How to look after your mental health: 12 simple helpful tips

How to look after your mental health

12 Top Tips to Help You Look After Your Mental Health By Sidra Ansari    Given the current climate and the prevalence of ill or isolating friends or family members, low mental health is now quite common. This is a reminder not to despair. There are, in fact, many things you can do to help […]

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63 Inspirational and Uplifting Quotes for Difficult Days

uolifting quotes for hard times

Inspirational and uplifting quotes for difficult days Have you ever read a quote that simply spoke to you and lifted you up in a moment when you needed inspiration and hope? Quotes are powerful words that can provide such positivity in hard and dark times. Throughout life, we all go through moments that can put […]

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What does caring look like during the pandemic?

How caring looks liek during the pandemic

  The pandemic doesn’t seem to be budging.  It is stretching on an on and on. And it is taking a toll on all of us. Mentally, and for some physically. It is destabilizing families. Abuse is on the rise and loneliness, stress and anxiety and depression are on the rise. Unfortunately, there has been […]

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16 Best Hobbies for Anxiety and Depression

hobbies for anxiety 1

Have you found yourself asking what hobbies help with anxiety, or what activities are good for anxiety and depression? Then this post is for you! In this post, I list the 16 best hobbies for anxiety and depression known to improve mental health. Anxiety and depression commonly occur together casting a shadow on the lives […]

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Helping Your Child Deal With an Anxiety Disorder

Helping your child with an anxiety disorder

Helping Your Child Deal With an Anxiety Disorder   Anxiety doesn’t just affect adults. It also affects young children, and teens as well and it is important for parents to recognize the symptoms early and find resources to help support their child’s mental health. The following is a guest post from Maria M. Black of  […]

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10 Common Nutrient Deficiencies That cause fatigue

Nutrient Deficiencies

  While there are many reasons why people feel tired all the time one major reason is having nutrient deficiencies that cause fatigue  These nutritional deficiencies may be vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, or even protein deficiencies. Common Causes of fatigue Lifestyle  causes of fatigue may be due to the following: Lack of sufficient nutritious diet […]

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