13 Best Self-improvement Books That Will Inspire Your Life

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If you are looking to read the best self-improvement books to inspire your life, then this list of all-time best motivational books is for you.

These are the books you read when you are done living small and are finally ready to change your life.

When you are done hiding in the shadow of your greatness then reading the books on this list is a must.

You know deep down you were born to do great things, but you may be feeling stuck, even lost, and know you need some guidance.

You know you were born to have a life that fulfills you and fills you up with joy and happiness. I say it’s time.

But you know how it is when you are in search of your greatness.

You may be fearful and doubtful. Maybe you procrastinate?

Or you may have limiting thoughts. Lean into that small voice that whispers ” you can do this”, fine-tune it with these inspiring books, for personal growth, and embrace your bravest gifts.

Don’t listen to that ever-present voice in your head that is constantly putting you down.

Silence that voice that is every day, every minute telling you that that goal you have is too big or too hard.

Learn to let go of the voice that tells you people like you just don’t reach the level of greatness you have in mind. The voice that tells you to ignore the voice that says you are amazing.

Go for hairy scary goals. The bigger the fear they provoke the more important they are.

books that will completely change your life.

To help you find that inner strength you know you have, I have prepared this amazing list of inspirational self-development books by the masters of motivation and inspiration to guide you and propel you to the life you want to live.

These and many others are the motivational books that every boss lady must read to believe in and really crush all the goals she wants in life.

Okay. Enough with the pep talk already.

Let’s dive right in and peruse this list of the best self-improvement books that have the power to change your life.

Strong Women Rising

I love Strong Women Rising!  This book encompasses everything needed to rise to your greatness.

It shows you how to learn to love yourself and go after your own dreams unapologetically. In this book, you will find the strength and confidence to go after your biggest goals.

I told you reading these books will propel you to go after your big goals. Strong Women Rising is one of the best books for self-development every woman must read if she wants to be her best self.

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Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

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I love the idea of eating the frog. Well, no, not the real frog.

The idea behind eating the frog is that you should start every day by tackling your biggest most scary task. Or a task that you’d rather not tackle, one you are likely to procrastinate on because it is hard or overwhelming, or daunting.

That is the task you need to get out of the way first.

If you want to crush your goals starting today, then you should read this book.

Brian Tracy guides you in getting rid of procrastination and managing time effectively to increase productivity.

Read and practice the tips outlined to help you tackle the most important tasks daily.

Eat that Frog is definitely on my list of must-read best-read self-improvement books.

Also, check out the updated book here. The new Eat That Frog comes with two new chapters that confront changing – modern times and addresses the use of technology to manage reminders and how to use apps to stop distractions.
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Books to read that will change your ife

Declutter Your Mind

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Do you worry too much? Or is your mind cluttered by all kinds of unceasing thoughts?

Sometimes this comes to us as anxiety.=Then Declutter Your Mind is the perfect book to show you how to calm your mind and stop worrying all the time.

This book shows you how to practice mindfulness that helps you clear a thought-cluttered mind so you stop feeling overwhelmed by a ceaseless mind.

This book helps you find clarity to prioritize those things that matter and let go of the rest.

I would say learning how to focus on what really matters is a great way to live a life that is calm and unfrazzled and that is why declutter your mind is among the best inspirational books every woman should read.

As women, we tend to get so caught up in all things. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Learn how to declutter your mind. And this book can help.

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The power of The Subconscious Mind

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In The Power of The Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy suggests that life events are the result of the subconscious and conscious minds.

By redirecting this energy, according to the author, one can change their destiny.

I hope you are listening because this is a concept that can totally change your life because so many things we do are dictated by the subconscious mind.

There is so much potential if one can learn to redirect the subconscious and conscious mind and harness this power.

It is possible to change all the areas of your life including finances, relationships, physical health, and mental health when we learn how to redirect the mind.

Study and follow the guidance in the book to completely change your whole life. Get a copy here. 

So the Power of the Subconscious Mind is another one of the best books for self-improvement everyone should read.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert digs deep into the mystery of inspiration and creativity. She asks us to stop being the suffering, the ever-tortured creative souls.

Creative people tend to suffer from self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the like. If you are a creative person you know how hard it is to get out of your head and stop self-doubting and procrastinating.

As a creative person, you have a  gift.  You have greatness to pursue and you need to believe it and go for it.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert will show you how to adjust your attitude, habits, and approaches to be your most creative self so you can live in your own greatness.  Check out Big Magic on Amazon and start right now to be the creative you can be.

Here is Elizabeth Gilbert in person, on creativity and all the fears we have about it and how others influence and inhibit creative people from really pursuing these gifts.

Big Magic is one of the all-time best self-development books every creative person needs to read.  Silence the voice that squashes your inspiration and go create with passion.

Manage Your Day To Day 

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This is an amazing work of art. Manage Your Day to Day is a collaborative effort by 20 growth and self-development masters coming together to show you how to manage time in these times of extreme distractions.

We all need help to manage the never-ending clock and 24/7 work schedules for many, especially the creative types.

Learn how to manage all things so you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

The untethered Soul 

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To be truly happy, we need to reach a place of self-actualization.

We need to defeat self-limitations and overcome the painful past. In The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer shows you how to develop your consciousness.

This book helps you dig deep to find the source and fluctuations of your inner energy so you can harness it. 

The Untethered Soul shows you how to relate to your thoughts and emotions and defeat limiting thoughts. 

This book offers you clarity so you can live with freedom as your truest self. 

And when you want to be your most authentic, you reach out to one of the best self-improvement books, and I say you will find your truest self when you read this book. 

The Power of Now

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Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now takes you on a spiritual journey beyond the mind. He takes us beyond that mind that impresses us and limits us. It takes us to a wondrous place of wholesome consciousness.

A place where you learn to live happily in the moment.

Do you want to discover the truth and light? In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle will be your guide in a transformational spiritual journey.

In this book, the author shows you how to live beyond the confines of your mind.

Tolle takes you on a journey that illuminates  how we create pain, and how to avoid it by really being present and  connecting and embracing the indestructible ” Force of our Being.”

The Gifts of Imperfection

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I Love every book by Brene Brown. If there is anyone I would love to sit and have a chat with it is Brene. She is deep, compassionate, smart and so human.

And she calls on us to be human and compassionate towards ourselves and others.

The gift of imperfection is one of the greatest self-improvement books of our time.

A time when we all want to be Instagram perfect, and where we live our lives in public yet are always afraid to be judged while judging others.

In The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene invites us to let go of impossible expectations that we place on ourselves and others. She calls on us to accept our perfectly imperfect lives.

Read The Gift of Imperfection and learn how shame, embarrassment, and fears keep us from feeling grateful, accepting, and compassionate.

This is a great book to show you how to start having a sense of self-worth, growth, and self-love. Get this book and see why it was named by Forbes as one of the “Five Books  That Will Actually Change  Your Outlook on Life”

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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Change is hard. But when it comes to changing habits, it is even harder. Habits are what make or break you when it comes to positive long-lasting change.

Atomic habits show you how to change your habits every day in little increments.

And how freeing is that!

To know that I don’t have to change all at once is freeing to me.

And so when we talk of changing our lives, Atomic Habits is a must-read and belongs on any list outlining the best self-development books.

Daring Greatly 

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Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I love all of Brene’s books, so let me just say that upfront.

But this one is my favorite. In a world where strength and bravery are extolled, it is quite an awakening to see that it is actually when we are vulnerable and express our fears our weaknesses, and failures that we forge stronger bonds.

Brene is encouraging us to dare, to be open up, to be seen to be vulnerable, to put ourselves out there, and go after what we need, but are afraid to pursue, letting others see us for who we really are.

This book touches my soul and absolutely one of the top self-improvement books you should read maybe even over and over till you start daring greatly. It will change your life.

Are you afraid the world will really see you, so you hide behind a veneer of a job, and relationships, and not speaking up? What one thing you would pursue if you were not afraid of judgment?

Best Self-improvement Books

Brene shares this definition of courage, which is to “share all of yourself with your whole heart.”

Daringly Greatly is about encouraging us to get off the sidelines and jump into the fray of real living, even exposure, and pursuing what is important to us even when we are afraid others will judge us.

“There is no innovation and creativity without failure,” Brene states. So we must take risks to fail. Everything Brene says resonates.

Brene is not just a thought leader, she embodies a movement. It is when people show who they are; their fears, hopes, and failures -when they dare, regardless, that is when they truly live.

Get Daring Greatly here to start overcoming the fear of judgment and learn why vulnerability is so important to live a happy life away from fear.

Here is Brene talking about vulnerability. It is so powerful! It is mind shift after mind shift. Love it.

It is like being in the presence of a wise philosopher sage.

The Four Agreements 

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The Four Agreements  by Don Miguel

In the book, Don Miguel tackles the source of self-limiting beliefs and shows you simple but powerful ways of changing the way you think so you can go after your goals and find true lasting happiness.

Get Out of Your Own Way

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Get Out of Your Own Way

by Mark Goulston M.D and Philip Goldberg is a handy guide for those of us who are constantly in our own way and stay stuck in places we d rather leave, stay stuck because maybe we are the queens of procrastination, or we are so stuck in bad habits such as envy, anger, compulsion.

If you can think of a habit that you need to leave behind so you can emerge as the best self you were meant to be.

And now, over to you!

Tell me, have you read any of the self-improvement books on this list? What are your favorites?

Which ones would you love to read?

And what other self-improvement books would you add to this list?  I can’t wait to hear about it.

Tell me in the comments.

Best Self-improvement Books

Best Self-improvement Books

books for self improvement

Best Self-improvement Books

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    1. It is a great book. People are just now learning that there is a lot of power in the Subconscious mind and it is back there redirecting a big chunk of our lives on autopilot.

  1. I absolutely LOVE Brene Brown. She is one of my favorites. I am a therapist and have used so much of her materials not only for myself, but for my clients. She has amazing Ted Talks. This is such an awesome list of books. You have motivated me and inspired me to maybe start reading a little bit more. Awesome post !!!!

    1. Hi Nancy! I am absolutely thrilled you loved this list. And I LOVE Brene Brown. She is an inspiration a voice for all those who struggle with self-acceptance and being accepted by others, and for humanity to change the way we approached shame, guilt, and courage. She is so human!

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