Health writer

Hello! My name is Jane and I am an RN and a health and wellness copywriter.

As a health professional myself, I understand that it is essential to have a nurturing trusting relationship with patients and clients and to establish rapport.

A lot is asked of you as a health practitioner.

From the demands on your time, emotional resilience, sacrificing time with your family and keeping up with the ever-changing times in healthcare.

On top of that,  today’s patients want to be informed consumers of health and active participants in their health. 

And that means you have to be an educator and even more available while you’re already experiencing more time constraints. 

More than ever your online presence is a must if you want to easily connect with patients at your own terms, without the ticktock of the clock, and providing more health education and  establishing and nurturing a caring relationship.

Being on line allows you to nurture your audience and potential patients and clients. With well optimised content on your website your  readers can see you are the expert in your practice. This establishes trust.

Keeping with all the content creation on your site and across social media can be daunting. But it goes a long way to boosting your income and growing your business.

And that’s why I am here.

I can help you with your web copy and content creation so you can keep engaging with your audience on autopilot.

When you work with me you are getting a writer who knows the science of persuasion, the art and science of nursing, and the ability to break down complex medical information into palatable morsels for your patients. 

Why should you choose me to write your web copy?

I write health and wellness content that gets read and shared on social media.

I have the experience, insight, and the empathy that I infuse in my copy so content is human, as well as scientific and informative.

I understand well the patient’s struggles, their needs, keeping in the mind the purpose for every piece of content. 

My content addresses your purpose also and helps your readers.

Do you want thorough research-based content, such as blog posts? Do you need web copy on your pages that is optimized for conversion? I can help you. 

 My specialties include:

  • Blog posts
  • email sequences
  • sales letter and landing pages
  • brochures
  • Case studies

 Are you ready to kick your online visibility into gear and get your potential clients?

Do you want to find the patients who will gladly be around and who will buy your services and programs?

 You can be the one doctor they trust the one provider they believe in as the expert to take care of them.

But to do that, you need great content and copy that will engage their interest and speak to their needs.

Let me help you reach your ideal patients and clients. As a health professional, your to-do list can be a mile long. Lots to do and little time to do it all.

Let’s ease your workload. If you need to start saving time and growing your business, I am here to help.

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