Top Morning habits of  high performers to live by

morning habits of high performers

So you want to finally become a morning person and practice the morning habits of high performers? It’s true, early risers tramp those who linger in bed long after their alarm clock goes off.

And the way you use the first hour of your day determines how the rest of your day goes.

If you want to have a successful life you should start the habits of high performers. If you want a successful day you need good morning habits.  

Your habits in general have a lot to do with your success in life.

And your morning habits set the scene and the tone of the rest of the day.

This is what sets high performers apart from the rest of us mere mortals.

High performers know the secret to starting the day right, is practicing healthy habits first thing in the morning.

High performers understand that these healthy habits are the key to boosting motivation, creativity, and productivity.  

If you have ever been skeptical about the life-changing magic of good morning habits, let motivational speaker and the writer of Miracle Morning Hal Elrod show you that morning habits are powerful.

Broke and in ill health Elrod was desperate to change his life. So determined to change his life, he conducted in-depth research on the best habits one can adopt.

Elrod found there are six-morning habits of high performers, and practicing those six-morning habits not only changed his health but also profoundly transformed his life.

And so in this post, I list not only the six habits of high performers you need for success but also a few more life-changing habits, because you can’t have too many good habits. 

So, are you ready to step into your greatness?

Let’s dive into this list of the morning habits that will propel you toward great success in life.

morning habits of high performers

1. Go to bed early

 The first step to adopting the best morning habit of high performers is to go to bed early. Going to bed early is the best way to ensure you wake up early without feeling tired is to ensure you go to bed early.

I know you may be tempted to stay up and catch up on the latest gossip on Twitter or watch some Tcktocks, youtube videos, all the social media, or Netflix, you know the usual offenders that keep us up and mess up our mornings. Well just don’t.

Dont stay up late working either. High performance doesn’t mean sacrificing sleep.

And a productive morning routine requires a good night’s sleep. 

Have a set bedtime and make it early enough. Having a set bedtime helps you be in tune with your circadian rhythm.

 You know very well it’s hard to wake up early if you stayed up till the wee hours. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep.

Your body needs that much sleep to be energetic and productive the next day. 

Remember poor sleep can have many bad outcomes for your health that can make it difficult to be a high performer.

Think about chronic diseases that are associated with low-energy brain fog and fatigue. 

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2. Wake up early

Embrace the magic of those early morning hours. Those quiet hours before dawn are your sanctuary for reflection and preparation.

Take advantage of this quiet time free from distractions such as phone calls, texts, and all the noise common in our modern world.

Embrace the stillness and set the tone for a remarkable day ahead.

Try to wake up between 5 am and 6 am. Waking up early in the morning has so many advantages. It gives you plenty of time to get ready for work whether you work at home or have to commute to work.

And during those early quiet hours, you quiet your mind and set your intentions for your day.

You can set goals and plan your day. And you have plenty of time to nourish your body and your mind allowing you to face the day much better equipped mentally and physically.

And when you wake up early, you have enough time to get your day started without rushing and getting stressed.

 A slow calm morning routine is great for your mental health. Starting your day early is a great start for a productive day and to avoid certain stressors from hijacking your day and a great way to ensure a productive day. 

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3. Embrace silence 

Spending a few minutes in silence in the early morning has tremendous benefits for your mental health and your day’s success. our world is so full of chatter and excess noise that we have forgotten the power of silence.

Adopting a meditation practice is one of the most important habits of high performers.

Embracing silence in the early morning is a cornerstone habit of high achievers.

In the quiet hours of the dawn, you can fine-tune your focus and self-discovery, essential ingredients for those who strive for greatness.

In the stillness of dawn, distractions fade away, and your mind attains great clarity.  

The absence of noise allows for introspection, reflection, and a clear vision of your goals.

This moment of silence is a sacred time to align your aspirations with your actions.

As a high achiever, this pocket of tranquility is your secret weapon to come up with new ideas, a chance to strategize, meditate, and cultivate mindfulness before the world awakens.

Through the gentle embrace of silence, you empower yourself to craft the day deliberately and embark on the path to success with a resolute heart.

Just a few minutes of meditation is all you need to access your best ideas that can truly transform you into a high performer and achiever. 

4. Affirm your intentions

Positive thoughts foster a positive mindset and a positive mindset attracts your heart’s desires.

It may sound far fetch but it works. Saying positive affirmations about what you want is a great way to set intentions, and speak life into your dreams and goals. 

Choose a few affirmations to say every morning as part of your morning habits of high performers. 

Then say your chosen affirmations each morning to inject your aspirations with real energy. Saying affirmations strengthens positive beliefs and bolsters self-confidence, fostering a resilient result-oriented mindset.

By vocalizing your affirmations, you embed constructive thoughts into your subconscious, creating a mental environment conducive to achievement.

Much like seeds in fertile soil, these statements establish a foundation for realizing your goals. And that is the power of affirmation.

 Through consistent practice, you align your thoughts with your objectives, setting a constructive tone for a great day ahead.


5. Nourish your body and mind

You know that true success begins with nurturing your mind and body. So eat a healthy breakfast.

High performers nourish their bodies and minds with a power breakfast. 

Without a good breakfast, you will be dragging, and less productive. A nutritious breakfast gives you an energy boost and helps you to focus so you are clear on your goals for your day.

Drinking water immediately upon waking up is a healthy morning habit that nourishes your body. After 8 hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated, and hydration is necessary to help wake your mind and body, boosting energy and focus. 


6. Exercise 

 Ever wondered how high performers seem to have boundless energy? Top performers focus on all parts of their well-being in the early morning hours. A few minutes of exercise in the morning is their secret weapon.

Whether it’s a jog, yoga, or a workout, physical exercise ignites your energy and focus and primes your mind for the challenges ahead.

By engaging in physical activity early in the morning, you infuse your body with energy and vitality that lasts throughout your day.

This practice isn’t just about sculpting your physique; it’s about sculpting your mindset as well. 

And as you conquer the challenge of a morning workout, you cultivate discipline, resilience, and a can-do spirit that transcends into every endeavor.

High achievers recognize that physical well-being is the cornerstone of mental acuity and unwavering focus. So lace up your sneakers and embrace the rhythm of a morning exercise routine and set the tone for a triumphant day ahead.

And keep in mind, exercise helps you release those wonderful endorphins that will put a spring in your step arming you with a can-do attitude. 


7. Define your goals 

Every morning is a fresh opportunity to define your personal goals, prioritize the most important things, and is a crucial part of a successful morning routine.  

Your to-do list becomes a roadmap toward your vision, driving you toward the accomplishment of your most important tasks.  So during these early morning hours jot down at least 3 goals you want to accomplish or work towards.

Dont make the list too long because that can make it overwhelming. Having written clear goals or a to-do list is a powerful tool all high performers put to good use. 


8. Visualize your success

Visualization is one of the best habits of high performers. They know visualization has the power to make your dreams into your reality because envisioning success is the first key step to success. 

So take a couple of minutes, close your eyes, and see it: your dreams taking shape, your goals materializing.

Visualization is an amazing way to generate new ideas, new possibilities and find new inspiration to propel you forward.

As you vividly imagine your triumphs, you lay the foundation for your desired destination.

Each detail you conjure, each scene you play out, becomes a stepping stone toward reality. Your mind, armed with this potent tool, aligns your actions with your aspirations.

So, dare to dream with your eyes wide shut, for in the realm of visualization, the seeds of achievement take root and flourish into awe-inspiring realities.

And remember practicing visualization in the early morning habit is far more powerful because your brain is more primed to receive this input than at any other time in the day. 


9. Reading for a few minutes

If you want to become a high performer, you must nurture your passions. During those quiet serene morning hours, your brain is primed to receive new information. And high performers are also learners.

So use this time to acquire new knowledge, challenge your perspectives, and broaden your skill set.

 Reading is a great way to fuel your passion and ignite your soul so you go into your day ready to conquer and achieve your goals.

You also start the day with a positive attitude which prepares you for any challenges in the day.  

Take a few minutes to read inspirational self-help books for new insights and to fuel your day. 


10. Tackle the most difficult task first

This is called eating your frog. Not sure why, perhaps many people find the idea of eating a frog hard. But high performers know the importance of tackling the toughest tasks early, leveraging their mental clarity and determination.

Remember, success is built on consistent, intentional efforts.  And clearing the toughest tasks or the most important thing gives you a boost of confidence and clears your mind to tackle more tasks on your schedule. 

11. Journaling

Journaling as a morning habit doesn’t have to take long. Start with gratitude and jot down at least three things you are grateful for.

Gratitude changes the way we see the world around us, and that positive outlook is a great way to manifest good things into your life.

Just 5 minutes is enough for you to express gratitude and write a focus for your day as well as reflect and release worrisome thoughts.

 Try a five minute journal such as The Morning Magic 5-minute Journal to help you set intentions and live with gratitude.  Express thanks for your opportunities, relationships, and experiences. This attitude sets the tone for a day of positivity and achievement.

So start each morning with the art of journaling as your compass, illuminating the path to self-discovery and productivity journalling practice transforms your thoughts and creates a tangible canvas for introspection.

As you write down your aspirations, concerns, and reflections, you cultivate a profound connection with your inner self. And that nurtures your emotional intelligence and clarity.

Journaling in the morning sets the tone for the day, allowing you to pour out any lingering worries and set intentions that steer your actions purposefully.

You can map your progress, track your goals, and document the journey toward your dreams through journaling.  

So use the quiet peaceful morning to journal and let the morning pages be your sanctuary of growth and empowerment.


In Conclusion…

When you start practicing these life-changing morning rituals, the rest of your day just flows much more smoothly. Having a good morning routine and adopting the morning habits of the most successful people is the open secret all high performers know and now you do too. 

 Each morning holds the promise of transformation. Step into your potential, for you possess the strength to shape your destiny.

When you take control of your days with good morning habits you will see an amazing level of success as these morning habits will help clarify your vision and sharpen your focus, while boosting your energy and productivity.

So,  rise, shine, and become the high performer you’re destined to be by practicing these morning habits of high performers.