I am thrilled its Spring! Boy, it’s been a long dreary winter.Well, I live in Tennessee so perhaps not so dreary compared to let’s say Alaska. I know they have the 24-hour Summer and all,  but I know a hundred percent I cannot survive an Alaskan Winter.

Yes, cold weather just gets to me and I think I suffer just a tiny little bit with SAD. What’s sad you ask? Except that I get somewhat sad when its gloomy and cold, SAD  is Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition when ones mood is low related to wintry days.

But its spring now and many people are getting out of winter hibernation.  Flowers are springing up and blooming everywhere.

And maybe as a  result of,  you may suddenly get the urge to clean and air your house out- you know, spring clean -tackling those major cleaning chores you avoided all winter.

Deep cleaning your house is a great way to bring the freshness of spring inside. Sometimes though, there is a lot that needs spring cleaning.

At times a complete overhaul of the way we do things day to today, you know, our general mode of going about life may need changing.

What in the world am I talking about?

I am talking about spring cleaning your life. And is that even a thing? Yes, my friend, it is! A great way to look at those things that hold us back. Examine them and find some strength to change for the better. Toss out the old and bring in the new.

Stop for a minute and go way back to three months ago when you celebrated new years day and you swore this year you are going to do certain things towards a better and improved you. Remember that?

If those goals have fallen by the wayside, now is a good time to revisit that list towards the future amazing you. So, what are the things that are holding you back from achieving those amazing lofty goals you made on New Year’s Day? I can guess a few. Maybe you have encountered some of following enemies to self-actualization.

Let us look at the various ways you can spring clean your life this spring. Here are the things that likely hold many of us back, and following, also are ways to avoid them and become that awesome go-getter mama you have always known you can be.


I know! I am the queen of procrastination. It was especially bad when I was in school. I stayed up way late many a night trying to complete assignments. And I am still procrastinating on many a life’s homework.

But procrastination can have a hold on your life and mess many things up including your finances. And now you know you don’t want to mess up there. Bills need to be paid on time otherwise those late fees will get you and suck the money out of you. You need to keep your hard earned money.

There are many reasons that people procrastinate; Sometimes the job ahead is difficult, or sometimes they just want to hold on to that money a little longer, or are just not feeling the thing that needs the doing, or the task is unpleasant, scary, or really involved. But if something needs to be done, delaying does not make it go away.

So go on and face the task, you will feel so much better when it’s done.  To avoid procrastination you can do several things. For one, you can write yourself up a list of the most important tasks with daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and stick to them.

Every day, tackle the most difficult task first. I heard somewhere that its called eating your frog-when you complete that very difficult task first. Then you feel accomplished and maybe even enthused to do more, achieve more.


You were going to start exercising and be trim by Summer. That was your new year’s goal. Now three-four months later you haven’t been to the gym or taken a brisk walk outside, or been on your bike (guilty as charged).

Okay, my friend take this as another chance, start over, do better. Exercise daily. Exercise is a way to declutter your mind of stress, and ultimately your body of the extra junk in various places. I am too listening to myself talk. Can use some dejunking.

There are so many ways to exercise. Yes, my friend one program does not fit all.  You can watch an exercise video on YouTube or on demand, or if you like the gym, go for it. You will feel so much better if you commit to an exercise routine. It will change not only your body but also how you feel overall. You will have more energy to be that go-getter mama.

Get away from the screens

My, the world has really changed. I must be the only person who has not read a book on kindle. (No, I am not holier than thou. I confess I have too much screen time.).  I probably will read a kindle book, but I am currently struggling with that. I love how books look,  feel, smell as in real paper books.

Anyhow, we are surrounded by way too many screens all day and sometimes all night. Who likes to watch TV as they sleep? Not the watching,  maybe, I guess it’s like a lullaby. Well, I urge you to reconsider. The blue light so emitted mimicks daylight usurping your melatonin production and keeping you awake way longer, and thereby not getting enough sleep.

And those cell phones. So addictive and hard to put down even as you lay in bed trying to go to sleep. That blue light from gadgets interferes with your sleep. So, turn gadgets off and keep them away from the bed.  Trust me,  you will sleep much better and wake up refreshed and be that mama boss you have always dreamed of.


No, not on social media! Go and be with real people in the real world. Do things with friends and family. Go to the park, talk to real people in a real way face to face. This does wonder to your mental health.

Of course, it has to be people you love and who do not stress you out. Seek out those friends whom it feels effortless to talk to-who make you laugh. I have several such friends and I appreciate every moment I am in their company. This spring, spring forth into a new beginning. Socialize more, for real, in person, not via a screen, no, the old fashioned -get together is good for you.

Minimize caffeine, alcohol intake and stop smoking

Caffeine has its benefits. That wonderful pick me up in the morning that keeps us from glaring at people all day long is a must have.  But don’t chug cup upon cup all day long. You not only end up crashing later, but your sleep suffers. For those who have to work night shift like I do this can be difficult, But try other ways to keep your energy up.

This spring drink less coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Have instead a healthy breakfast that will keep your energy and lay off the caffeine pick you- up approach and you will have much more energy.

Try some herbal tea instead. I really like the red Rooibos tea, and constant comment decaf for later in the day- another favorite of mine. It has nice hints of orange and spice and very invigorating. There are very many teas to choose from. Many wonderful and noncaffeinated to give you a bit of zen especially later in the day.

And tea, even with caffeine does not have as much caffeine as coffee.

Alcohol now can wreak havoc in one’s life if overdone. We all know that. So, keep to that one glass of wine that is touted as good for health. More than that,  you get that horrendous hangover. Besides,  alcohol can leave you malnourished for instance with magnesium and thiamin deficiency on top of ruining your ability to be a go-getter goal-oriented kind of girl.

Now, those cigarettes,  they are quite a health problem. Give yourself the gift of healthy lungs this Spring. Don’t kid yourself with the electronic cigarettes.  And no one really knows much about those electronic ones. Does anyone have supportive research on them? They still have nicotine. Don’t they? I have seen it firsthand- the amazing transformation when one stops smoking.

A patient comes to the hospital and is admitted, and since they can’t smoke, you eventually see their skin start to clear and smooth out. And they have this new healthy glow to their skin. Yes! That’s because they now have better circulation to their skin, and all over their body. Okay, now, what are you more scared of, stroke or lung cancer, to name just a few.

Stopping smoking, avoiding excess alcohol intake and caffeine should be on your list of spring cleaning duties for your life this spring. And come summer you can flaunt your gorgeous, bright, healthy skin and body.

Declutter your home

We looove stuff. Yes, and I love shopping for stuff. Which girl doesn’t? But you find things start accumulating. Your stuff, kids’ stuff, spouses stuff. Stuff everywhere. Give things away if you’re not using them.

All that stuff can cloud your mind and make it hard to relax. How can you relax if you have to jump over stuff in your living room?

Empty those bins full of stuff. I have noticed that buying more and more plastic bins does not lead to being organized, otherwise I would be the queen of organization.

But I am going to empty those bins as I am telling you to do and give away those clothes that  I am holding on to. Having spacious organized home eases the mind. Try it. Every time I take some stuff to goodwill I feel lighter, literary!

I feel calm and relaxed and able to focus when I don’t have physical clutter all around me. This is where the actual spring cleaning needs to happen. This can help you achieve more of your other goals. Less clutter in the house, less clutter in the brain.

Have Gratitude

There is always someone worse off. Take time to be thankful for what you have. It may be as simple as clean water to drink. Food on the table. Healthy children, your own health.There are many things to be grateful for.

Being grateful brings joy and a sense of peace. Yes, there may be many things wrong but find one or two things that you can be thankful for. As part of my spring cleaning, I will start noticing more positive things in my life and be thankful.

Let’s look for those blessings that we surely have if we just stopped long enough to notice

Have a handle on your finances

There is a reason they say money is the root of all evil. Mismanagement here can lead to lots of problems, personal marital and in between. I am no financial advisor though. But seek one if things are spiraling out of financial control.

I wish I had known this before. Stay away from credit cards unless you can pay in full every month.

Being in debt is anxiety-inducing so live within your means. If you already are in deep, have a plan. For example, start paying off the small debts. Consolidate your credit cards. Get a second job. Spring cleaning your money will help you feel more in control of your life, and happier.


Yes. Praying is good for you. This ties in with gratitude. Acknowledging a more powerful entity than you allow you to feel less powerless. I know that sounds contradictory.But I believe that allowing God to take control of those big things that I feel are crushing eases my mind.

There are issues that come up; illness, money problems etcetera, that are sometimes so big and we feel powerless, defeated. We can think and turn them over and over in our heads to no good.

But simply believing that God will take care of it in due time allows peace to come in and quiet our minds. So, pray. Pray this Spring and here on out.

Allow for God to take control. Include prayer this spring and henceforth, it may lead to a much more healthier self, emotionally and spiritually.

Eat Right

Okay now, I am going to say it. Put down that large bag of potato chips. Pour that soda pop in the drain. Those are just empty calories. Did you know that you can use soda to clean rusty metal?

Yes, all that acid!Yes, there are many things we are eating and drinking that we shouldn’t be. So much of what goes for food these days is some factory-made concoction of stuff. Not real food.

If you can afford it, eat organic. Who knew that people were going to go so far as to even alter food through genetic engineering. I don’t, know about you, but that makes me uncomfortable.

I want to eat natural things the way God intended. Many people are going around these days with many health issues that can be solved by just changing the way they eat.Start eating fresh and natural organic foods this spring.

Eat some fiber regularly and you may even lose some weight. You literary spring clean your gut by including some roughage in your diet. Your body is like a well-made high-tech machine and putting the right fuel keeps it running right.

Drink enough water

Well, you must clean with something. Drink at least 8 8 Oz of water daily. However, if you can’t stand water, you can drink tea or flavor your water. But watch for sugar and additives. And caffeine.

Your body needs water to run well even give a boost to your metabolism. Drinking soda is not really adviced due to the high sugar content, and the phosphorous in the soda can lead to your calcium being excreted leaving you deficient.

You do not want that. So plain good old water is best. So let’s have a do-over this Spring, revisit those new years vows to improve our health. What health goals do you have?Comment below.