How to Brighten Your Mood Instantly

stop bad moods easily

We all, occasionally find ourselves deep down in the dumps, downhearted and not in the best mood at all. We lose joy for a time in the course of our day.  But the thing is, and this is important. We really don’t have to stay emotionally down under for long. We can find simple ways […]

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Must Have Vitamins and Minerals to include in your Health Regiment

Boost your wellness and health through supplements vitamins and minerals

Vitamins are so crucial for your well being. They help you feel energetic and to have that positive pep in your step. You can eat healthy all of the time, most of the time, but chances are, you may still have some deficiencies or insufficiencies in your nutrient needs, especially in micronutrients such as vitamins. There are many […]

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Reasons why your are not losing weight

The main reasons you are not losing weight.

You have been working hard to lose weight, being ever so careful what you eat, even cutting calories, and exercising, you know, like they say you should. But still…nothing! You are not losing weight. The scale hates you. Okay, no, not really.  Why can’t you lose weight?     Trying to lose weight can be […]

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Steps to attaining your health goals in 2019

how to achieve your health goals

It’s the year 2019! Whoa! Time moves fast. It’s a new year, and you are going to be a whole new better you, right? ! Yea! It’s goals time. Healthy goals, healthy new you. I bet you have made some resolutions to be better this year. And I do hope you are quite resolute about […]

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gifts for mental health

Helping a friend or family member manage their anxiety or depression is an amazing gift, for, after all, Christmas is all about spreading joy and love, because we are really celebrating the gift that Christ gave us, the ultimate gift of love. The list below contains pampering and inspirational items, that are aimed to smooth the rough edges […]

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20 Powerful Superfoods for BrainHealth

foods to eat for brain health

Why you should eat for your brain We all want to age gracefully, and most importantly with our minds intact. Brain health and food for brain health should be everyone’s concern, as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are devastating conditions, and the numbers are rising still. The future prospects for the population are dire in general […]

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Natural ways to Heal Inflammation for Better and Vibrant Health

healy inflammation

Protecting yourself from inflammation may be the single most important thing you do to protect your overall health including your brain health. You may ask, “is this really possible?” And how do you do that? But first, let’s look at what inflammation really is. What is inflammation This post contains affiliate links. See our full […]

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