Personal development

The best morning routine for anxiety and productivity

  Are you one of those people who wake up rushing with just enough time to dress and then dash through the door, grab a coffee, and off you go to work?  Or do you have a morning routine that is calming and productive?    A morning routine can literary change your life for the […]

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What to remember when you dont feel okay

What to remember whem you dont feel okay

    When life is hard, and you don’t feel okay, it is important to keep a few things in mind that will help you navigate the hard times. Because difficult things happen we must be emotionally and mentally prepared to cope. It is given that sooner or later, life throws some punches at us. […]

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13 Books That Will Inpsire You to Live Your Best Life

  There has never been a better time to start looking for inspiration and guidance to live your best life ever than right this minute. Don’t wait. Start getting inspired today. Stop living small and hiding in the shadow of your greatness. You know deep down you were born to do great things. You were […]

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How to Find Yourself When You Feel Lost and Stuck

how to find yourself when feelng lost

How to Find yourself when you feel lost and stuck When you feel lost and stuck in a life you must sit yourself down and be real with yourself. You must silence all the other voices that have dictated your actions up to this moment. From here on out, ask yourself what do you really […]

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The Habits of Highly Successful Women

Habits of highly successful women

Wouldn’t it be great to learn, know and practice the habits that make some women soar to great heights of success? I would want to know. You see I dream of success of living life on my own terms someday. Everyone wants a successful life. But not everyone lives what can be termed a successful […]

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