10 Habits That Make Your Depression Worse

Habits that make depression worse

10 habits that make depression worse Lifestyle and habits can contribute to depression and unhappiness. Depression is one of the most common mental health debilities affecting one in 6 men and one in 4 women in their lifetime according to research.  There are many risk factors that lead to one developing depression. These factors may […]

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The Best Affirmations for Anxiety

Affirmations for anxiety

Affirmations for Anxiety Affirmations are a powerful way to send yourself positive messages as often as you like. I know it may be hard for some to see how this can help improve your mindset and even improve anxiety. You may feel silly saying some affirmations but I am here to say they work. You […]

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15 Self care ideas to make 2021 your best year

for an amazing 2021

  2020 was the worst year ever.  To chronicle all the terrible events that have taken place in 2020 would need a whole post to look into it all.  But suffice it to say this last year has stressed everyone a great deal. It has been depressing, scary, and sometimes felt hopeless.  We have all […]

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Effects of Hormones on mental health you need to know

Hormones and your mental health

, Can hormonal imbalances cause mental health problems? Hormones are chemical messengers that have a vast effect on the functioning of the whole body including the brain. Hormones are responsible for many physical, emotional, and mental processes throughout the body. They affect growth, reproduction, and energy. Hormones also impact brain chemistry, influence mood, emotions, and mental […]

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18 ways to know when you are self-sabotaging

Self sabotaging signs and how to stop

How to know when you are self-sabotaging your life  What is Self-sabotage and how do you know if you are sabotaging? Self-sabotage is the behavior you engage in when you want to achieve a certain goal to improve your life but somehow you find ways to hinder that progress. You self sabotage. Self-sabotage occurs due […]

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The best foods to balance hormones naturally

Best foods for hormonal balance

  While planning your weekly meals, do you ever stop and ask what you really should eat to keep your hormones healthy and balanced? Hormonal balance has a great impact on your health including mood, mental health, and physical health. And one important thing to do to keep your hormones in balance is to eat […]

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Simple Calming Nightly Routine for Anxiety

Night time routine for anxiety

Having a nighttime routine when you have anxiety is an important part of self-care for your mental health. A  nighttime routine ensures you fall asleep in good time and helps you stay asleep so you wake refreshed, and ready to show up as your best self. When you have a bedtime routine you tell the […]

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