13 Ways to Reduce Covid 19 Related Anxiety and Depression

How to overcome anxiety related to coronavirus

Are you anxious about the coronavirus pandemic? Perhaps you are even feeling depressed with this long pandemic that doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to an end. Many people are. And with good cause. Every time you turn on the news, or scroll Facebook you see how the pandemic is spiraling out of control. Every day. […]

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16 Habits That Make Anxiety Worse

Habits that make anxiety worse

Ever wondered why, despite your best efforts, anxiety keeps creeping back into your life? It’s like a stubborn shadow you just can’t shake off. The root cause of the anxiety and panic attacks may actually be the habits you keep. When you struggle with anxiety it helps to be aware of and avoid habits that […]

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13 Best Self-improvement Books That Will Inspire Your Life

Inspirational Books That Will Change Your Life 1

If you are looking to read the best self-improvement books to inspire your life, then this list of all-time best motivational books is for you. These are the books you read when you are done living small and are finally ready to change your life. When you are done hiding in the shadow of your […]

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The Gut Brain Connection and Your Mental Health

the gut brain connection

    Next time you have a gut feeling about something, pay attention to it. That is your second brain talking to you. and that gut feeling is your intuition which is powerful at warning us about things we need to be aware of. Unfortunately, we only think about it in hindsight. One quite amazing […]

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The Best Gut Healing Diet: Leaky gut diet

Food to heal leaky gut

What is leaky gut Syndrome? The leaky gut syndrome is the condition that happens when the lining of the small bowel gets inflamed and hyperpermeable allowing large molecules, bacteria, and food particles to enter the bloodstream causing systemic low-grade inflammation. The problem with a leaky gut is that it causes sickness in all body systems. […]

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How to heal leaky gut fast

How to heal leaky gut naturally

How to heal leaky gut fast naturally   If you have symptoms of a leaky gut you may desperately want to know how to heal a leaky gut fast and get your digestive system and health back in order as quickly as possible. The reality is leaky gut is very common these days because our modern lifestyle […]

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how to find yourself when feelng lost

If you are feeling lost and stuck in life remember, you are not alone. So many many are just drifting along just enduring their current state in life. And that is just too sad.  So in this post, I will show you how to find yourself when you feel lost and stuck in life so […]

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Winter Self-Care Ideas for Better Mental Health

Winter self care ideas

Winter self-care ideas for mental health I don’t know about you, but for me when the temperatures plummet  I find that my mood plummets right along with the weather. That is why I try to have some cozy mood-lifting winter self-care ideas to keep me happy and healthy The shorter days, the gloom, and the […]

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