The Habits That Accelerate the Aging Process

As human beings, we are creatures of habit.  Some habits are okay, maybe even good, but some habits can lead to faster aging and really cause us much harm. Let’s take a look at a few examples. Just think about it, obesity, for example. It may be due to sitting too much, and many other unhealthy habits such as the love of sugary and fatty foods habit.


A smoking habit can lead to lung cancer type of harm. There are many more habits that lead to faster aging.

Remember aging is not just what you see, not just the skin. It is your mind and cognitive ability, it is your joints, and much more.

And who really wants to age faster especially when aging comes with numerous health problems as well?

There  is a real valid reason why anti-aging creams and lotions and antidotes, is a billion-dollar industry. No one wants to age or look aged.  We all want to keep the youthful glow of youth or at least a semblance of it. And really no one wants to lose their memory.


The quest for the fountain of youth has been going on for ages.  It’s the very rare person who doesn’t feel a twinge of loss and regret when they see that first grey hair or that first wrinkle.


And so, if you are concerned about aging fast, I have good news … and also some bad news. The bad news is we can’t completely stop aging. We may be close perhaps. So I wait impatiently for science to finally and firmly say we can at last escape the scourge of aging.


Trouble is, looking aged on the outside starts from the inside.  And so things, and not so good things are happening on the inside so long before we even know it. So take care of that first. Then slather that antiaging cream you bought during that early morning infomercial.

 How to age gracefully


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An article in Aging and Disease states that  “the process of aging is the effects of physiological functions and can be defined as the accumulation of damage to molecules, cells, and tissues over a lifetime.”

And this damage according to the same  article, over time “affects an organisms ability to maintain homeostasis  (balance) in stressful situations and leads to greater risk to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and premature mortality.”


The article defines age as the “decay of an organism structure and function.”




That totally brings the point home for me.

So basically we are not talking about just how one looks on the outside only because aging is much more than that.


The telltale signs of aging encompass the whole person, looks, ability, and function.


Aging begins at the cellular level with DNA changes that accumulate over time changing cell function and thus changing how skin may look.

With age also comes susceptibility to diseases such as cardiac, and immunologic diseases including cancer.

Aging changes brain health, and your ability to function the way you did in youth.


Genetics play a  part in aging so you have a slight advantage if you have good genes.

But for the most part environmental insults are the major problem when it comes to how well we age. And that means that while you may not be able to avoid all environmental assaults on aging, you can minimize them.


Many of the environmental or extrinsic factors that cause one to age faster are the things we chose to do or not. Our lifestyle.  Our habits.

And, that we do have control over.

 And if you are wondering at this point, what is the good news?


The good news is we can delay the process, or rather we can slow the aging process.

We can delay the wrinkles, the sagging of skin, even slow cognitive decline, and many signs of aging by avoiding a few bad habits that increase the aging process.


So my question is, are you indulging in any little daily habits that could be aging you faster?


Little habits can have an immense impact on how gracefully or how fast you age.

And don’t we all want to look in the mirror and smile at the beautiful face looking back at us?  And getting out of the chair without creaking bones would be nice too.

We want to have less senior moments too, and remember where we put the car keys.


We want to avoid the aches and pains commonly associated with aging.

And we can.

It is possible to slow aging.

Many older people are breaking the stereotypes of age and shocking us all. That’s because they have taken measures to practice habits that keep age away over the long term.


That 90-year-old dancing ballet has been doing all the required physical work to keep fit over the years. She has most likely eaten healthy for most of her life. So in spite of the wrinkles, she is young in the way her body moves, her flexibility,  and her mind.

I can’t promise though that you won’t have grey hair or completely stop any wrinkles from appearing.


But you totally can keep the clock from advancing too fast.


So are you wondering what you can do to age less quickly?


You can stop the beginning or progression of chronic debilitation and diseases that are for the most part due to lifestyle choices and good healthy habits.

With the right lifestyle and habits, you can live to be  120 and still be energetic and have a vibrant fulfilling life.


The author of I’ve Decided to  LIve 120 Years Ilchi Lee believes it’s possible.   If you still have a good functioning body, and mind, why not?  You can read more to find out why and how Ilchi Lee plans on accomplishing that goal.

So what are these habits that are robbing us of our youthful glow and vibrant life?


Let’s look and see.


The following are some of the habits that are aging many people in our modern world.


1. Excessive Sugar Intake.

habits of eating sugary foods


Over consumption of sugar ages you faster.

The problem is that sugar is hiding in so many products in the modern-day developed world especially.  People and  Americans in particular, are consuming up to 22  teaspoons of sugar a day.

There is also increased amounts of sugar even in sources such as wheat which have been changed genetically and now contain even more sugar.

And if you are drinking sodas every day, you are not only dealing with phosphorous which causes more problems including leaching of some nutrients, you are also consuming excess sugar.


Yes, there are diet sodas, but the sugar replacement may not be healthy either.  And according to this study,  a daily soda habit can age you faster as it accelerates cell aging.

The problem is that when there is too much sugar in the blood, the excess sugar and protein join together to form advanced glycation end products or AGES, so appropriately named. These glycation end products break down collagen.

And of course, we need collagen and elastin to keep skin, young. Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of supple dewy radiant skin.


When glycation takes place collagen fibers stiffen, get brittle and break, and the skin, therefore, becomes loose, flabby, and sags causing lines and wrinkles.


AGEs are aging you.

 The effects of AGEs makes the skin more vulnerable to sun damage leading to age spots as well.

And of course, excess sugar also leads to obesity and its associated problems with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. And that is not all. Excess sugar causes systemic inflammation as well, leading to faster systemic aging.

Sugar, excess sugar has also been incriminated in Alzheimer’s disease. So the sugar habit can lead to faster aging in all these ways and likely more.

Therefore if you want to look great, and show fewer signs of aging, cut the sugar. Chose the foods you eat wisely. Read the food labels.  This is one simple habit to change to age gracefully


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2. Not  Sleeping Enough

Habits that age you

The habit if staying up late or sleeping less than you should is aging you.

Rethink the habit of staying up to catch up on a movie or the chores, you know after the kids go to sleep.

Lack of adequate sleep stresses the body and mind in many ways all leading to signs and symptoms of aging.


When sleep is not enough too much cortisol is produced. Cortisol is supposed to keep up with your circadian rhythm decreasing at night and higher in the morning.


So when we disturb this natural cycle, we produce too much cortisol which starts to cause signs of aging such as thin skin, increased fat storage around the middle and the upper back, thin hair, and even a bit of facial hair in some cases.

These effects of cortisol ages one faster.

You know you should be sleeping about 8-9 hours a night, according to the National Sleep Foundation. 

Not sleeping enough puts you at risk of metabolic syndrome, which includes obesity, and diabetes, as well as heart disease.

The issues associated with metabolic syndrome stresses the body and make one sick. Chronic sickness is also stressful. People do not look youthful when sick. 


It is during sleep that the body does the work of regenerating new cells, the work of cleaning and consolidating short term memories.  So really, beauty sleep is for real.

And it is during sleep, that the body releases growth hormone which restores collagen and elastin, the essentials of keeping skin supple and youthful.

how to age gracefully


According to this study, chronic inadequate and poor quality sleep ages the skin. The study found that those who chronically had poor sleep habits had skin that recovered less quickly from exogenous stressors such as exposure to UV light.

So that means if you don’t sleep enough chronically, and you sunbathe a bit too long your skin will get damaged faster.

Not sleeping enough leads to many chronic diseases, including mental health diseases such as depression and anxiety. And chronic insomnia is also associated with increased brain aging.


Sleep deprivation causes hormonal imbalances including the hunger and satiation hormones, leptin and ghrelin that lead to overeating, and as well as insulin resistance and eventual metabolic syndrome. The end result is chronic diseases that lead to increases rate of aging.


Lack of sleep impairs immune health that also leads to an increase in aging. When one is increasingly sick, all signs of aging are more evident.

Not sleeping enough is also associated with cancer, and leads to collagen and hyaluronic acid break down. leaving skin weak fragile and loose.


Signs of aging when you don’t sleep enough include increased fine lines,  circles under the eyes, puffy eyes,  dry rough skin, and uneven skin tone. All very aging.

Also during sleep, that when the body does the essential maintenance and cleanup. Lack of sleep leads to a fluid imbalance, and show itself as puffy eyes and dry dull skin, which are all very aging.


And while we are on the topic of sleep, the pillow you use can also age you. A rough pillow will leave skin wrinkled by morning. But the good thing is that this is easy to correct. You simply get a better pillow.  Try a silk pillow for smooth skin. 

Also, if you are prone to acne, that can leave skin looking rough. There are steps you can take to prevent breakouts. Using the right cleansers is great, but when you sleep, you may perspire and bacteria loves heat and moisture.

To prevent these situations, try an antibacterial pillow mist. 

It is therefore important to make sure you prioritize sleep so you can age gracefully.


Also read this article to see steps you can take to fall asleep faster, easier and stay asleep through the night.

3. Eating Processed foods Ages You Fast

Habits that are aging you

Stay away from processed food if you want to slow the aging process.

Many processed foods such as cakes, white flour products,  such as pastries are instantly turned into sugar, which turns into fats, and an excess amount of these sugars lead to chronic diseases that age a person.

Other processed foods like bacon, hot dogs, and sausages are full of preservatives such as sulfites that cause inflammation.


This leads to many illnesses including obesity and metabolic syndrome.

A lot of processed foods and fast foods contain transfats which increase the rate at which oxidation happens to the skin causing damage, this study found. 

The polyunsaturated fats found in many processed foods cause systemic inflammation leading to inflammatory diseases associated with oxidative stress.


And as mentioned above, the sugar in simple carbs leads to  linking up of proteins and excess sugar in glycation, damaging collagen studies show,


Basically eating a Mediterranean type of diet is best as it causes less skin aging as was seen in this study The study found that eating a Mediterranean diet caused less skin aging to sun-exposed skin.


Also per an article in Harvard health, those who ate a Mediterranean type diet, which is more plant-based wand includes consumption of healthy fats, tended to live past the age of seventy and are less likely to suffer age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


This is because this diet protects from inflammation and oxidative stress that can cause systemic and in the nervous system diseases the two main ways chronic health problems manifest.


The Mediterranean diet also improves insulin sensitivity and prevents metabolic syndrome, and preventing associated diseases that further weaken and age a person.

So to slow aging, aim to include Mediterranean type foods in your diet.

4. Drinking energy drinks

habits that age yu


Energy drinks may give you that pep you need to power through your workday,  with focus and energy but it’s not without a price. Sometimes using energy drinks can lead to serious health problems that can also age you faster.


Some energy drinks have lots of sugar, and we have already seen that sugar does can damage your cells, aging them plus contributing to the development of the metabolic syndrome.


Energy drinks are acidic, and the main ingredient is caffeine which leads to dehydration. The main ingredients in these drinks are caffeine in large amounts.

This has been associated with heart problems including causing anxiety and heart palpitations and visits to the ER have also increased studies have found.


In some cases, sudden cardiac death has occurred as well as MIs. Researchers found that energy drinks increased platelet aggregation and also increased blood pressure


5. Eating Too Much Red Meat

habits that age you

Are you love of that steak inching you closer to old age?  It depends though to just how much and how often in indulge in that grilled steak.

Red meat, especially when grilled and charred has been associated with higher incidences of inflammatory diseases.

Red meat especially fatty meat generates free radicals caused by AGEs and some studies show a possible increase of cancers such as breast and colorectal due to excessive meat consumption.


While eating less red meat, it is important to reduce consumption of processed meat such as bacon, sausage and deli meats due to high amounts of preservatives and sodium, which cause inflammation and damage the skin.

If you much eat red grilled meat especially, make a point of cutting off the charred parts.


Include vibrant vegetables as well, as some studies have shown that reduces the effects of glycation. So have a heaping of colorful salad to go with your steak for antioxidants, to combat the AGEs.



6. Eating Gluten  May  be  Aging  You

habits that age you

Gluten is pro-inflammation. It is especially bad if you have celiac disease. This inflammation leads to damage to the stomach and intestinal lining causing many health problems. The problems of leaky gut are many.

Gluten, a type of protein in some grains like wheat causes damage that can lead to an immune response, leading to changes in the nervous system, the heart.

This inflammation can show up on the skin as Psoriases, or eczema causing the skin to be red rough and inflamed.

However, apart from those who have celiac disease, many people have gluten sensitivity, some are not aware, and this affects six to seven times more people ( source).


In fact, this number has risen in recent years due to changes in diet,  and use of antibiotics causing changes in the microbiome in the gut.

The result of eating food that you be sensitive to like gluten can make you age faster due to the effects of inflammation.


so if you are having gut issues, have your dr. check if you have a gluten sensitivity,  and stay away from foods that cause you Gi upsets. You will feel better, and most likely look better too.


7. Not Exercising Regularly

habits that age you

So apparently, Per this article, if you are older, in the 35-40 crowd, your body is no longer your friend, and it stops trying to keep you young on autopilot and tells, the free ride is over! You gotta put in the work. and so if you don’t exercise, its downhill from there.

And then when you hit 40- 50  ” the body begins to default to decay.” This should not have been astonishing but it actually prompted something in me. It woke me up. Time to do something. Got to move more, do more to keep a semblance of my former self.


The body was made to move. And, let’s face it, and I am talking to myself as well, when we don’t move, don’t exercise,  things start to be floppy and sag, and these sagging and flopping bits age us contributes to looking aged.

So dedicate some time, every day, and go on a brisk walk, get on that bike, just move.


Exercise is also good for brain health. So boost that memory by taking a 30-minute brisk walk daily. You may find you don’t forget little things as much.


After all, those little moments of forgetfulness are called senior moments for a  reason.

Get more oxygen flowing to your brain cells by pumping that heart rate through exercise.

In this way, you’ll burn excess fat too, and stave off all the ills of obesity already discussed here.


8. Not drinking enough water

habits that age you

So here comes the good old H20 again. Water matters in every part of your health including healthy graceful aging. Simply put water is life! You want to have a healthy glow on your face, then nourish and hydrate your cells.


When you don’t drink enough water, the blood becomes too thick your blood, then what coursing through the vessels is this vicious mess full of toxins, that are not easily excreted.


The result is you have too much insulin, blood sugar, and lipids, and bacteria and toxins that are not moved out.


Keep in mind that the circulatory system also includes your lymphatic system which is dedicated to taking care of toxins and bacteria out of the body. Your heart does not beat as well either if you are dehydrated.


And having excess toxic sludge causes and feeds inflammation and clogs blood vessels.

And this eventually shows on the surface after years of damage on the inside.

People who drink little to no water are going about daily dehydrated, and that has repercussions on health


Have you ever wondered why many patients when they come to the hospital are hooked on an IV pump and hydrated intravenously?


According to Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra in this article, who in turn referenced dr.Batman, when the body is dehydrated regularly, it starts to cry out in pain, and hence you start experiencing the aches and pains such as arthritis pain.


And The dr found that many of the chronic illnesses experienced by many are also due to dehydration.

It is interesting to read that Dr batman actually treated many people with peptic ulcers with water.


If you would love to see more of how water can help you ageless, read his book ”  Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.”


  • Water can influence your cognition, alertness, and concentration, and short term memory.
  • Water is needed for kidneys to do the work of filtering your blood- excrete toxins
  • Water can help you lose weight.  Drinking water before meals helps you eat less many researchers have found.
  • Keep temperatures normal
  • lubricate joints


How much water to drink is somewhat flexible because it can depend on the weather and the level of activity.

According to Harvard Health, a healthy person should drink 2-3 cups of water per hour.

More if sweating. However, consult your doctor to determine how much you should drink especially if you have underlying health conditions. Drinking water varies from person to person and conditions, and situations.


But keep in mind that even mild dehydration can affect mood, vigor, and concentration. And when these are diminished you may start to look, feel and act old or older.

Lethargy can leave one feeling and acting old. Also, constantly dehydrated skin will look dry, and dull, get wrinkled and lined sooner,

How to drink water


      • Drink enough water- the amount varies, as mentioned above- some health sources say about 2 liters or 8 oz glasses times 8
      • Eat fruits and veggies with good water content, such as cucumbers, and juicy fruits.
      • avoid sodas and sweetened drinks- they dehydrate you.
      • Avoid plastic water bottles- they are made from chemicals and toxin can leak into the water

9. Sitting Too Much

habits that age you

We are many of us guilty of this one. We are at our desk jobs too long, on the couch watching TV or playing video games and really we repeat this day in day out.


Some of us are sitting too long too much. And it is true,  sitting can age you and even kill you, research has found. 


We all know that sitting too much can lead to obesity and heart diseases, and even diabetes. But studies have found that sitting at least 10 hours a day can age you up to 8  years.

They found that the DNA of those who sit at least 10 hours a day, had shorter telomeres at the end of DNA showing faster aging.


It is likely also that if one tends to sit too long esp at home they are in front of a TV. Then 3 hours of TV watching in early ages can lead to faster aging.


A study that followed subjects for 25 years found that watching too much TV translated into less physical activity, and the result was a cognitive decline in middle age.


Other studies have found also that lack of exercise does lead to cognitive deficits associated with aging.

Researchers found that those who did not exercise showed less brain plasticity and significant cognitive decline in the midlife.


This decline can be avoided by being really intentional with exercise and making it a priority. Exercise will slow that aging clock in all aging fronts, including cognitive and physical aging.


According to Rusty Moore of Visual Impact to really beat the annoyances of aging we need to move more. A lot more. Like walking 45-60 minutes daily.


He states clearly that as we get older, having a healthy, toned, physique and a sharp mind require a lot of work, and that forming a daily habit of impactful exercise is key.

And you will feel more vibrant, and alive, You will have a sharper mind and look better, regardless of your chronological age.

10. Neglecting Oral Hygiene.

habits that are aging you

Go on and schedule that visit to the dentist.

When teeth are yellow, broken or missing, unfortunately, that does age one.


You need to brush twice at least and floss and make sure to see that dentist every six weeks. I know its a tall order for busy people.


Also, people who don’t practice good oral hygiene can experience gingivitis, which can lead to loose teeth, exposed receding gum line and even heart disease.


All of these will cause aging and of course, bad teeth generally takes away from a  youthful look.

A beautiful pearly white smile makes one look young, so take good care of your teeth and oral health.



11. Smoking Ages You

habits that age you

Okay, let’s begin with the basics here. To smoke, you must secure that puffer with your lips and so you purse them,  and eventually this leading to wrinkles, around your mouth.


Smoking ages all of you- the whole system, from the lungs to the circulatory system to the skin, especially since all these require a great supply of oxygen which is diminished when you smoke.


The excess toxins in the cigarettes then add to the insult leading to systemic inflammation.

First of all, smoking constricts your blood vessels interfering with good blood flow to all your organ.


So those tiny capillaries that need to take blood to your face so you have that youthful glow, well, that stops working well, and the face gets this dull mask-like look.


Smoking leads to the formation of wrinkles, sagging, and age spots developments.


Smoking, this study found ages one an average of 13 years and found that upon stopping smoking, the skin was rejuvenated, based on skin smoothness pigmentation, elasticity brightness, lines, and texture as well as vascularization.


You want your face to glow with youth? Allow blood to reach all your organs and take that energizing oxygen to every organ.

Smoking also is toxic.


When you ingest toxins you poison your body causing diseases and cells growth is stunted.

So you have dull skin as cell turnover is slowed.


Plus, the toxins attract fat storage, leading to weight gain which also ages one.

Furthermore, smoking causes the skin to appear dull and dry, and that is not great if you want to look youthful.


And just think for a second here. If the skin looks aged and dull and wrinkly from the smoke, how does the inside look-like your lungs, how do you think they look when you smoke.


Using the wrong facial cleanser such as soap- this strips moisture of the skin leaving your skin dry and patched.



12. Not eat Nutrition Dense Foods

habits that age you

You want to eat foods that are nutrition dense.


That means that the food you eat is full of the nutrients with great vitamins and minerals, and to activate and boost metabolism, to bring antioxidants to beat oxidative stress, to energize you so you are able to be more active, and feel and look younger.

Do keep in mind that age is relative.   However, you may not want to look 60 when you are 50.


Really, youth begets youth. If you have more energy, then you are likely to want to exercise more, further boosting energy,  blood flow and improving muscle mass, all of which will lead to an agile toned and youthful body.


You should aim to eat vegetables at least 4 times a day. You need those antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight off the free radicals that age the body including the skin. They keep you looking and feeling young.


The only issue is that antioxidants don’t stay long in the body and needs to be replenished often.

So include a heaving of vibrant colored veggies in every meal. Watch that salad dressing.


Also, make sure you get enough protein every day. Proteins are the building blocks of collagen and elastin.


They are also needed in many body processes such as cell to cell transport, and even production of neurotransmitters. All of these are necessary for keeping one healthy in relation to age.

13. Drinking Alcoholic

habits that age you

You likely already know that drinking alcohol in excess is bad for you. I mean if you have ever had a hangover, you know for sure that good things can’t be happening on the inside. And you are right.

Alcohol is metabolized in the liver. And you know, your liver is the detoxing center for the body.

Alcohol in excess ages you from the inside out. That means that you start to age from the cells, leading to a cascade of diseases that ages you and eventually leads to an early death.


Your liver is very important in the healthy functioning of your whole body, performing many crucial functions such as the following:

  • Stores some minerals and vitamins
  • Fat and carbohydrates metabolism
  • Removal of toxins
  • protein metabolism and  synthesis
  • Hormonal synthesis
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • supports blood clotting

But when alcohol is consumed the liver focus first in metabolizing it over everything else.

Eventually, if alcoholism is a problem, these functions are hindered and so sickness follows.

And when the liver stops functioning properly, toxins build up affecting your whole body including the skin. So the skin color changes become yellow, sallow, dry and wrinkled.

Alcohol is also a toxin to the cells that detoxify the body and what could be worse? It is also inflammatory and dehydrating to the skin leading to drying of the skin and aging. It makes the skin appears rough and lifeless.

With chronic drinking of alcohol, the skin starts to be dull, puffy, and with broken capillaries leading to permanent redness of the face and the telltale red nose that is unattractive.


Alcohol disrupts a lot of the bodies homeostasis, depletes vitamins B,  A, C, D, and even some minerals, like zinc and magnesium.

With all these disruptions in the proper working of the liver and the body as a whole skin, pigmentation may become uneven with chronic alcohol consumption. The skin loses that nice dewy elasticity. The skin sags, making one look old.


One reason you feel so awful after excess drinking is that you don’t get restful sleep on alcohol, especially if you drink before bed.

Alcohol disrupt your sleep cycle meaning you don’t get to the most restorative sleep cycle, and when you don’t sleep enough,  skin becomes puffy,  and dark circles around the eyes develop. You also feel tired achy and lethargic.

Alcohol has a moderate amount of sugar leading to excess weight gain and insulin resistance. So the problems of alcohol compound upon each other. And weight gain also may lead to fat on the butt, the tummy and face making one look older than they are.


Alcohol also interferes with proper blood flow because alcohol is a blood vessels dilator. By dilating the vessels, one ends up having a puffy red face and a red nose due to dilated broken capillaries, sometimes the tip of the nose gets blue due to insufficient blood flow.


And apparently, your teeth suffer as well from acidic alcoholic drinks such as white wine, and alcohol contains lots of sugar which add to the insult on teeth causing teeth decay ( source).


14. Living with Chronic Stress

habits that are aging you

You try to juggle everything. You are the CEO of the household if you are a mom especially.  And if you work outside the home or you are a work at home mom, things can get hectic and stress can skyrocket. If this doesn’t change, and if you don’t find a way to diffuse, or let go or something, you can easily get physically and mentally ill.


Chronic stress can age you by several years. That is because stress leads to changes in your DNA among other things.

Research has shown that chronic stress actually leads to shorter telomeres, those caps at the end of your DNA making your body age faster.


To fix this try not to take on so much, ask for help, rest more, and make sure you sleep enough.


One of several things that happens when you’re stressed is that you stop practicing self-care


You stop exercising because frankly, you have no time, and exercise may not be that high on your mile-long to-do list.

If your to-do list is a mile long, consider delegating and prioritizing, outsourcing help or letting some things go. Seriously, those dishes can wait a few hours while you take a  walk outside.

So you say, you will exercise when you have more time, only not ever to have more time.


And then with no exercise and increased stress, you produce more stress hormones, which may give you anxiety, and you are in this unhealthy loop that can make taking care of yourself difficult. This can lead to one looking older before their time.


Stress is especially harder on the older brain, and in fact,  research has shown that extra cortisol can damage the hippocampus. So there goes the memory.  Now you have several senior moments in a day. You feel and act old.

And what is even sadder is that years of stress can even increase the risk of Alzheimer disease.


The key is to remember that self-care is important for and your health.

Some things you can do to avert stress may include the following:

  • Learn to say no in some situations.
  • Don’t be the hero who volunteers for all the school activities.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Those can wait.
  • Practice yoga, and mindfulness.
  • Dance alone or with the kids.
  • Read books you love.
  • Exercise. One sure fire thing against stress and its aging effect is exercise research found. 


Practicing these simple things will help you feel more balanced. You’ll smile when you see yourself in the mirror. At least you can minimize the frown lines. You will sleep better too. That is all good for reducing the effects of aging on your body and brain.


15. Not Spending Time With Your Friends

There is a reason you feel so energized and even feel youthful whenever you meet your friends from college or high school.

Research has shown that spending time with your friends can increase longevity and that having meaningful friendships and relationships can protect against obesity,  depression and even heart disease.


This study found that spending time with people who matter to you and having strong ties with friends and family can increase your chance of living longer by as much as  50%.


So go on and call your friend and family, video chat or go to the movies. Spending time with friends is such a delightful way of keeping yourself young.

So don’t let the busyness of the world keep you isolated. Spending more time with good friends. This simple act will keep you youthful longer.

16. Sunbathing or Tanning.

habits that are aging you

One thing that will cause skin aging for years to come is too much  UV light exposure.


While a few minutes outside are great for vitamin D production, too much of sun exposure will cause the skin to sat making skin cancer instead. So rethink that suntan.


The effect of UV light is so strong that it is estimated  90 of skin aging is due to sun exposure to UV light from the sun.

Staying away from the sun or wearing a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen can help.

And even worse is skin cancer, plus the UV rays can also damage your eyes to the extent of developing cataracts.


Loss of eyesight is unfortunate and especially if it could have been avoided.


So wear a wide-brimmed hat, and good sunglasses to minimize exposure to UV light.


Also, don’t expose the skin for more than 15 minutes to UV light. That tan looks great but is not worse skin aging down the line or worse skin cancer.


There are many habits that can lead to faster aging. These are just some of the habits that can lead to rapid aging.

So do some research, and start practicing habits to protect your whole health, and you will be rewarded with a longer healthier life.  You will slow the aging process, of mind and body. And you will have the added benefit of looking and feeling great even in you’re in your older years.

And do let me know below in the comments what you do to try and keep age at bay. What healthy habits do you practice to slow the aging process?

habits that age you fast

habits to stop to age gracefully

habits to avoid to sow aging