best gifts for someone withdepression or anxiey

The best gifts for  someone with anxiety and depression

Helping a friend or family member manage their anxiety or depression is an amazing gift, for, after all, Christmas is all about spreading joy and love, because we are really celebrating the gift that Christ gave us, the ultimate gift of love.

The list below contains pampering and inspirational items, that are aimed to smooth the rough edges of an anxious mind or lift the spirits of a person experiencing depression. These gifts are great too for anyone in some kind of not so happy place in their life.


These gifts are great for anyone who may need a bit of mental health care. Get for a friend, family or even for yourself. You too may need some self-loving care. I wrote about other ways you can practice self-care here. 


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Gift ideas for mental health


 #1 Himalayan salt lamp

I love these salt lamps. they are so soothing with their soft orange glow, giving any room a lovely ambiance. It is likely that you may want one in every room if you do buy one for yourself.


The added bonus is that while you enjoy their soft glow, they also work to purify the air you breathe, and so you breathe better, and the glow calms your mind so you feel relaxed and find a much happier mood.


Give this to a loved one and they will appreciate you so much as they sit by this lamp daily especially in these dreary winter months. It does come in a small size so you can get a small one for a night lamp too.

#2 Yoga Mat

A great gift for anyone looking to improve their mental health through yoga. This mat comes in a rainbow of colors so choose the color that you feel will make this lovely healthful gift hit the mark.

Additionally, this mat does a good job of cushioning and protecting one from the hard floors as it has a nice thickness. Great protection as they do the downward dog, so to speak.

#3 Collagen

This Zint collagen is wonderful. Help someone improve their physical health and you may help them improve their mental health to a certain extent. It is all worth it.  This collagen dissolves well and has no taste so it can easily be added to smoothies or just mixed with water to supplement one’s protein intake for great health.

The health benefits of this collagen are varied from helping with bountiful hair to beautiful nails to strong joints. You know it is no fun having achy joints, which seem to get worse in the cold months. 


Achy joints are bound to make one’s depression even worse, as well as having any other chronic illness. And let’s face it, thinning, or falling out from any cause including anxiety can make a person feel worse. Have yourself some self-care or get it for a loved one. This is a great health supplement.


#4 Fleece bathrobe

This Alexander  Del Rossa women’s fleece robe is divine! Taking an essential oil-infused bubble bath and then wrap yourself in this cloud of softness and you are bound to feel your mood lift and your anxiety subside.


A gorgeous full-length robe to cuddle within the cold months, that will have one feeling cozy, and warm, like a warm fleecy fuzzy hug. It is like the soft warmth of the sun in the wintertime, a great way to fight the dreary winter.  And, it comes in many colors too. This is a great gift. It’s lovely, fleecy and a great length. ‘nough said!

#5 White noise machine

A white noise machine is so comforting. Love listening to sounds of nature while I snooze away.  You can adjust this one to many different therapeutic sounds from rainfalls to bubbling streams crashing waves and more!


Bring the wonderful healing sounds of nature right into the bedroom, for a relaxed evening by the fire, as you enjoy a good read, or binge on Netflix, two of my favorite ways to unwind.

This white noise machine provides a great way to soothe frayed nerves and anxious minds. Listening to singing birds will make one feel like its spring and may lift a SAD mood.


All the sounds in this machine will be comforting for anyone experiencing a low mood.


And even better, if one has noisy neighbors this white noise machine erases all annoying noises from neighbors,  car noises, the garbage truck making its way before you are ready to wake up, and if you re a nightshift worker, like me, sleeping during the day can be difficult as the WHOLE world wakes up to torment your sleep. Please stay away from my doorbell.


I want the UPS man to deliver my mail at 5 pm and not a minute earlier, okay!

No more staying awake because the neighbors upstairs have elephant feet! This white noise machine  ELIMINATES UNWANTED NOISES SO YOU AN ENJOY  PEACEFUL MOMENTS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PEACEFUL SLEEP. Get it for you or a loved one who may need to calm nerves, rest undisturbed by unwelcome noises and sounds.

#6 Inspirational cards

I absolutely love these inspirational cards.

They are vibrant in bright beautiful colors that will definitely put a smile on a friend or loved ones face. And these are versatile gifts for work or even as party favors.

A great way to make someone feel special, and what is better than the gift of encouragement?  You get 30 cards, and the price is very reasonable. Help someone bloom and thrive by gifting them these inspirational cards.

#7 Essential oil diffusers

This gorgeous wood grain diffuser is not only pretty to look at but is a great way to have the house smelling great and with the right oils, will help with sleep as well.

It can diffuse for 10 hours straight, and the mist helps improve the quality of the indoor air especially in the winter month. This is a gift that keeps on giving. You want a house that smells great, get this for your own use or as a gift.


You can also get them the whole package and get them this great diffuser that comes with the oils. There a recipe book one can dabble with the mixing. It is just lovely, and the lavender will have one sleeping like a baby. I can’t say enough about why one needs to have great sleep. Simply essential and this diffuser will help. 

#8  Verilux HappyLight lamp

This is just awesome.

Well, let me tell you, SAD is real! That is a Seasonal affective disorder. This lamp helps me so much during the cold wintry months when the sun doesn’t shine.

Anyone who suffers from a sad mood in the wintry months will benefit greatly from this therapeutic lamp. When the sun doesn’t shine, my sunny mood just deeps, and I feel blue. This lamp is a game-changer. Get it for a loved one who may need a lift in their mood when the other is so grey.

#9 Journal, one line a day

This pretty journal in beautiful floral design is motivating enough just by its beautiful cover. The one or two lines layout makes journaling a breeze for anyone.


If daunted by the thought of writing long entries, then this helps, making it easy to record thoughts. Get it for a new mom, a friend or family and help them find an easy way jot just a line or two, and be able to look back 5 years in this fun and festive journal. A beautiful and simple way to record memories.


#10 Power thought cards

A beautiful deck of 64 cards, with inspiration on one side and a visualization on the other that empowers and reinforces positive thoughts. Give these little gems to impact a life with positivity. Positive thinking is literary speaking life to someone you care about.


#11 Motivational books

Several here to choose from. Any of these will motivate and inspire change or goals achievement, and what a nice way to invigorate a mind, help someone through mental blocks that may prevent them from achieving their best.


Feeling stuck can be so unmotivating. If someone suffers from depression or anxiety, it is that much harder to achieve their goals. These reads will lead the way and inspire.

#12 One more inspirational book.

Hey Girl, Hey! by Meghan Fletcher is an inspiration. And it is highly recommended with glowing five-star reviews. If you know anyone in your list from your teenage niece to your friend who may be struggling this is a great book to encourage any young or even older women.

#13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hey Girl Tea

This tea will put a pep onto anyone’s step. It is a citrusy energizer without the jitters that coffee brings. Give the gift of all-day energy or get it for yourself for all-day energy and happiness, and get stuff done. This tea will make one tackle their to-do list with #   17Doss Touch Blue tooth speakers 

I love music, and is there anything better than pumping out a tune you love and dancing to great music-great sounds coming from amazing speakers. Yes, I am sure you can think of a few other good things.


This small portable sound box will do the job nicely, producing a high-quality sound that one can dance away to and feel instantly better.  Really big sound for the size of this box.

# 14 Tapestries

Arent tapestries just gorgeous? I do so love anything bohemian.  I love their bold patterns. These totally bring out the gypsy in me. Cheer yourself up or get for a friend.


They are truly a great work of art. Use as a bedspread, or hang on the wall.  These gorgeous bright vibrant colors are going to brighten the room and bring joy every day.


And  I love their exotic look, for then I feel like I have been to some wondrous adventures in a faraway country.

It is truly a gift of happiness. I l love them and I can’t get enough. I want every color combination in these lovely tapestries.

 #15 Nutribullet blender

Gift yourself a NutriBullet. These are little but very powerful blenders that will pulverize any fruits, vegetables, and even nuts, to make amazingly smooth and nutritious smoothies and shakes. It comes with 3 containers and recipes to get you on your way to healthy nutrition.


I have used mine to even grind coffee beans giving me fresh coffee on demand. Love it! This an easy way to encourage self-care in the way of nutrition. If someone you love or yourself isn’t able to cook a whole meal, tossing in fruits veggies seeds and nuts in here will make a great meal replacement.


# 16 Matcha Green Tea

You know a friend or loved one who needs to focus? Matcha tea brings on energy and focus. Stuff gets done. The to-do list gets finished. And they feel accomplished and you feel better because you thought of this and gave this gift. They can infuse in smoothies or just boil a cup of water, some honey, matcha and voila! Energy and focus in a cup.


And soon they can whip those chores and todos in no time.


Do you know someone who needs some energy to handle the littles? Mothering requires a lot of energy and focus, while your attention is being demanded in ten different directions. This tea is great, not only for mamas but for lady bosses and students. This a great boost to mental health wellness.

 #17 Inspirational Mug

Do you know someone about to start some big life adventures, or someone needing a small nudge of encouragement? Get them this gorgeous motivational mug. Don’t you just love the design and the colors? And The words. I really do. Really encouraging.

#18 Cute Mom T-shirt

Get a mom a cute t-shirt that brings a smile to their face such as these t-shirts. A little humor to brighten their day. Mom’s life is wonderful but also has many, many, did I say many rough days? Yes, give little gifts that help, just a little to lighten the load as these shirts.

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Alright now here is to happy gifting!

May your gifts bring on so much joy and love. May they love every gift. And they will. Let’s help improve mental health, every way we can. Do you have a particular gift you recommend for anxiety and depression? Do tell me below in the comments.

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