from failing.



Badass Ways to End Anxiety & Stop Panic Attacks!


In the book Bad Ass Ways to End Anxiety &Stop Panic Attacks, author Geert Verschaeve shows you the counterintuitive ways to cope with anxiety and calm your mind.

This book offers a practical step-by-step guide for dealing with anxiety such as how to act and the thoughts to think when you are in a situation that makes you anxious, dealing with the fear of fear and anticipatory anxiety, and more.

The author will walk you through a science-based approach with specific stages that finally lead you to actually live an anxiety-free.  This book will help you to make the very things that scared you and caused anxiety lose the power to cause you any anxiety and baseless fear.

Learn now the  Bad as ways to end anxiety and stop panic attacks.  Get yourself a copy of Bad Ass Ways to End Anxiety on Amazon now. 

Breaking up with anxiety 

In Breaking Up with Anxiety, the author Whitney Rose chronicles her life’s journey fighting anxiety and looking for answers for most of her life. First, she was misdiagnosed at a young age, and many times in her life

Can anyone relate? Struggles with mental health are not easy and when someone opens a window to their soul and life and lets us in, it helps us to see ourselves in that struggle, or at least recognize it in others we know. This is an inspirational book that shows you can fight against anxiety and win.

It is easy but compelling reading that anyone who knows this struggle will relate to and still learn from. Whitney reminds us that life has many ups and downs that may be the triggers and causes of anxiety but there is hope and you too can decide to break up with anxiety and win this battle.

Come along on Whitney’s journey and as you see her struggle you may have more understanding of yours.

However, even if you don’t have anxiety, this is a gift to understand those who struggle and hopefully be better support for them.  Get a copy of Breaking up with Anxiety on Amazon. 


Unfuck Your Brain: Getting Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers with science (5-Minute Therapy)

Well first, those may be strong words but sometimes it does take strong words to wake your brain up, shake it, and put it on the right path. I apologize to anyone with certain sensibilities.  But back to the essence of the book. First I love the next part of the title: Getting Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers with science (5-Minute Therapy). 5-minute therapy! That is is amazing. Get quick simple ways to shake out anxious thoughts and move past those bad moments quickly. 

This is a go-to book to get science on your side to calm down any triggers just within 5 minutes.  Dr. Faith Harper understands what is going on in the brain especially in cases of trauma responses.

She will walk you through retraining your brain to overcome these responses and empower you to form new wholesome responses to the regular old freakouts to non-threatening situations that our anxious brains tend to so magnify leaving us cowering shakily in the corner. Be bold and your brain makes new neuro-pathways, untangle your brain. Get a copy today on Amazon.


How to Come Alive Again

By Beth McColl

This one is a Keeper. Beth writes this book from a place of compassion and understanding, both telling you it’s okay not to be okay sometimes and just take those moments to just be. But she  also is encouraging us to continue working towards healing and growth. Beth brings the topic of mental illness out of the closet and lets us see that it is okay to talk about it openly. She also encourages that us seek help. I couldn’t agree more. We need to normalize talking openly about mental illness as we do about high blood pressure for example.

The reviews on this book are outstanding on this book. It is truly a breath of fresh air that is very needed in the dark corners of anxiety and any form of mental illness.

I highly recommend this book. This is what one of the reviewers had to say: “One of the warmest, funniest, and most helpful books about mental health that I’ve read so far. I read this book whenever I have a difficult time and it helps me to be kind and patient with myself. It’s so good – honestly, please buy it.”

You can get a copy of How to live again now on Amazon. 

First We Make the Beast Beautiful 

By Sarah Wilson

 In First, We Make the Beast  Beautiful Sarah Wilson advises to embrace your anxiety and learn how to live fully with it. The book offers practical advice on thriving every day despite anxiety by learning the things that help quiet the beast, minimize its ferociousness, and really take the time to practice a mindful approach to life.   You can get a copy on  Amazon and start making your beast beautiful today.

There are many more books on calming anxiety I can recommend. But for now, let’s start with this list.  Anxiety is a condition that requires all the resources to cope and reading books that help you deal with it is a great way to finding the calm in life we need when living with anxiety.

Have you read any of these books? Tell me in the comments if their other books as well you recommend so hopefully many more people can be helped to manage anxiety and find calm.

Please share this list if you found it useful.

And here is to calm the mind and taming the beast that is anxiety.


The best books for coping with anxiety