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Are we not just a little bit more anxious these days?

Who cannot use some strategies to manage anxiety? 

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I mean the world has changed so much and we all have so much to do on a daily basis compared to decades ago; you know, the days when there was at least a clear demarcation of the bread-winner and the homemaker. ways to tame anxiety

Now we as women try to do it all…go to work,  or work at home, and manage the homefront too or at least die trying.

And then add all the other stressors from our new tech overloaded lives.


All these social platforms-facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

StumbleUpon, we must be on, and with everyone’s most polished pretty lives, and success on display, one naturally may feel like they are falling behind.

And there comes more anxiety.

 Everyone is just so much better than us -they are going on trips, having parties, having better jobs, going on cruises and the like-and their lives are just way posh and how can we keep up!

And we may feel a tad more anxious. 

Then there are the children.  Our little joys. And yes sometimes they can stress us way out!


So many stressors! Money, jobs, relationships. Getting old, husbands, yes they can stress sometimes. 

You name it-stress overload…. but that is just normal stress.

That kind of stress can be managed with some effort. For the most part, it is not a medical condition.

Simple ways to manage anxietyThere is a different kind of way scary stress and anxiety.

The kind of stress that requires a medical professional to diagnose and treat but if one has it they can try to alleviate attacks by lifestyle changes. 

That, sort of stress and anxiety requires some well laid out plans to manage so as to minimize occurrences and severity. 

What is the difference between normal and abnormal anxiety?

The above mentioned stressful scenarios are anxiety-inducing.  Some worries here and there are normal in life.

Anxiety becomes a big problem when it is excessive and interferes with day to day living, making it difficult to function, derailing your day’s activities.

managing anxiety

Sometimes the anxiety and worry can be so extreme that anxiety is accompanied by physical symptoms such as palpitations, upset stomach nausea, sweating headache, dry mouth, and the list goes on.

This type of anxiety is a mental disorder. There are various types of anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic disorder, compulsive obsessive disorder,  social anxiety disorder, or phobia, and agoraphobia.

Managing anxiety. Is there any cure for anxiety?

When you have an anxiety disorder or you feel your anxiety is not just the normal worry,  it can really usurp your life, and you can be a prisoner in its grip.

It is important to seek help from a doctor,  mental health practitioner, or seek therapy to manage the condition.

Some medications can help alleviate the problem so always seek help from your licensed practitioner first.


Anxiety can be managed through a mixed approach- with medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes.

And talking of changes, don’t we all need to tweak a few things in our lives to improve our mental health? I know I do.

But if you suffer from a major anxiety disorder, you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are things you can do to have peace and calmness in your life.

So here are a few ways that can help you towards beating that anxiety.


This is the one thing I need to try and do more. Exercise is really important for overall health. I know when  I take a brisk walk I feel so much better. C. That’s why they talk of runners high, you know!

That lightness of exhilaration you feel after a brisk walk or run. Exercise optimizes your blood flow allowing enough oxygen to reach all vital organs such as the brain, muscles and most important, releases those feel-good endorphins upping your happiness scale and giving you a zen-like feeling- thereby relieving anxiety. So go on take a walk, or simply blast your music and dance! Dancing is great exercise. And it is fun!


Sleep is vastly important for mental health. When you have not had adequate sleep, your mind will not work at its optimal level.


It is during sleep that the body does the work of cleaning the brain and if you are not getting enough sleep, this cleaning doesn’t get done well.

So things go wrong and you can be jittery, overly anxious, and nervous from little things or from no tangible cause at all.

It is how your brain resets, and does its house cleaning so to speak to keep all the little mental and physical gears working in tiptop shape.

You cannot have a calm mind if its full of clatter, and so you feel out of sorts from not sleeping enough.

Many of us are not sleeping enough. Maybe because we spend too long staring at our screens or working nights{guilty and guilty}. Will, must do better.

So, optimize that sleep. Try and go to sleep at the same time each night. Leave those electronics off. You will be glad you did.

Try and practice self-care for mental health which will assist you a lot and ease you off to sleep at the right time.

I love to unwind down when getting ready for bed with the little ritual that really helps me relax.

I always take a relaxing bath with lavender Epsom salts and you may want to use about 3 drops of lavender essential oils to kick it up a notch.

Or you can use this roll-on sleep and relaxation roll on after your bath.

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how to redue your anxiety naturally

 Avoid alcohol and limit caffeine

I know, I know. You love that cup of coffee in the morning.

And sometimes you have two,  three, four and then you need a few more throughout the day. Yes, the morning one may be okay.

Just don’t overdo it. Rethink the afternoon cups of coffee and other caffeinated drinks after 3 pm.

The caffeine will increase your anxiety and rob you of a good night’s sleep. And then the roller coaster of anxiety will continue.

Now,  how about that dinner time glass of wine? They say a glass of wine a day is okay. Will mellow you out.

beat anxiety naturally

The problem is when you reach for another and another.

And how big is your glass? Some will still say it still one glass when they have reached for the biggest wine glass they have.

Alcohol causes and increases anxiety, and may make a person aggressive from increased agitation and anxiety.

So just stay with the normal little glass.

Do yoga

The mindfulness of yoga can be very helpful in relieving anxiety.

Yoga calms the mind. It shifts the focus of your mind from obsessing on things real and otherwise.

The stretches also help because, hey, yoga is a  form of exercise,  so you get the benefits of exercise as well, with increased blood flow and endorphins to boot.

The good news is if you have cable tv you can actually find yoga on demand.

But I bet it is better to go out and practice with real live people.


if you can. Being in other people’s companies has added benefits.

But I know, you may not feel like it, especially for some who have social anxiety. so go on!

Tune in to on-demand or check out some apps.

There is always an app for something nowadays. Just yoga away at home. And I promise you will feel calmer and really find your zen.

Go out be with friends

We are social animals and are meant to live in communion with others. There is a lifting of spirit that happens when you have spent time with your friends.

The camaraderie and laughter is the best antidote for stress and anxiety, but if you have social anxiety, choose to spend time with those you are comfortable with. Being with good friends can calm your worries.

So don’t go too long without seeking your friends out, but not on social media!

Actually, try and be in their presence.


Your mind will thank you. You will feel happier and calmer in the presence of the right people.

I find My calmness and lift in spirits last for hours and days after a good visit with the right people.

Listen to music

Go on and pump up those tunes.  Listening to music can do wonders for your anxiety.


ways to manage anxiety, listen to music, ease anxietyThere is something about music and listening to just the right song can put one in the right frame of mind.


So get yourself a playlist for every mood.

Sometimes the mellow songs can help one relax and at times you want to dance.  So get you some beats on!

Nutrition and Supplements

natural healthy food f to manage anxiety
healthy food

The modern American diet is terribly wanting nutrients.

Sometimes excess anxiety is due to a diet that is lacking in nutritional value in some way.

The best thing to do is try and optimize your diet so you can meet your nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals which when deficient can affect your mood and cause anxiety. See other mood foods to help boost your mood here.

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In some cases when one is not able to meet their nutrient requirements, especially if suffering excessive anxiety, then supplementation may be required.

Some vitamins such as magnesium are essential to nerve health and a deficiency can lead to one feeling overly nervous and anxious. Have your levels checked next time you visit your physician?

I find a lot of my patients have low magnesium levels. There are many magnesium supplements out there so check which works

for you better.

But remember the best sources are natural foods because the body absorbs such nutrients better.

nutrients for anxiety

This magnesium supplement drink from Natural Vitality called Natural Calm is amazing.


It tastes great too, so a great way to ease anxiety.

But always check with your doctor before starting taking any supplements or medications.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for brain and heart health.

You need calcium not only for bone health but for muscle health and relaxation.

And you need vitamin D too.

Research is showing that vitamin D is crucial in many parts of health than was previously known including prevention of depression, helping with immunity, and cell synthesis.

Research has shown that It is a common phenomenon that those who suffer from anxiety also tend to have depression, so get some Vitamin D supplements. They may help with both.

Have a pet

You know its true. A pet, especially a dog loves you unconditionally.  We all love to be loved. Don’t we? A dog will love you like no one else does.  Dogs have empathy. They are also in tune with your moods.

ways to manage anxiety They are smart and loving, and having one can reduce anxiety.

Besides, a dog owner has to take it for walks thereby getting their own exercise. So there what are you still waiting for? It time to adopt a puppy.



Take a long bath

Better yet, have you some candles, and some bath oils or bath salts. Try Lavender bath salts or lavender oil. I love scented baths. managing anxiety

Another of my favorite essential oils is doTTERRA lavender essential oil

It is so relaxing and perfect especially at night to ease you off to sleep.


Just easing into a warm scented bath eases the mental turmoil while relaxing the body.

I find a good long bath at night helps ease one into blissful sleep.

That’s good. Fall asleep promptly and leave the worries behind.



Drink tea

I love tea. The good thing is that there is a lot of teas to chose from. Some like lavender tea or Rooibos tea do double or triple duty. Their warmth and the polyphenols they contain have many health benefits and easing the mind is just one of them.

Camomile tea is a good one too. It has been used for centuries as a calming antidote.

ways to manage anxiety

There are so many wonderful teas to choose from so get several warm and relaxing teas.

Pick a few and experiment with tastes and aromas. The Hey Girl sleep tea is a good one.

It has some amazing reviews and will have to get me some.


As I mentioned I love to sleep. Nothing that does a body and a mind better than sleep.

So I drink a cup of sleep tea every day before bed. I am always looking for new teas to deepen that sleep and calm my mind.


So there! Try these tips to keep that anxiety at bay. And do tell me, what are your best ways to relax and prevent anxiety from taking over?

Also, I would so love it if you could share this post on Pinterest or other social media.

how to manage anxiety naturally




How to manage anxiety naturally