My story

Hello, and welcome!

I am so glad your are here. My name is Jane, and I am an RN and health and wellness copywriter.

As a nurse I see daily the struggles patients face in navigating health care and trying to educate themselves about their health concerns.

I see too and this concerns me greatly, that many patients would avoid many health illnesses especially chronic disease with changes in lifestyle.

I am sure you feel the same.

As you endevour to reach more patients and help more people, your online presence is crucial.

But as a busy doctor, you only have so many hours to dedicate to all the areas of your business. And thats why I am here.

I help health professionals elevate their online presence so they stand out as the authority in their practice.

Content such as regular updated blog talks to patients and educates them. As you nurture your patients with content the come to trust your more and want to work with you.

That means they are more likely to sign up for your programs, get on your mailing list, and buy your products and services.

But do you have time to write weekly blog post? Email seqiencies? Brochures? Social media posts?

You cannor be at all these places and have a seblance of normal life.

I am here to help you. I write blog posts that get shared over and over.

I am a great researcher and well versed on peer reviewed research so content is solidly backed by research.

And I talk the language of the people in a way that is accessible to all.

So I hope you are ready to leave content to me and go and be the awesome doctor and practitioner that you are.

Are you ready to schedule a consult?

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