How to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle

How to start Living a healthy lifestyle

So you have decided to start living a healthy lifestyle? Great! Living a  healthy lifestyle has so many benefits. And it is too bad that so many people in the modern world are just unhealthy; even those living in the so-called developed world.  Being healthy is not just having a healthy weight or looking skinny. […]

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Easy Raw Vegan Tiramisu: A Dessert That is Good for You

Raw vegan tiramisu

Just as a heads up, this post contains affiliate links. See the full disclosure here. For all of you with a sweet tooth, I thought a change of direction for a moment is in order. Let’s have a little fun with something sweet and good for you too.  How about a tiramisu? No, not just […]

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Journal Prompts for Anxiety

Journal prompts for anxiety

Journal Prompts for Anxiety Anxiety is a mental health condition that imprisons one in thinking the worst in situations, inducing fear, and leaving one feeling helpless in the grip of emotional turmoil often with physical manifestations such as faster heart rate, shortness of breath even chest pain. Unfortunately, there are so many people who suffer […]

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16 Bad Habits That Make Anxiety Worse

Habits that make anxiety worse

Bad habits are can keep you a prisoner in many ways. And if your mental illness such as anxiety and depression these habits can be the way you try to escape your condition or how your condition makes you feel. But in the end, they just make your symptoms way worse.  Some habits such as […]

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13 Books That Will Inpsire You to Live Your Best Life

  There has never been a better time to start looking for inspiration and guidance to live your best life ever than right this minute. Don’t wait. Start getting inspired today. Stop living small and hiding in the shadow of your greatness. You know deep down you were born to do great things. You were […]

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