Mental Health

10 Habits That Make Your Depression Worse

Habits that make depression worse

10 habits that make depression worse Lifestyle and habits can contribute to depression and unhappiness. Depression is one of the most common mental health debilities affecting one in 6 men and one in 4 women in their lifetime according to research.  There are many risk factors that lead to one developing depression. These factors may […]

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Journal Prompts for Anxiety

Journal prompts for anxiety

Journal Prompts for Anxiety Do you find yourself having moments where anxious thoughts keep circling in your mind? Sometimes these are intrusive thoughts that just wont quit and can literely send one spiraling into a panick attack. At moments like this, Journaling for anxiety can clam and quiet your anxious mind. Anxiety is a mental […]

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16 Habits That Make Anxiety Worse

Habits that make anxiety worse

If you suffer from anxiety, you need to consider your habits. Chances are high that your habits maybe make your anxiety worse.  Sometimes, in fact, in many cases, many people develop these bad habits as a way to cope with mental health problems like anxiety, but these bad habits end up making the situation way […]

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14 Best Foods that Calm Anxiety Naturally

The best foods that calm anxiety anxiety naturally

The best food that calm anxiety naturally The food you eat affects many areas of your health including mental health. And with so many anxiety sufferers in the world, perhaps diet may have something to do with it. In that case, you may wonder are there the best foods to eat to calm anxiety naturally? […]

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The Best Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

How to relieve and overcome stress naturally

  The best ways to relieve stress naturally Life can be stressful and even overwhelming for a lot of us these days. You got a day job, kids and their activities, a house that needs cleaning and shopping that needs doing, cooking, projects, and dinner with your inlaws -all needing your attention.   And the […]

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A Mother’s Day Wish

Last Year on Mothers day,  my son gave me a wonderful gift with a spa day theme, and I was thrilled! I love, love all those feminine Mother’s Day gifts. I love shiny things, sparkly trinkets, nice smelling soaps and lotions, and perfumes. And I love flowers. I love beautiful cards with beautiful words. I […]

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