16 Habits That Accelerate the Aging Process

Habits that age you

The Habits That Accelerate the Aging Process There are some habits that age you faster, everyone knows this. However, some everyday habits that age may actually surprise you. But as human beings, we are creatures of habit.   Some habits are good to have you know like sleeping enough, having a morning routine, eating right, and […]

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Best Healthy Supplements to Manage Anxiety Naturally

supplements to manage anxiety naturally

Using healthy natural supplements for anxiety can be a great option for improving signs of anxiety. For those who are not yet ready to get on anxiety medications or those whose anxiety can easily be controlled naturally. Sometimes natural anxiety supplements are a great way to calm down signs of excess stress.   There are […]

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Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts for the Wellness Loving Mom

The best Mothers day Gifts

Mothers do so much. They are at the very center of the well-being of their families. They are the silent wheels, and sometimes not so silent that keeps the family rolling in the right directions. The fabric that holds all together. We should actually celebrate mothers every day.   In this spirit, and since we […]

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Quotes to Inspire Success

inspirational quotes for success

We all need wisdom and encouragement sometimes. And there is something about a good pithy quote targeting just the right emotion and the struggle that one may be going through that somehow puts certain positivity in life and encourages us to pick up and keep going. It gives us a positive vibe, a boost, and […]

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How to Overcome Procrastination and Laziness

How to overcome procrastination and laziness

  If you constantly put things off and procrastinate, you are not alone. In fact, studies show that 15-25% of adults are chronic procrastinators. And a whopping 80-95% of college students procrastinate to some degree. So procrastination is a common phenomenon. However, chronic procrastination can lead to some negative outcomes, affecting productivity, personal growth, and […]

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Journal Prompts for Mental Health

journal prompts for mental health

    One very helpful way to improve your mental health is journaling for your mental health and self-love. The technique of journaling using prompts can help you if you are not used to the process of journaling. These journal prompts give you a starting point and a guide to help you get in the […]

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How to Brighten Your Mood Instantly

How to boast your mood instantly

Do you find yourself occasionally feeling down, and your mood glum and blue?  We all have these moments when we feel edgy, moody, and even snappy.  But we don’t have to drown in a bad mood for long. Just pick a few activities from the list below of 15 fun ways to brighten your mood […]

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13 Best Vitamins for Great Health

vitamins you need for health

Vitamins are so crucial for your well-being. They help you feel energetic and to have that positive pep in your step. You can eat healthy all of the time, most of the time, but chances are, you may still have some deficiencies or insufficiencies in your nutrient needs, especially in micronutrients such as vitamins. There […]

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15 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

There are several reasons why you are not losing weight even when you are doing all the things they say you should. You know, exercise eat the right things, cut calories, do cleanses, and follow the newest diet there is. You do all that and more and still, the scale barely moves downwards. And that […]

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How to achieve your health goals: A step by step guide

how to achieve your health goals

  Have you been struggling to achieve your health goals? It’s the year 2021! A whole new decade! This is big folks! And in so many ways it’s a new whole world. Really. But… whoa! Time moves fast. It’s a new year, and you are going to be a whole new better you! Yes! You […]

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