You are a good mother: 15 Signs you are an amazing mom

Signs of a good mother

How to know you are a good mom: 15 Signs you are a good mother What are the signs that one is a good mother? Are you trying to be a perfect mother but feeling like you are falling short?  First, stop. Perfect doesn’t exist. So how do we define a good mother? The joys […]

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16 Signs of a thyroid hormonal imbalance you should never ignore

signs of thyroid problem

16 signs of thyroid hormonal imbalance  you should never ignore If you have wondered whether you may have thyroid disease, there are some early warning signs you have a thyroid hormonal imbalance you should be aware of. Thyroid disease is common and women are more likely to have thyroid disease especially after childbirth and at […]

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10 Habits That Make Your Depression Worse

Habits that make depression worse

10 habits that make depression worse Lifestyle and habits can contribute to depression and unhappiness. Depression is one of the most common mental health debilities affecting one in 6 men and one in 4 women in their lifetime according to research.  There are many risk factors that lead to one developing depression. These factors may […]

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The Best Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmations for

Affirmations for Anxiety What is anxiety? While everyone experiences worry and stress to a degree, having anxiety means you experience frequent persistent intense worry. (source). And according to Mayo Clinic, these feelings of anxiety are sudden, frequent, and can easily escalate into panic attacks. Plus your feelings of anxiety also interfere with normal life and […]

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Why am I So Tired All the Time? 17 Reasons for Low energy

Reasons why your are so tired all the time

  Sometimes as women we wear exhaustion like a badge of honor. With modern life being so busy and women doing more than ever before, it is easy to blow off the fact that you feel tired all the time. But you shouldn’t. Feeling tired all the time is not normal and warrants a closer […]

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15 New Year Self care ideas to make this your best year

self care ideas for the new year 640 × 400

Okay, the new year is here, and it’s time to start the new year with self-care ideas that prioritize you. Be the star of your own darn life and don’t apologize for it. It’s true. When you prioritize your own self-care you are a better happier person and more of a pleasure to be around […]

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Effects of Hormones on mental health you need to know

Hormones and your mental health

, Can hormonal imbalances cause mental health problems? Hormones are chemical messengers that have a vast effect on the functioning of the whole body including the brain. Hormones are responsible for many physical, emotional, and mental processes throughout the body. They affect growth, reproduction, and energy. Hormones also impact brain chemistry, influence mood, emotions, and mental […]

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18 Signs of self-sabotage (and how to stop getting in your own way)

Self sabotaging signs and how to stop

Signs of self-sabotage you should recognize Sometimes we blame circumstances, or other people for our lack of progress in life, or unhappiness in our lives, when in fact these issues are more likely signs of self-sabotage.  What is Self-sabotage and how do you know if you are sabotaging? In order to stop self-sabotage, you must […]

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The Best Hormone Balancing Superfoods

Best foods for hormonal balance

  Hormone Balancing Superfoods for hormone health Hormone-balancing superfoods are foods whole foods that are essential for the healthy hormone production, maintenance, and function of your hormones to ensure hormonal balance. And because hormonal balance has a great impact on many facets of health including mood, energy metabolism, reproductive health, mental health, and general physical health, […]

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