Personal development

13 Books That Will Inpsire You to Live Your Best Life

  There has never been a better time to start looking for inspiration and guidance to live your best life ever than right this minute. Don’t wait. Start getting inspired today. Stop living small and hiding in the shadow of your greatness. You know deep down you were born to do great things. You were […]

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How to Find Yourself When You Feel Lost and Stuck

how to find yourself when feelng lost

We all want to live happy fulfilling lives.  But unfortunately, far too often, we lose ourselves and feel stuck in life. When this happens we can feel like there is a secret password that others know and we don’t.  And we continue to move along then just putting one foot after the other numb and […]

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The Habits of Highly Successful Women

Habits of highly successful women

Wouldn’t it be great to learn, know and practice the habits that make some women soar to great heights of success? I would want to know. You see I dream of success of living life on my own terms someday. Everyone wants a successful life. So I have been poking around and analyzing the characteristics […]

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