The best morning routine for anxiety and productivity


Morning routine for anxiety

The best morning routine for anxiety and productivity is one of the most important morning habits to have if you desire happy and stress-free days. And who doesn’t want that?  We all want to wake up and have a calm, and awesome day, right? But that doesn’t always happen because in some cases we have fallen into some bad habits including not having an optimal morning routine. 

So if you are one of those people who wake up rushing with just enough time to dress and then dash through the door, grab a coffee, and off you go to work, it’s time to implement a gentle calm morning routine.  


A morning routine can literary change your life for the better.  If you are always stressed and anxious in the morning, you need a calming morning routine for anxiety and also to improve your productivity.


If you have anxiety already, rushing through the door in a mad dash in the morning can lead to more anxiety and stress. 

The things you do daily form your habits, and habits and routines make up the life you live. They determine the success of your life. 

A morning routine becomes a habit that will be second nature so you don’t have to even think about it. This saves you time and energy each and every day, while everything simply runs smoothly. 

This is a good thing because it will improve your mental health and vastly boost your productivity. 


Having anxiety is terrible and can derail one’s life a whole lot, but there are many ways of controlling it including lifestyle management.

That means if you have anxiety you need to be careful about your habits and have well-thought-out routines to keep a calm mind and calm anxiety.

But this morning routine is good for everyone who wants a calm, and stress-free morning. And that is everyone, right? No one enjoys chaos and stress. 


I believe your morning routine begins the night before. Did you sleep well enough? That’s going to affect your morning. You need to prepare a few things like what to wear and plan your day the night before because that has a huge impact on a calm morning and day. 


But first, what are the benefits of a morning routine? 

The best morning routine for anxiety

The benefits of a morning routine

Having a morning routine puts you in control of your day. And this is great because anxiety mostly is a sense of not feeling in control of a situation or life in general. 

When you have a morning routine, you reduce the stress of hurrying through the day and you set a calm tone for your day.

Also, a great morning routine streamlines your day and increases productivity so naturally, you do more without feeling stressed and anxious.

Keep in mind too that a routine creates a pattern of behavior in your mind so things become easier the more you do them because the brain loves routines to save energy. This helps you feel calm as things become automatic. 


How to make a morning routine you can stick to

how to have a healthy morning routine for anxiety

Creating new habits requires commitment and a great amount of willpower. So it is important that you be fully invested and evaluate why you need to start a new morning routine. 

Also listing the order in which you prefer to do things and the things to include in your routine is helpful. What makes you feel better, inspired and vibrant, and positive? Include that if time can allow.

What are the musts that need to be done or the day will be a flop? Include it. 

The key to a good morning routine is to include only the absolutely crucial things. You don’t want to make it too elaborate especially when you have anxiety because feeling like you are failing if you can’t do everything on the list will make you feel anxious. 


For me, a show is a must, and so is breakfast for inspiration, journaling, and affirmations are crucial to me. And when I have enough time, reading a motivating book, or one for enjoyment helps me feel my best.

These elements of my morning routine put me in the right state of mind to handle my business calmly and be more productive. My morning routine makes me feel in control and balanced. 

For me, this is what keeps me sane.



And so, here is my morning routine that calms my anxiety and boosts productivity. 



Morning routine for anxiety and productivity


morning routine

Wake up early

I gotta tell you there’s magic in that stillness of the early morning. It is the most peaceful part of the day and it does wonders for your mental health and productivity.

A calming morning routine calls for an early start. If you are a mom, especially having a quiet self-care time before the others wake up is so good for your mental health.

I try not to hit snooze because you know what happens when you hit snooze. You will oversleep and wake up feeling stressed and anxious.  Waking up early has so many benefits, especially for moms with littles that need attention first thing. 

And even if you are not a mom there really is magic during those very early morning hours. It is so calming to be up at that time when the world is so still. 

Besides, you will have so much more time to do your routine without a rash and that is great for a calm stress-free start to the day.

For a person with anxiety though the alarm sound can be so violent. You want an easy gentle alarm such as the Sun Rise Alarm clock that simulates natural light and setting for natural sounds for a gentle wake-up. 


Open the blinds and let the light in.

Oh well, there may not be sun early in the morning but when the blinds are open, it will come streaming in with that blissful morning light magic. It is good for the soul. 

I like to open up the blinds and let the sunlight in. This sends the brain the message to wake up and kick-start your day. Your body has been asleep for hours and during that time, melatonin production was up.

Now it is time to invite cortisol to wake you up.  Seeing light in the morning kickstarts that process making you more alert and energized. 



Make your bed 

Making the bed immediately gives you a sense of accomplishment. You feel good looking at a neatly made bed.  The bed is the largest thing in the room and so if it is untidy, the whole room looks a mess.

This one simple thing is a powerful mood booster and it motivates you to do even more things that make you get more productive and feel successful. 


Besides, chaos in the bedroom or anywhere else in the house will make you feel stressed and anxious. So make that bed to invite some calm start to the day. And with the success of a made bed, you will feel like doing more things that make you feel good. 

Morning routine


Brush teeth

Morning mouth funk is nasty yall! So, clean your teeth and use mouthwash to freshen up.  Enough said on that. No need to elaborate here.  Brushing your teeth is something everyone should do soon after waking up. It just makes you feel fresh and clean internally. It makes you feel great actually. 


Drink water

You have been asleep for hours and the body still had processes going on that have used up the water in your body. You are dehydrated in the morning so you need to replace that fluid loss.

Water will help you feel a more alert and energetic first thing and increase focus and s sense of wellbeing.  I try to drink one full glass before my morning coffee/tea and that really perks me up. 

If plain water doesn’t sound appetizing, add some lemon and make water fruit infusion the night before. Get a nice infuser and you will always have great-tasting water. 




I swear by morning shower. It is what really energizes and makes my body feel amazing. Use a few drops of lavender oil to make your shower or bath even more calming and amazing and you will feel great. 

I can literally feel the blood flow throughout my body as the warm water hits my skin. A shower in the morning is refreshing and rejuvenating and a great part of a calming morning routine. 




Morning routine  for anxiety

Your body has been asleep and inactive for hours. Movement, gentle movement is a great way to wake your body up. It will improve blood floor and circulation so you start to feel more alert and energetic and calm.

It is good to do some form of exercise in the morning. A morning run is great too, but if like me that is not your thing, simple stretching will do. 

Try some mindful yoga and you will feel better and alert easily.  Yoga is also meditative and energizing, both of which will make for a great start to your day and are great for keeping anxiety away.   You can find some great yoga on Youtube.

I really love Yoga With Adrienne. Here is one you can follow. I love this yoga. It is gentle stretches for those tense muscles so you feel relaxed all over.  




Say or listen to morning affirmations

self care routine

I believe morning affirmations are an important part of the best morning routine for anxiety and productivity. Affirmations motivate and shift your mindset.  Affirmations help you set intentions for your day. They help you calm anxiety and doubts so you go out there and show up like a BOSS! Affirmations prepare your mind with positive messages that empower you.

Apart from saying affirmations in the morning also make bedtime affirmations part of your nighttime routine. That way you fall asleep faster, which will also improve your morning. Yes indeed! Don’t stay up all night because anxiety got a hold of you and you can fall asleep for a long time. If you want to wake up early with a struggle, affirmations the night before are helpful. 


With such empowerment, anxiety has no place in your day. And without anxiety, you will have a better more productive day as well.


Get ready for the day on a positive note.  When you send yourself positive messages, you will feel calmer, positive, and with a better focus for your day. 

Here are positive affirmations you can use for your morning routine. 


Morning meditation 

Meditation shouldn’t be complicated. Simply center yourself by taking in several deep breaths and clearing your mind. Meditating has profound benefits to mental health including calming your mind and grounding you so you feel at peace and calm.

Studies have found that meditations actually help to better mental health in general and are great for anxiety in particular.  Our minds are so noisy and carry on so many worries that need quieting down so we feel calm, especially in the morning. 

Anxiety likes to take off the present to a worrisome future that may or may not be true and so your mind goes on these roundabout excursions that keep you stressed. To prevent that issue, clear your mental clutter with centering meditation. 


Journal/morning pages 

Use a few minutes as you drink your coffee to do some journaling. This also helps in setting intentions, working things through you’re trying to figure out, reflect, and set intentions for your day both mentally and in productivity. 


As well include as 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. Gratitude is so empowering and sets a really positive tone for your day mentally. I find this helps improve my mood and keeps me calm and happy throughout the day. 


Plan your day

Morning routine and and planning

As part of the morning routine, planning your day is important. You want to set your intention in writing. This way you have your goals for the day and goals that will move you forward in life.

Pick a few goals or things you need to get done. Your musts. Add a few that would be good to get to but if you don’t, you won’t feel like a failure. But those musts will make you feel successful and accomplished at the end of the day. 


If you work from home or a self-employed, you determine how your day goes. So it is a good idea to have already planned what your biggest goals for the day are.


I try and plan the night before and look through my plan in the morning. Then I make a to-do list with a priority of  2 to 3 things  I must get done that day. 


So in the morning I just revisit the plan and pick the three most important things to do with my day that will make me feel the day was a success.

This is what I advise because a long to-do list can be overwhelming and provoke anxiety. The intention for this morning routine is to keep you calm and banish stress. So keep your plan simple and to-do list short. 



Eat breakfast

Morning routine and breakfast

Now some people swear by breakfast while others don’t. So do what works for you.  I am one of those who have to eat breakfast.  The benefits are there for a nourishing breakfast.

Healthy breakfast energy you and improves focus. if you suffer from anxiety, eating a healthy breakfast may help you with nutrition that keeps your mind calm.

You will have more energy and the ability to focus. Besides you need the right nutrients to calm your mind. Sometimes nutrients deficiency is the cause of anxiety or it aggravates the anxiety. 

Think of foods that have nutrients like magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids,  B vitamins, and more that impact how your brain works. Try a smoothie with Avocado,  spinach, chia or flax seeds, almond milk, or any nut milk, and just add your favorite fruit, and a little bit of honey, yum! 


Grab lunch and head out 

I try to prepare my lunch the night before. So in the morning, I will just gather the items I need and put them in the lunch bag. I put the none perishable snacks in the bag the night before. And I also have fruit prepped and lunch chilled in the fridge, as well as water. That way I simply put these in the bag and I am ready. 


Hit  the road as I listen to inspiration podcasts 

Listening to uplifting and inspiring podcasts continues to work on your mindset keeping up the tone you need for an amazing day. Try Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast  Magic Lessons for a dose of inspiration.

Or you can nerd out on Mayim Bialik’s Break Down podcast where she gives you the low down on neuroscience behind mental health issues with a dose of good humor. There are so many amazing inspiring podcasts to listen to on your commute to work to inspire you all day and boost your mood all day as well. 

And there you have it.

That is the best morning routine for anxiety and productivity. Slowly implement these steps in your morning, and go and conquer the day calmly. That is how you boost your productivity without rushing about and sweating your morning out. 

So, now tell me. Do you have a morning routine? What are your must-have elements in your routine? 

Self care morning routine

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