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I love to sleep. Ever since I have been working as an RN on the night shift at the hospital, sleep has become a premium commodity to me. Yes,  try being sleep deprived and still have a household to care for, and children to chauffeur around on 4 hours of sleep.

So When I get the opportunity to finally settle in bed, and after a nice long bath-preferably one infused with lavender bath salts, or essential oils of choice, I am finally ready for blissful slumber. I love me some lavender oils such as a these. Their soothing aroma relaxes and eases you into sleep.  A few dabs or drops into your bath and you will soon drift off into blissful sleep.

I  then wear my purple fuzzy robe over my nightgown, and it is a perfect moment especially on these cold cold days. It’s heavenly really. The fuzzy robe gives me that extra coziness as I prepare to ease off into my bliss. Warm, soft, and purple, perfect, and soothing. And before long  I am off to dreamland. I look forward to sleep these days more than anything. I would rather stay home asleep than go out. I love to sleep that much.

To really optimize my sleep, especially on those days I have to sleep during the day, I also have blackout blinds so the room gets pitch dark.Yes, I have to try really hard to trick my brain which prefers nighttime sleep into thinking its night time. And towards that goal, I also wear a nice silken sleeping mask. My eyes know something is missing if I don’t have this mask on when I go to sleep. Its a must have if I want to have some good quality sleep. Try a sleeping mask and you will never want to be without one.

I would encourage anyone who works the night shift to invest in a mask. Indeed a sleeping mask makes sleep better even if you sleep at night. Think of all the Saturdays you wanted to sleep in and the sun came up filtering through your curtains and woke you up. I love the sun, but not when  I am trying to sleep.  A sleeping mask will put to a stop just that type of nuisance.I

f you would like to give sleeping masks a try,  these masks are comfy, smooth and silky and they will lull your eyes closed and keep the blazing light out so you can get all the sleep you need.


I don’t know what it is about stationary. I love it all really, so it is hard to pick just one. I love pretty journals, with their beautiful colors and designs. I look at them and  I thinks, wow it’s going to be so much fun writing my thoughts on these.

So I keep buying. I can’t resist them. And now the rage is all these amazing bullet journals that make it even easier to well, journal. People are raving about bullet journals such as these and they come in so many colors and as smooth a butter. Won’t your thoughts just flow? Mhhh! I need some journals.

It is recommended that one writes down thoughts to gain a better perspective on things. So again with the earlier thought on sleep, instead of laying in bed wide awake because your brain keeps racing with various thoughts, write them down in a pretty journal.

Somehow that calms your mind and you can go off to sleep.  You shouldn’t be thinking when you’re trying to sleep. When I journal, I literally feel the lifting off of the weight of whatever it is that was bothering me.

Another thing is to write down not just troubling thoughts but happy thoughts as well, like things you are grateful for. Yes, let’s be grateful all the time and not just on Thanksgiving day.  Or you can write down your to-do lists on a bullet journal which will keep you organized and focused and your mind at ease. Bullet journals are a great way to do this. The good thing is there are so many to choose from.

Sunny Days

Okay, you can tell by now that I like my me time a lot! I do. And how better to spend that time than soaking me some rays. I love sunshine! It somehow just brightens my days, and I feel lighter and optimistic.  I can spend hours outside.  That’s why I cannot understand how I would have low vitamin D, but I do and have to take a daily supplement- but that’s another topic. So You can imagine how winter bothers me. It does.

I want sunny days every day! You think I should move to some tropical locale? Me too! How about Hawaii? I can dream. Maybe someday. Oh, Id love that! So you see, in my dream life, I am living on a tropical island somewhere basking in the sun, enjoying the breeze of palm trees, on the balcony of a lovely beach house.  Yes, a girl can dream, can’t she? Okay, maybe in the short term I can settle and go on a cruise. Yeah,  I like that idea, but then I the thought of the  Titanic and a myriad other ships that encountered similar fate sneaks in and I freak out a bit.

Though… I can always fly to my chosen paradise destination. I will admit though, the leisurely laid-back way of a cruise is very tempting. So anyway, you get it? I live for the Summer. It must be the internal call of my motherland… my beloved Kenya, sunny most of the time.


Though I like learning, studying is never fun. But reading a good novel, reding for fun, that I can do every single day. If only life was just fun and games and I did not have to do things like cook, clean, or go to work. Reading novels is pretty entertaining.

Reading is a great way too, to leave your own situations and immerse yourself in someones else’s life, a way to learn new things and new places. I love my books, though I will admit I have not read much lately, well, given that I have to do all the aforementioned, sometimes mundane and terribly boring things.  I love a good novel and  I am always looking for the next great read.

I am a bit picky about my reading choices. I love novels that mimic real life more than Sci-fi, murder mysteries and such, but to each their own. Reading is a great way to travel to places, without ever leaving your house if you’re so inclined.

Lately, I have discovered books by Philippa Gregory. I love her writing on the British Monarchy. It is insightful,  entertaining, historically illuminating and thrilling- and I cant put the book down until the last page. And, did you read the Help?

Another good read, taking us back to yesteryears, of the struggles between races, of the maid and the mistress, reminding us how far we have come. And the struggle continues, though not exactly in the maid and mistress arena, we are still trying to say,”Hey we are all human, and we all want basically a chance in the pursuit of happiness, without being put in little boxes” How about  Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner? I also really love his  A Thousand Splendid Suns, actually, this one is a breathtaking read ( must get a copy, I  need to read that one again).  I highly highly recommend it, if you would like to indulge yourself, here you go!

Books are my pets. Yes, I need a real live pet too.I hear they are good for the soul as well. But books, well they don’t need to be walked, haha… but ok, I know I should not compare the two.   I have a hard time giving my books up even after I read them, I want to keep them. And sometimes that can be a problem as I only have so much room to keep them all.

I think I need to get ready for the summer and get a reading list ready. I can take some recommendations so take it away!


I admit I am all about chick flicks. No zombies for me. Or Murder Mysteries– I get too scared and I am checking every nook and cranny, in my house, under the bed, the garage and cant even take a stroll in the neighborhood in the evening.Yeah, scaredy cat here.

Like in my taste for books, I just want some reality in my movie entertainment, or at least as close to life as possible. I know that can be a bit tedious for some, but not for me. I used to watch lifetime movies all the time.

I know, I know they are not always realistic and a bit predictable but some would get to me and I would be bawling till I have a headache. So now I don’t watch that channel.

I find I gravitate towards light movies that make me laugh. I know it is a bit silly, but I have watched How to lose a Guy in ten days several times,  and Maid in Manhattan, Made of Honor, The Wedding Planner, you get the jist. That’s just me. I am simple, what can I say?

Okay, as you can see I am a simple woman and love to keep my time quite simple-quiet. So tell me,  what are some of your favorite things? Any recommendation for me to enlarge my me time? Let me know in the comments.