Many people are deficient in magnesium, are you?

    Foods rich in magnesium

    This post contains affiliates links. I only recommend products and services I use and trust. See the full disclosure here It is quite possible that you may be deficient in magnesium, or even more than likely that your level of magnesium is suboptimal. I know perhaps that’s too bold a statement. Per report in Scientifica Journal  […]

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    How to Balance your Hormones Naturally

    How to balnce your hormones naturally

      If you have found yourself walking into a room only to ask yourself, ” what did I come in here for?” or perhaps you find  that pounds upon pounds have piled up on you,  and you are not very successful in shedding them off  in spite  of doing all the right things, or maybe, […]

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    A Mother’s Day Wish

    Last Year on Mothers day,  my son gave me a wonderful gift with a spa day theme, and I was thrilled! I love, love all those feminine Mother’s Day gifts. I love shiny things, sparkly trinkets, nice smelling soaps and lotions, and perfumes. And I love flowers. I love beautiful cards with beautiful words. I […]

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    9 Things to do to Spring Clean your Life this Spring

    How to spring clean your life this spring

    I am thrilled its Spring!  And that means its time to do some Spring cleaning. It’s been a long dreary winter. Well, I live in Tennessee so perhaps not so dreary compared to, let’s say, Alaska. I know they have the 24-hour Summer and all,  but I know a hundred percent I cannot survive an […]

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    10 Easy Tips to Help Manage Your Anxiety Naturally

    practicing self care for anxiety

    Are we not just a little bit more anxious these days? Who cannot use some strategies to manage anxiety?  This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend services and products I use and trust.  I mean the world has changed so much and we all […]

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    How to Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Weight.

    how to boost metabolism and lose weight

      The fight against the bulge can sometimes feel arduous and frustrating. And it is even harder to lose weight if you have already hit your  40s. Then you know the struggle with a sluggish metabolism is real. The food you used to eat without any consequences to your waistline is now sort of taboo. […]

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    5 Reasons Laughter is Good for Your Health

    5 reasons why laughterr is good for your health

    Here Are Five Reasons Why Laughter is Good for Your Life.    Laugh yourself into a more healthy you. March 19th was National Laughter Day. Imagine that- a day dedicated just to laughter. I hope you took the time to find humor and laughter in your life on that day and to make it a […]

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