The fight against the bulge can sometimes feel arduous and frustrating. What to do? We have to eat to survive. We try many different ways to lose weight and before we know it, the weight we lost creeps back plus a few extra pounds. While there is much cause to weight gain, one factor is how well or fast our metabolism is.

The best way to maintain a trim waistline is to rev up our metabolism. How can we do this you ask? Well, there are several things one can do to speed up metabolism.

Eat regular times without skipping meals

It is a bad idea to skip meals when you are trying to lose weight. One would think that if you don’t eat often you get thinner. But that does not work unless of course, you’re out in the desert for many days without food. And we are not in the desert. complete opposite for many people. Surrounded by food wherever you look. From Vending Machines to your own fridge and pantry to grocery stores overflowing with all the temptations. Then there is the food ads. Aargh!

Starving your body just causes the body to store fat. The body thinks.. “we are about to starve here I better keep some energy just in case. ” And so the fat stays put. So eat at least six times a day. Eating healthy meals, and healthy snacks in between meals.

Eat protein-rich foods.

Eating foods rich in protein helps one lose weight because, for one, it takes the body a long time to digest protein. This, in turn, means that one feels full longer and therefore does not reach for more food.

Another reason is that protein helps one build muscle. When one has more muscle they lose more weight. That is because lean muscle burns more fat, especially after exercise.  That’s one reason men lose more weight than women because generally, men have more muscle mass compared to women.

Do not skip breakfast

I know I already said do not skip meals. And breakfast is a meal. I  have met many people who skip breakfast. This is a no-no if especially you are trying to lose weight. Remember what I said about the body thinks its starving and so hangs on tightly to its fat. In other words, your metabolism slows to crawl because it takes energy to metabolize and without that energy from food, the fat stored is not used for energy.

Remember also for the eight hours you were asleep, you were fasting and some energy is used even in sleep. Also, studies show that eating breakfast can prevent hunger later in the day. Staying hungry for so can lead to overeating later when you decide to eat.

Another benefit of eating breakfast is that you will have more energy for physical activity, such as exercise which further fuels weight loss. When you start with a healthy breakfast you set yourself up for successful weight loss.

Optimize your sleep to boost your metabolism

The fact that we need a good amount of sleep to stay healthy is not random.  Research is showing that sleep is necessary not only good brain health but the functioning of the body as a whole.

Research has shown that lack of sleep disrupts our hunger and satiety hormones, leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hormone that tells you-you’re hungry and need to eat. Leptin is the satiety hormone which signals when you’re full. So when the functioning of these hormones are disrupted when one is forever hungry, and the body doesn’t get the signal that “hey you need to stop now that’s enough you are full” This messes with your metabolism and weight loss cannot happen.

Also, when one stays up, they tend to eat late in the night, perhaps because they are still using energy and must replenish. Research shows that people tend to eat in excess of the energy expenditure when they stay up late and they have less restraint leading to indulgence. So getting enough sleep will help one keep off excess weight.

Another reason not sleeping enough slows metabolism is that the body gets stressed. Without sleeping enough more stress hormone, cortisol is produced. Cortisol is necessary to fuel your fight or flight reflex. This worked great for our ancestors who had to run from wild beasts and other terrors.

Today, we stay seated at our work desks. We are not running away from anything and so we store the fat that the body is forced to hold on to because our body thinks we are in danger. It is in fight or flight mode…all the time,  thinking it needs to store this fat for energy when it is required to run from the danger. That is all because we didn’t sleep enough.

This leads to a slow metabolism, increased abdominal fat and girth, and even fat around the shoulders.  Keep in mind that an abdominal girth of 35 inches and up for women can lead to metabolic syndromes such as cardiac disease and diabetes.

Diabetes then leads to more metabolic problems, dysfunctional metabolism, and more weight gain.

According to an article in PubMed, staying up at night increases insulin resistance, this, in turn, leads to excess blood sugar and subsequent weight gain. So get enough sleep and your body will thank you. Sleeping well will boost your metabolism.

Choose foods that are whole and not loaded with toxins



Think twice about those french fries… and other fried foods and chemically altered foods. What an age we are living in. There is so much worse for you food in that refrigerated section of the grocery store than you can imagine.

Foods full of saturated fats, and high in sugar.  These types of foods are referred to as proinflammatory foods. According to research, these foods lead to a flourishing of proinflammatory bacteria whose by-product – lipopolysaccharide, impairs satiety signaling in the brain leading to overeating. That means the body does not get the signal that its full like I mentioned earlier.

These polysaccharides are toxins. Our bodies are bombarded by so many toxins in this modern age. These toxins today are the equivalent of the jungle animals of the prehistoric man.

boost your metabolism and lose weightThe difference is that the toxins kill us slowly. Unfortunately, there’s are very many toxins in food in the air, and in our general environments.

So why increase the load of toxins your body has to deal with by eating some prepacked something someone is selling as fast food? It may be fast to eat but really really slow to get rid of.

So how do the toxins make us fat? These toxins are housed in our fat cells, and the more toxins, the more the fat AKA the fat houses housed in our bodies.

The take here: eat organic, keep away from plastic containers. Use natural house cleaners. Stop eating prepacked foods especially from those middle sections in the supermarket.

Okay, there you have it.  Start making good food choices, boost your metabolism and lose weight. So there you go! Some ways to reign in the bulge, and not only find your inner slim but bring it on out and in the process embrace a much healthier you!


metablism and weight loss

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