How to boast your mood instantly


If you find yourself occasionally feeling down, and your mood is literally on the floor, don’t lose heart. You can easily brighten your mood in an instant.

You can bust a bad mood and find that pep in your step again. We all, occasionally find ourselves deep down in the dumps, downhearted, and not in the best mood at all.

We lose joy for a time in the course of our day.

But the thing is, and this is important, we really don’t have to stay emotionally down under for long. We can find simple ways to reclaim our shine, our joy, and zen feelings again.

How to boost your mood instantly


We must for our wellbeing find a way to get ourselves out of the doldrums of the emotional and psychological quagmire. For our health, our emotional and mental wellbeing, we must find some go-to ways to lift our moods quickly in order to live fully and wholesomely.

So it is important to be self-aware and know when our mood is sliding downwards.

To be in tune with the internal workings of your emotions.

And most important too,  is having little things that can help to smooth your feathers so to speak. Stop, listen to yourself, and assess how you feel overall.

If at any time you feel like you have no sparkle left in you, then you have the power to find your joy again. Try as much as possible to reclaim your mental and emotional health.


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So when the sun just won’t shine, don’t get lost in the cloud and gloom. You, my friend, can quite, just simply create your very own sunshine!”

Try these simple easy ways to fill your self up and keep your mood happy, energetic, and be ready to accomplish your daily goals.


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Simple Tried and True Ways to Lift Your Mood Quickly.


Have a Cup of Tea

lift you mood instantly with a cup of tea

evaporate that occasional feeling of being bumped. Sipping a cup of hot tea on a dreary day is so soothing and eases the tension as you sip. Try it! A good cup of tea can What Can I say! I am an addict to tea. Hey, there are worse things. Right? And, this is a good thing. A great thing indeed.

Tea always perks me up. And I love that there is a tea for every occasion.

Some black tea with some lemon and honey energizes you and relaxes you at the same time. A great pick me up for those times your energy and mood start to plummet.

There is a good reason I think, why the English have tea at 10 Am and 4 PM. Those are times of energy slumps. A good cup of black or green tea is an easy peasy quick way to bounce back and lift your spirits right up quickly, instantly.


Add some honey, and is absolute bliss!

A few sips and you can literally feel your mood changing, and feeling, well, lighter. You really can just dance through your day with the right cup of tea.

Now, when it comes to tea infusions, some are truly phenomenal especially those that come from places where drinking tea is a tradition. These are a few of my favorites. You can sample these black teas here. 

How to boost your mood instantly

There are many herbal teas that you can try too. Some for calming down- like lavender tea. Others give you more energy so you can move and shake things up!

And get things done to accomplish your day’s goals. Try this Green tea for renewed energy and focus. You will be unstoppable, and not a single element of bad mood will be anywhere within a mile of you. Tea will make you smile.

It will make you feel better.

Or you can drink some delicious tea that will ease you off into blissful sleep so tomorrow you can kick it with the best of them spotting a smile and a great attitude full of sunshine thanks to some amazing slumber time tea. 


Paint Your Nails


polish your nails and improve your mood

I told you this is simple. Love pink nail polish. Nothing says happy like pink nail polish. I say get some pretty colors and spend a few minutes in blissful distraction. And the result will have you smiling.


A few minutes of indulging yourself can do a lot to lift your spirits out the doldrums.  Get your most perky nail polish colors and give yourself mani-pedi.

And if you can splurge, go on and head to the nail salon and have yourself a real professional pamper you!

You can, while you are at it go for a massage. Get the works and feel spoiled and pampered. Yes, and the bad mood will be poofed.

You will smile for sure after getting spoilt a bit, even if you have to do it yourself.

Nothing like pretty nails to bring a smile to your lips.

Feeling pretty can surely help lift a bad mood. And it will surely help when those around you admire your gorgeous nails.

You could go a step further and have a new hairdo to boot. Give yourself a treat. As they say, you are worth it! 


Indulge in a Hobby

I am so glad hobbies exist. These are those activities that we do and love to do because they really do bring us joy. In a great alternative world, everyone should have their hobby as their means of income.


Then they truly would never work a day in their lives! Truly, because work would just be fun. I can get lost for hours in my hobbies. So paint, color, knit. Do whatever brings you joy for a while to wash over the gloom you may be feeling.

A hobby feels so indulgent so it is bound to lift your mood. What do you really delight in doing?  I for one love to knit.


I find it so relaxing and the creative process of knitting fills me with joy as I see my creation come to life.  Try turning to your hobby when bad moods start to suck you in. Turn this around by doing something creative that you love.


Write a Letter to Brighten your Day

journal or write to improve yur mood

Writing is so therapeutic. And writing a real paper letter is more so,I feel. So if you’re are feeling a bit grey and down

think of someone who really gets you, a good friend- and write a heartfelt letter to them.

You can mail it or not. Or just write a letter to your self, a young you, or a future you visualizing yourself in a better situation.  write of a time you are thinking of in the future celebrating some great achievement.


This can motivate you to go after some big goals. This, in turn, can turn your mood around and fill you with hope, and happiness. And poofed! will be a bad mood.

Use the power of visualization to cast a spell of positive vibes for yourself. Write as this amazing awesome person that you want to be. Write about how you want to feel.

Using long hand I feel does more for your mental health, and that is why paper journaling is such a powerful therapeutic thing. Have you tried journaling?

Writing is like confiding to a good trusted friend. It heals. It is therapeutic.


Drink Water To Improve Your Mood

Aah, the water issue again. Yes, water! It is that important.  Here is the thing.  A lot of people go about living dehydrated. They reach for things like mountain Dew, diet coke, and the like.

Oh, the sugar in these and more than likely other bad for you things too in such drinks also contribute to moodiness. Many of us are poisoning our mental health and other areas of health.

Sugar really is the sweetest poison.

 how to boost your mood fast


And I fight this sugar battle daily. Sugar will cause you to crush.

And keeps you hydrated. You for instance, if you have too much sugar circulating in your blood, you pee more. That means you lose water as the body tries to eliminate excess sugar.

So if you are feeling grumpy, there may be several causes. One of these is dehydration.

Try and drink real water. Dehydration can make you feel tired, fatigued, sluggish, lethargic, and, well grumpy. Hydrate and you can change and improve your mood.

I know the struggle. The struggle to drink enough water.

Sometimes it takes a real conscious effort.  The recommendation is that you need to drink half your weight in ounces.

If plain water is not your thing, then infuse some fruits and some mint in an infuser. I love fruit infused water. It looks so pretty and to me, that a great motivator too. This is a  great infuser. 

Keep yourself accountable by getting a bottle with marks also to show how much you are drinking. This is motivating too. Challenge yourself to drink more water.

Your metabolism and mental health require that all nutrients are being transported properly. There are many other metabolic processes that can be affected by dehydration.

How to bosst your mood instantly. Tips to brighten you mood quicklily, feel happy fast

Color or Paint to Improve Your Mood

This one falls under hobbies that can really brighten your day.

Painting is one of those hobbies that once you get in the zone you can be so carried away and as you unleash your imagination, you can soon find your mind will ease up and you start feeling better.

It is an uplifting hobby. A great creative outlet.

So if you have a knack for painting as an art form let your imagination fly. This indeed will improve your mood a whole lot.

Coloring can do the same too for those of us not so quite gifted to create paintings from scratch.


And the good thing about coloring is all you have to do is decide which colors you like. The template is there, you just have to fill it in. I love adult coloring books.


They are a nice pleasant way to relax and create even without lots of artistic know-how.

Here are a few of my favorite coloring books to inspire you.

Garden to Find Your Zen

Mmh! I can smell the soil! That earthy smell is really so good for your brain. I don’t remember the science behind it but go with it.  Just try it. It is really good for you. First of all it exercise. Enough said, I think.

You might even find that you actually have a green thumb in the processes.


And it is just so fulfilling to see your garden come to live-flowers blooming, your vegetables growing.

And think of the joy you will feel when you can actually pick from your garden hose, your very own-from the labor of your hands- those red, juicy ripe tomatoes!

Gardening is a great way to ease your mind, and lift your mood.



Eat Dark Chocolate


improve your mood with chocolate

Yeah! Totally. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, there are a few, Odd people. Or those who are allergic. That is just sad though.

Hope you are not one of those? Chocolate, dark chocolate made from at least 72% cacao, is chock full of good things like magnesium.

You know magnesium is great and essential for your nerves and muscles to relax. It is required for your heart to function properly. For your mind as well, and indeed, for over 300 other biosynthetic processes in the body.


If you are deficient of magnesium, you are likely not sleeping well. And many people are deficient. So, okay, just eat some dark chocolate. And eat your spinach too.  

A woman cannot live on cholate alone. Okay, I will stick to chocolate, but don’t forget the spinach to prevent bad moods in the first place.


You can also get a handful of trail mix with some almonds and pumpkin seeds to up your mood lifting magnesium. Add some dark chocolate chunks. Talk of a delicious and healthy way to kick a bad mood to the curb.


Eating chocolate is really the ultimate comfort indulgent. Just now visualize yourself putting that chocolate delicacy in your mouth and you close your eyes, and…bliss!

Instantly you feel better.

There is the sensuousness of chocolate texture and the effects of the healthy compounds in dark chocolate.

So go on- go ahead and make yourself a self-care kit that you can use as a go-to when you need a lift -you- up moment. Include 72-80% cacao chocolate bar. Include other healthy niblets such as trail mix.

Include happy memories, wholesome things to nibble on, and sweet-smelling essential oils, as well as pictures that are happy memories.  and of course, chocolate!


Take that to work to quickly center yourself, and find calm and joy when things get hectic.

Keep one at home as well. And of course if you work at home a self-care kit as such can really come handy for a mental health reboot, so to speak.


Watch a Funny Television  Episode

Nothing like a fun mindless episode of Friends to make you smile and cheer you up. Just brew a cup of tea, or get a glass of wine and cozy up on the couch and watch a funny sitcom. Or a silly girl movie.


I am all for a laugh-out-loud girly movie, such as  Bridget Jones  Diary. or the book by the same title, if you would rather read. Or Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. So funny.


The escaped such as those are bound to make you laugh out loud and for a while, your life may seem much much rosier.  So next time you start your feeling blue,  just go to one of your favorite TV shows, movies, or funny Youtubers. And  Let the fun times roll!



Buy Something Nice

Aah, the joy of shopping. Sometimes shopping has that lasting effect. Bouys the spirit when done right. The thing you want to do is to keep balance. Don’t overspend.

There are times just walking around browsing just helps me relax. I may only buy one small thing like a pair of earrings. No, not diamonds or emerald or any fine stones or metals. No, just something frivolous. Just something small. And Shiny, of course.

Yes, this is one of those “best things come in small packages”, but without breaking the bank type of things. Those are fun. And finding one on a relaxing shopping and browsing will bring a smile to your face for sure.

A better mood maybe just a walk or a drive to your nearest shopping mall. I am not sure if buying online has the same effect. You tell me. I think going out and walking around is part of the process here.

Feel free to correct me.


Listen to Music

Okay, this is my all time favorite way to make me feel happy. I blast that music up and dance. Yes, girl! Don’t tell anyone, but this is my go-to for bringing on the happy. And it works. Every time.

Dance like no one is watching session leaves me exhilarated and light. Try some 90s music. Or eighties. I am old. So I could be biased.

There is some good dance music from the current era.

But I am not well-informed on those. So which ones are your favorites?


Music can really chase away the blues.  Music and the exercise in dancing leave me feeling renewed. And the blues move on out. ..and I am happy once again.

So go on, put on your favorite music. Turn it up, and dance!


Clean and Declutter To Be happy

declutter clean for a better mood

Believe me, there is healing in decluttering, cleaning, and keeping things organized. You may be feeling moody because you have PMS, or your environment is cluttered, or both. Clutter crowds the mind and robs one of focus and happiness.

Just think, have you ever seen a happy hoarder.? I bet not.  Clutter messes with your mental health.


I have to remind myself of this a lot. I will just say it. I don’t like cleaning. But when things get crazy and my house looks like a scene from a war movie, then  I am forced to clean and organize.

It just feels good to see clean organized spaces. It makes me feel lighter and improves my mood.

A clean and organized space is very calming and is happiness-inducing. Try it.

You will feel the difference. You will feel happier and calmer.


Call a Friend

call on friends to keep healthy mental health

Those longtime best friends are the best for these blue feeling times.

They know you and they love you anyway. Call them up and chat for a while.  Before you know it you two will be laughing away and you will begin to feel better.


Call a long time friend you haven’t seen in awhile, and catch up. Or call the one you see all the time and she gets you. You share a lot in common. Good friends are a  necessity.

You need great relationships with other ladies to thrive.

So nurture those relationships so you have someone to call and laugh with. A good chat with a good friend is a mental health need, like water and good food.

Bonus points if your friend is funny to bring on the giggles.

Laughing is so therapeutic. And that my friend is why God created a friendship.

Besides we are meant to live social, not on social media, though it has its uses.

Take a Walk

If your mood has turned grey, move, and no, not to another city or state. Take a walk. Go for a run. Exercise. Activity such as a movement releases happy neurotransmitters.

Movement such as a brisk walk also helps you feel energized. You come back f=home with a new high, drug-free to boot. It is true exercise can totally change your outlook and fill you with happiness.

So step on out and walk. You will be a new woman, and a gloomy mood will be nowhere. You just might find you like this new you much better and make walking a daily thing.


Make Some Healthy Comfort Food

The only thing to remember is not to pig out cos later you will feel bad for overeating.

But the cooking is therapeutic, and the eating is even better. Nothing like good food to turn a bad mood around.

Besides, you could have been hungry. Hunger can cause grumpiness.

And Of course, try to be as healthy as possible in your choice. If it is something on the heavier side do take care not to make it a habit.


Some buttery mashed potatoes do it for me. What’s not to love about that the melt -in -your- mouth- luscious goodness? It is my go to all time comfort food.

And it works. What is your favorite comfort food? Make it and enjoy. Feel your self slowly relaxing and blue mood lifting away. And gone! Yes. There is magic in good comfort food.


So, those are a few ways to turn a bad mood around quickly and easily. Which of these have you tried?

What do you do to turn a bad mood around? We all can use all the tricks we can find to help keep our joy.

Okay. I am off to make me a cup of tea. Get yours and get happy!

How to brighten your mood fast