Effects of Hormones on mental health you need to know

Hormones and your mental health

, Can hormonal imbalances cause mental health problems? Hormones are chemical messengers that have a vast effect on the functioning of the whole body including the brain. Hormones are responsible for many physical, emotional, and mental processes throughout the body. They affect growth, reproduction, and energy. Hormones also impact brain chemistry, influence mood, emotions, and mental […]

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18 ways to know when you are self-sabotaging

Self sabotaging signs and how to stop

How to know when you are self-sabotaging your life  What is Self-sabotage and how do you know if you are sabotaging?  How do you know you are self-sabotaging and keeping yourself from the very happiness you so desperately want? Self-sabotage is the behavior you engage in when you want to achieve a certain goal to […]

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The Best Hormone Balancing Superfoods

Best foods for hormonal balance

  Hormone-balancing superfoods are foods that are essential for the healthy production, maintenance, and function of your hormones to ensure hormonal balance. And because hormonal balance has a great impact on many facets of health including mood, energy metabolism, reproductive health, mental health, and general physical health, it’s important to include hormone-balancing superfoods in your […]

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Simple Calming Selfcare Nighttime Routine for Anxiety

Night time routine for anxiety

Having a nighttime routine for anxiety when you have anxiety is an important part of self-care for your mental health. A  nighttime routine for anxiety ensures you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep so you wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to show up as your best self. When you have a bedtime routine you […]

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How to Practice Gratitude and Transform Your Life

how to practice gratitude and transform your life

Start a Daily Gratitude Practice It is true that we all want to be happy. Why is it then so many of us are so unhappy?  One thing for sure is living life without counting your blessings. Yes, no matter what, there is always something we can be great for.  Even the very act of […]

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How to look after your mental health: 12 simple helpful tips

How to look after your mental health

12 Top Tips to Help You Look After Your Mental Health By Sidra Ansari    Given the current climate and the prevalence of ill or isolating friends or family members, low mental health is now quite common. This is a reminder not to despair. There are, in fact, many things you can do to help […]

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How to Cope With sleep Anxiety Naturally:

How to overcome sleep anxiety naturally

If you suffer from sleep anxiety, you know how frustrating it is when you want to fall asleep but your racing mind won’t let you.  And so naturally, more than anything you want to know how to get a good night’s sleep with anxiety. If you find yourself struggling with anxiety at night where you […]

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